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Happy Holidays, Merry Xmas, and a Happy Upcoming New Year to all...

Ok, I'm getting ahead of myself with the holiday wishes, but with my posting record lately its best to be early than late. I hope the holiday season is treating you all well. I actually managed, for the first year ever, to send out Casa de Rowe Christmas cards. For those who didnt get one, email me and I will try to get you a pic at least... or checkout the picture in my gallery. For a first year of sending out Xmas cards, I sent out a whole 54 of them. Never realized how many relatives, friends, and family there are out there, and so many of them have been kind enough to send gifts,clothes, and toys for Corwin over the last several months. Well, I think I will roll this message up for now, before I decide to turn this holiday wish into a normal blathering post, I leave you with my seasonal quote of good tidings:

"May you all recieve the exact presents you wanted from the people you love the most."

Happy Holidays,
Jeffrowe + Corwin
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Thursday, December 04, 2003 - 3 comments

An all to Public Declaration of my Feelings...

I have been wearing my emotions on my sleave lately. I keep forgetting that this is all very public, this is extremely unfair in situations like this where others are personally involved. I feel bad for making such things a spectacle, however this is my forum, its my place to speakout.

'If you love something, set it free..."

Where do you draw the line? When you are backed against the wall, and the one person you need to understand wont listen, what else do you have? I felt hurt by the situation, after enough pain I reacted. There is a desire to break my own promise and pray I haven't already ruined everything, but this I cannot do. I set her free, free to do as she will, her actions from here on are completely her own. I cannot be blamed for her inaction now, for her lack of personal time, or for her lack of happiness. I however am responsible for my own current feelings, finally. I can cry and have only myself to blame. I pushed away one of the best things in my life, in hope that when all things are done, I am the better for it.

I know what I want. I think its very clear that nothing has changed that, not even the last few months.

However, the next move is entirely on her...
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