Tuesday, February 11, 2003 - 8 comments

Back by Popular Demand!!!

I know, I am such a horrible person for blowing off on my updates for so long, I *have* been watching, and have seen my promptings for a new post from The Shadow as Well as Rob and Ali. However it is my show and I dont do requests (ok... sometimes I do) and I have in passing decided I wasn't going to post. However now I feel the void of not updating everyone on what is going on. So here we go...

Right now I am out of town, Precisely I am in Loudoun, Virginia. My grandmother has been very Ill for a while, and has recently taken a downward spin... My family and left the middle of last week and have been here hoping for the best. The people at my work are being very good about this, and my friends are checking in and being very considerate. Thank you all for your support and consideration. I am checking my email here, at least once a day... but unless I run to the Starbucks or Kinko's I dont have highspeed Internet... and the phone needs to be left open for family to check in. It seems likely I will be back soon... just not sure when.

This makes some changes in recent plans I have made with friends and loved ones, I regret this horribly but assure you that I will do everything I can to fix this ASAP. [wink]


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