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There is a place in Hell reserved for me and my friends...

Hmm, I was heading for my 2nd month with no new post, yet so much to post about. I regular cornucopia of topics, news, life changes, gossip, perverted links... you know, the whole nine. Yet I couldnt get off my doofus and put it down, some of its a bit embarassing... maybe that was it? In all actuallity I guess I just didnt want to think about some of it, avoid the issue by not making it public? However, seeing as most of my audience already knows about it, or at least has heard mention, whats the point if procrastinating further?

First off, if you knew I worked at Medline Industries, well... I dont anymore. I am officially no longer employed there. It wasnt my decision, I had become quite 'imbedded' in the place, not nessesarily happy there, but 'settled in'. The last seven years of my life was spent working there, it seemed like eternity. In leaving I am now horribly missing alot of people there, there were some people that despite a severe lack of 'Outside of Medline' contact, I considered great friends. I am attempting to keep in contact, this page being a major way, as some of them still visit it on a regular basis. I am sure some of you wonder why I am not longer working there, I am even more sure there are a million rumors floating around Medline. Well, ignore most of them, and worry about something more worth your energy... I am not there any longer, and despite the fact that it might not be easy to find a new job or find a decent salary I am managing and will somehow work it all out. I am taking a major step back and looking at my life... considering a major change... evaluating where I want to be. Things are looking up, even for an Unemployed dofus like myself.

Another Major area in my life is Corwin, he is doing quite well, though a bit sick at the moment. He definately will be walking soon, he pulls himself up and manages to step his way around. He can even stand up unassisted now and then, though not for long. Its amazing to me how much he has grown just since Memorial Day, he eats so much... even real food in small quantities. I wont say its not an effort, I feel like Mr. Mom all the time, making sure I have everything ready in a diaper bag at all times. He is already so much a part of my family, my parents taking on the Grandparents role so well (even if they arent too sure on the whole being called Grandpa/Grandma thing) I am still weirded out when being called dad or daddy, luckily Corwin isnt speaking too completely yet or it might really freak me out. I have time to adjust to the idea. I am still trying to work out the legal side of being a dad, there are issues and things that require alot of work and discussion. Hopefully these will work themselves out eventually... I know I am doing everything I can to keep things grounded and simple. I will dig up some newer pics of Corwin and get them up on the site soon.... and damn, I need to get prints made for my grandparents, boy am I such a bad grandson myself [smirk]

Hows the intimate personal life going you ask? Its doing just fine, lots of changes and discussion going on in that area. Right now things arent easy, but they are working out well as can be hoped. Being a jobless bum really stirred up my worries, and this part of my life has filled in and made the transition so much easier. I couldnt ask for more support and love from this area of my life. More on this at a later date... hehehe... it is My Private life anyway [smile]

Some new changes to my website? Of Coarse, I have been talking forever about a facelift for the site, but face it... much like my previous job, once I get something that works I get comfortable. So the major overhaul will have to wait, though I am working solely on LINUX systems at home now... which is very cool , even if it means leaving my loved 'Dreamweaver MX' behind... I think I need to see if it runs under WineX [shrug] cause Linux web development tools are a far cry from Dreamweaver. The real big news on the website front is that JEFFROWE.NET and JEFFROWE.COM are seperate now... I have decided to try out a new hosting server for the .com and see how it works out. They provide virtual hosting with the ability for a domain alias at very reasonable prices. I dont think that my .com site will change alot so its a good way to go, plus it affords me extremely reasonable bandwidth and storage... so I moved the domain pointer to's nameservers... canceled my account, and I am slowly putting together a basic web design. Its going slow, so I might do a holder page or even clone my other site as a mainpage with minimal content. I havent posted for almost 2 months, why should this be any different? right?

Thats about it, it seemed like so much more when I started out... I did leave out the perverted links I wanted to post, but that cause I just dont feel like they would fit in this post well. I am considering locating a roommate, or maybe even selling/renting out my place. Its all dependant of other things and decisions... so who knows what will happen. I will make very effort to keep you all informed on a relatively timely basis ok?
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