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If I had a Million Dollars, I buy a brewery and turn the whole world into alchoholics!

Oh my god, unemployed and he is still not posting regularly. What kind of webmaster is he? Well, I ask you... what would you have me post? My schedule is far from interesting, I sleep too much, do too little, and always feel like I havent accomplished jack shit.

I try to do alot more reading, learn something new, but it just gets boring. Looking for work is depressing most of the time... I dont know who is running the show at some of these companies, they dont ever seem to hire anyone and they all have such specific and bizarre job requirements. If I had the oddball experience they wanted, I would want alot more cash than they willing to pay. Seems like everyone is looking for that magical intern... one that knows everything, has knowledge that can only be gained by extensive experience, but not enough experiece that they are not willing to work for 1/2 what everyone else who does the same job gets. heheheh... hope they find em...

Am I bitter? Hell yes, but I am managing. Eventually I will find a new job and all will work out.

Corwin is doing well, this weekend I even took him out to the Medline Company picnic at Great America. He had fun, I got sunburned, the whole nine yards. Why would I attend a Company event for a company that fired me? Why not? I ran into alot of people who I miss, several I wouldnt miss at all, and luckily managed to see no one I cant stand. I did find out that Great America sucks... My dad and I waited for over an hour on the V2 rollercoaster and didnt even get to ride. Turns out that we were supposed to magically know that we were too big to ride the ride. The damn seat wouldnt buckle and thus we couldnt ride. What a joke... I saw people twice my size waiting in line too... and it wasnt my belly getting in the way, the damn harness was hitting my shoulders too. F*cking shitty amusument park...

Hmm, anyhow, like I was saying. Corwin is good, and getting huge. His 1st Bday is coming up... end of September. He stands up without help and can manage several steps without anythign to hold onto. Soon he will be walking everywhere, its an amazing thing to see. He is so verbal now too... singing and jabberign all the time. He even manages a dada, mama, and papa now and then. He is quite the hungry gut, always wanting food and such. I fed him one night and thought he would pop before he stopped. I am still amazed beyond belief at everything he does, and I have to remind myself that I am his dad.

Well, I am off. Back to watching 'Punch Drunk Love', I am not really sure how this movie ever got made. I hope to hell there is some incredible footage on a cutting room floor somewhere... otherwise the writer and director need to be kicked in the balls. So far I have lost alot of respect for Adam Sandler. I hoep it gets better, or something visually or intelectually stunnign happens soon. The simple fact that I paused the movie to write a post to my site (I update so often! hehehe) is reflective of how bad it is thus far.

Sidenote: I even took the time to look up the movies reviews and whatnot. After finding that most people hated this movie and that critics loved it, I was willing to accept the pushed idea that critics see so many bad movies that an unusual one stands out... or that maybe I am not as much an art-film lover as a facepaced action movie lover. However the reviews went on to say that this movie was too deep for most audiences... that most people wouldnt see the extra depth that was being portrayed. What a bunch of crap! I enjoy complex, I even enjoy subtle, but I refuse to believe that there is something that I am missing. In the first 20minutes of the film I had already figured out more that they give you on the back of the dvd. I know who is who, and why they act liek they do. I even called the whole patio door scene. 'Fight Club' was a better reflection of psychosis and mental anguish that this damn movie.
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