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Just an Old Fashioned *Glub* Song...

Hehehe, *Glub*... its an old inside joke 'word' that simply seems to fit my life lately. However, in some aspects things are going well. Today my inspiration comes to me to post... post like a fox!

!!Geeky Bookworm Warning!!- Following is a quick look at recently released books, soon to be released books, or other fucking cool books I have for some reason or another decided to read, post about, or review. Why the hell am I explaining myself? Its my damn site!

Coming soon! In heavy anticipation, by many, many a geek, Neal Stephenson's "Quicksilver : Volume One of The Baroque Cycle" comes out on September 23rd. As one of the more computer savy Cyberpunk authors, he has written many an incredible book, including one of my personal favorites Cryptonomicon.
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