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4/22/09 - Weighed in @ 339.1 lb

4/14/09 - Weighed in @ 341.8 lb

4/7/09 - Weighed in @ 343.2 lb

Biggest Loser Contest Update
Weighed In @ 348.3 lbs on 3/31/09

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Slashdot.org Kiro5hin.org Salon.com

Too Much Coffee Man

SandraSchneiderman.com Glittermouth.com

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// Corrupted

Hot Women
Gothic Babe of the Week

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SkaterBabeofthe Month

Operation Clambake: Anti Scientology website


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 My Favorite Links and Sites

I try on a daily basis to hit certain Sites... if only to be able to keep up on computer news or what not. Here is a quick listing and description of sites i like. If you know of a site or think your personal site might pique my interest... drop me an email and i'll check it out.

News sites

Slashdot.org - News For Nerds. Stuff that Matters. This sight keeps me up to date on technology, Linux, Books, Movies, and entertains me immensly. If I dont make it here daily, I always check the back articles to see what i missed.

Kiro5hin.org - Technology and Culture, from the Trenches. This site seems to back up Slashdot as a great source of new information and discussions on everything from Technology to Current Events.

Salon.com - A Great Source of Articles, News and whatnot.

Cartoon Sites

UserFriendly.org - A Cartoon based on a Fictional ISP name Columbia Internet Services, with characters like Dustpuppy the Expert Programer/QuakeMaster who is a furball with feet, Erwin the Computer A.I. who was written by Dustpuppy, Miranda the Sex Kitten Computer Support Tech, AJ the Webmaster and Ex-Mac Addict, and Piter the "Evil Genius" in Progress.

Too Much Coffee Man - An internet cartoon that has become a comicbook and now a magazine. This artist has even gotten Starbucks so pissed they sued him for slander. A very funny superhero-like character who has every charateristic of someone who is so addicted to coffee that thier body couldnt function without it.


JoeTrickey.com - My Buddy Joe's Website, He has pic's and such and is workign on his site between Classes and Northern Illinois Univerity, Water Polo Games, Refing games, and time w/ his girlfriend. He also own the Digital Camera alot of my pics are teken with... <Grin>

SandraSchneiderman.com - This is the website of the famous Sandra, odds are if you've hit my site you've heard about her. She is an incredible webmaster, but her own site is lacking due to her excessive time spent at work and school. She has some pics and such, but most of it hasnt changed much.

Glittermouth.com - [Coming Soon] This site belongs to two friends of mine Angelee(sp?) and Dave. From what I hear its gonna be journalistic in a sense. Probably sotries and poetry alogn with Rants and Raves. Dave is one funny ass guy, so I look forward to this... I might even try and help them design the site so they get soemthing up and running.

Weblogs and Diaries

// Corrupted - This site caught my eye from one of the many blog/webcam/etc sites I hit. The girl running it is gorgeous and her site is incredibly we designed. After reading her stories I came to tears. She has an incredible writing voice voice, and her way with words brings you into her writing to an almost painful depth. s

Hot Women

GOTHIC BABE OF THE WEEK @ Industiral Gothic.com - Im not goth, but I love goth chicks... much like the young alternachicks of the early 90's they can get me riled in many ways. And here they show new ones all the time! Check it out!

Misc Amusing

SkaterBabeofthe Month - Whats to say? This guy decided to post pics and info on girls who skate... i was always a sucker for cute, young alternative type chicks... Oh and I love the site Logo...


Consideritpaid - Currently Down - They run 3 contests, where the winner can get his mortgage paid for a year, or get his Car or Credit Card payments covered for a month. I just bought a house so I figure its worth a try... Who wouldnt want thier bills paid for them?

Search Engine

Altavista.com - In my opinon a very good search engine all around. I always try Yahoo or Lycos when I get a chance, but altavista seems to find me what i need no matter what it is.

Astalavista.box - A Security Search engine that will find you anything from an Exploit description, Security Briefs, or Software Keys to Program Cracks, Registration Serial Codes, and Full Software Packages. I dont buy it until i try it... this has saved me alot of money by letting me try before I buy. Using some of this is Illegal, but its yours to choose.

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10 Best Geeky Last Words - By Katharine Gammon

  1. Now it is nothing but torture. —Sigmund Freud
  2. Go away. I'm all right. —H. G. Wells
  3. KHAQQ to Itasca. We are on the line 157 337. Will repeat message. We will repeat this on 6210 kilocycles. Wait. We are running on a north and south line. —Amelia Earhart
  4. May I not seem to have lived in vain. —Tycho Brahe
  5. How were the circus receipts today at Madison Square Garden? —P. T. Barnum
  6. I'd hate to die twice. It's so boring. —Richard Feynman
  7. Try LSD, 100 mm intramuscular. —Aldous Huxley (in a note to his wife)
  8. It is very beautiful over there. —Thomas Edison
  9. A dying man can do nothing easy. —Benjamin Franklin
  10. 01010100 01110010 01101001 01110101 01101101 01110000 01101000 <3>(translation: Triumph) —Mars Phoenix lander

posted Monday, April 06, 2009

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