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Too good to be true...

As I read the headline from Yahoo's News... I wanted it to be true, but figured it was a joke type headline, some kind of tribute to the Weekly World News.

The Wednesday March 19, 2003 News Item 'TIME-TRAVELER BUSTED FOR INSIDER TRADING' has a cheesey Van Dahm/Schwarzenegger movie feel to it. It seems that is likely as the WWN is the source for Yahoo's story. Guess I will have to do my own 'googling' to see if this story pops up on any other sources...

44 Year Old Wall Street investor Andrew Carlssin was doing a bit too well (from $800 to $350mil in 2 weeks), the SEC steps in to question him on Jan 28th and winds up with a 4 hour confession. He claims to be a visitor from they year 2256, coming back to do some Not-so-Insider Trading. In exchange for lieniency he offered some inside info from the future, such as the location of Bin Laden and a Cure for AIDS. He simply wants to be allowed to go back to the future, (no harm no foul) in his Time Craft... which he refuses to divulge the location of.

The part I find funny, was that he was caught... Apparently any dumbass can time travel... Doesnt Bode well for the future of the human race...

I googled the various keywords and all I find is more people looking to find more info on this story... then I find a fellow Blogger who points to an Urban Legend site that points out that this Weekly World News report has been floating aroudn for a bit... See for that info.

A cute addition to that is this article about
Time Travel, Compund Interest, and Science Fiction... pretty amusing.

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Starbucks is my Lord and Master...

There are two things in my life that I wholly and completely love and worship. Starbucks Mocha's are one of them... its nice to sit somewhere and have high speed wireless internet, and high speed Wired Coffee. I simply wish they were open 24 hours a day... or at least until midnight... That alone would Rock... so here i sit... backing up my website for the first time in way too long, writing a new post that is way past due, and downloading my email alongside 'Mystical's Shake ya Ass!'...

God I love America!
[What is #2 you ask? You know who you are... -wink- ]

On that note, I figure I might as well put out my two sense on the ongoing war. It seems that right now, the 'Opinons and Assholes' allegory is truer than ever... trouble is, to many peaceniks and hippy wanna be's are voicing their opion and the people who feel different are not being heard. I finally saw footage of some war supporters demonstarting against the peaceniks... and I was appalled... the Antiwar arguments were funny, arguing that Bush wasnt even elected properly, and a dozen other things thhat frankly, are way past thier usage date. The Pro-War people were worse... taking on a Christian Right attitude by not even arguing... but simply attempting to physically jump them. I am not completely one side or the other, its not clear cut like that in my eyes... but I woudl be ashamed to be associated with either after seeing that footage.

To sum up my view... I support the Troops but not the War. It seems like a sideline to keep us from noticing that the war on Terrorism is costing more than its achieving. America was waking up to the amount of Civil Rights we have lost in the post 9-11 days... they needed another way to 'pull the wool over our eyes' - what better way than to distrct us with something bright and shiney (IE: a War) I dont doubt Sadamm was involved with El Queda, I dont doubt he is a muderous dictator, I am sure tossing him on his ass will help the US in many ways... but in the end, The president sent our people to fight a war between people that have been fighting each other since biblical times. In the end, my civil rights dont come back, I will still be paying $1.50+ a gallon at the pumps, and I will still feel like the public was played like puppets... this war will not accomplish anything...

Despite this, I hope it is finished quickly and with as little innocent blood as possible, our or thiers. Once we have tossed the Sadamm Regime, we should allow the public a chace to decide what and who they want in power and back them up until they can retain the power themselves. Our ass' are exposed already by being involved... its too late to back down now. The simple fact that a country with so much verbal opposition to the war, still wound up in the war just goes to show you that our power over our elected officials is very limited...

'By the people' I agree, 'For the people'? I am not so sure...

On a lighter sidenote... here is a very interesting article... more from my geeky side. Once an AI reaches Sentience, what would it do? - An intruiging question... how woudl it respond? Hundreds of Scifi books and short stories and made the attempt... even though it is learning and building from us... would or could we even comprehend how it thinks? What it would do?

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Take her easy guys, and if she's easy take her twice!

This isnít a goodbye or anything, I just want you all to know am just super lazy lately and havenít bothered to update for a while... I was out of town for a while at the beginning of February, and though I posted from there it, it never actually made it to the site.... instead it disappeared into the ether. Oh well... it happens right?

Note: Thanks to Ali, she pointed out my stupidity and told me that my missing post wasnt actually missing... I had simply posted it to the wrong blog page... it was on my DearAbbey page. Thanks again Ali... [wink]

Anyway, I had been in Virginia to see my grandmother and family. She was very ill and we didnít know how much longer she would hold on. We initially went for the weekend, and once we knew how little time she had we wound up staying for 2 weeks. She passed away on Feb 14th, Valentines day... she managed to hold on till we had a good portion of the family in to see her. She died quietly around 3am... I know she was very happy to have gotten the chance to see us all one last time. Her last days were filled with family and love.

Other than that, I have been spending my time trying to get back in the flow of work... 2 weeks off can severely damage your ability to do anything productive. Now I am back in the saddle and managing to avoid work for all together different reasons... [smirk] I have renewed my interest in wardriving a bit, playing a lot with wireless networks again. I also have a major desire to get basic video streaming capable PC's connected to each of the TVís in my house so I can stream video and Audio to any of them. I want them to be easy to control and allow for me to pull from the master server of files... and not have to worry about files being spread across the network... Right now I am playing with 'Myth TV on Linux' and trying to get a demo of 'Snapstream of XP' - See which one does what I want.

While I was out of town I came across an amusing story on a news site I check on every so often... its a little real life 'this happened to me' type article in 2 parts... I think the story hold the type of horror men never seem to consider when playing with fate and getting involved with women they hardly know... you got to read them : The Girl who didnít Wipe Good Enough - Part One and The Girl who didnít Wipe Good Enough - Part Two

If any of you have ever been around when I am looking up info on movies with the internet, you know I consider The Internet Movie Database to be the coolest thing since nudie magazines. You can search by almost anything... my personal favorite is when you remember a movie with an actor, and you donít know the name but you know he was in a different movie too. I have looked up a movie I knew, traced that to the actor, then that actor to his filmography and then onto the movie I wanted. That is fun as hell! You can even lookup movies by famous quotes if you know them, though their quotes database is only as good as the people to add to it.

The Reason I bring up the IMDB is because there is now a very similar yet basic version of the same idea but for Books... Itís a small site, nothing too fast or fancy, but the potential is incredible! It is the Internet Book List, and aside from no automated way to submit books or authors... itís a great site. Eventually, it will be a great way to find books that others rave about and tell others about the ones you think they should read .I am so glad someone finally tried to do it...

Sidenote: I emailed the mainman at the Internet Book List with my submissions and such, they made me an Admin! Ok, so its not like some major thing, and odds are 50% of you could email submissions and get on too... but I am happy as a clam (note: Happy as a Clam and happy as a Klamm are very different Rob) I have already added 2 authors and 3 books, I am workign on more... I am doing my alltime favorites first... the ones I want the world to read... Carr, Heinlein, Paulanhniuk, Jeff Long, etc... I will mention any good news I have on the project!

Well, thatís all I got for nowÖ


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