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Happy Second Birthday to Corwin! How time Flies...

My adorable, cute, and sassy little guy turns the big ole' Two today. His Birthday party is on Saturday@1:00pm, upon 'The Rowe Family Estate' in Mundelein. Invitations have been sent out, however should we have over looked you, please give me a call and let me know if your interested.

Corwin wasnt feeling to well last night, hopefully that doesnt shouldnt effect 'His Day' or his weekend birthday plans. I know he is will be excited at all the attention the party will bring upon him, even if he does play shy.

It only seems like yesterday that I took him for the first time. His first birthday came so quick, and his second all the quicker. He talks so clearly, repeats everything he hears like a little parrot, and plays hard like a little lineman. He loves Elmo, enjoys any toy he can climb on and ride, and absolutely must bounce/toss/throw every size & kind of toy ball (so far basketballs seem his favorite).

Still hard to believe I am a Daddy...
and to such an adorable little monster too!

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Friday, September 10, 2004 - 0 comments

Win a Free Ipod? Could it be True?

Well, I wouldnt have beleieved it if "Kevin Rose" of Tech TV fame hadnt signed up and eventually gotten his "$250 Gift certificate"...

Apparently he didnt either until he saw this article in WIRED where they declare the whoel thign to look dubious, but still state that the company is actually quite legitimate!

Anyone out there want to help me get a free Ipod? I'll even let you listen to it a few times?
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whats a few dozen more spam between friends... right?


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