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On the brink of the Abyss, I stare into the void.

Yes I am being dramatic, but 2005 is just seething with potential, and 2004 really didnt get decent for me until it was almost gone. I hope this next year lets me get on with myself, my son, and my life... 2003 saw me unemployed and depressed, 2004 saw me getting a great job, but all my problems from 03 came back to haunt me. I have lost a lot in the last 2 years, and gained some things that I couldnt truely appreciate fully, I hope this New Year gives me a chance to recover from my losses: my lost love, friends, self-respect, and money. I can dream... right?

Congrats to my friend Heather House (aka: Tigger) from Milwaukee. She is pregnant, and expecting a baby with her Husband Chris and son Jacob. Expect more information closer to June of 2005. Heather got a great sales position with a big Electronics/Furinture retailer up in Milwaukee a while back. Wish I had remembered to post that.

Joe Trickey is in Egypt, he went over before Xmas, so odd's are good that if they didnt completely hate us Americans before, now they will. I personally wondered if Joe wasnt the intended target of all those natural disasters oversea's? The gods must be crazy!

Happy New Year everybody! Shalom...

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Monday, December 06, 2004 - 0 comments

Resistence *is* futile... dagnammit!

Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you dont. I need to get that tattoo'd somewhere, my forehead maybe? Backwards, like on ambulances, so I can read it in the mirror or in the reflection on my monitor.

I have not posted here in a while, for no other reason than that I just had nothing to say. Hmm, more like too much to say, no idea where to start. God knows none of it would have been interesting. Even I would have read 5 lines and gone on to another site...

Happy Birthday to my buddy Mark Brooking, turning the big ole' 31. I would make the obiligatory old age joke or balding reference... but it hits too close to home and woudl just depress me. Besides, Xmas is coming to quick, not to mention my 32nd Birthday. One-Third of a century is coming quick... hmm. Mr Marko and I had a few rounds, talked about old times, and made several attempts to get into the panties of girls 10 years our junior. What better way to celebrate right? Any gifts for Mark can be forwarded through me, so please send doubles of all naked girlie pics/videos so get to keep a copy... oh, and if you send money, I get to keep that too. I'll just buy him some beers

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