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I’m back in the Saddle again… **UPDATED**

After a minivacation and over a week of ignoring the website… I am back, and boy is there some news for you all. Leah finally had her kid…

Leah finally gave birth to her 6lb 8oz baby boy on Monday the 23rd at 12:30pm… She is on bed rest for the next few weeks, but things are going well for her.
I will be trying to get some pics of the baby tonight If I can… so the world can see the new Wheeler… for soon they will take over the world! She is staying back at her parents house till she is well again… no idea when that will be [grin]

That’s it for now… ill get some more up by Friday.

Love you all… ok, maybe just some of you…

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Friday, September 13, 2002 - 2 comments

What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

Well, when asked that quetion... joe sent me a link to his kinky lobster bondage pictures... reminding me once again why I dont ask such indepth questions of my friends. TMI people... TMI! Actually this is just a regular pic of joe in his normal feeding frenzy while he was out in Maine. I never looked at the pic's when he posted them... what a bad friend am I?

Last weekend was spent mostly sleeping @ my house or at the P's hanging out with the realtives in from out of town. We had a good time... lots of joke swapping... imagine trying to learn a joke/rhyme titled "The Pool shooting Monkey" from an Alabama boy who talks to fast... impossible!

This weekend with be played off the cuff. Not even gonna spell it out cause I dont even have any options. Doesnt matter cause I want to save my money and energy for next weekend as I will be out of town.

Some kickass stuff has come about recently... Canon mistakenly announces thier new 11Megapixel Camera 2 weeks early... Magazine Article or Slashdot discussion. Viewsonic shows its new 22.2 inch 3840x2400 monitor that will sell for only $8000

God I am such a geek... you should all save the time and just start reading SLASHDOT!

Okay... i've taken a bit of flack about this... the following quote has been on my site for a while and I of coarse got the source wrong. Here it is with the corrected source. you gotta admit, it was very similar to the breakfast club quote.

"In real life I could be that anonymous nerd sitting across from you in chem lab, staring at you so hard. Then when you turn around he tries to smile, but the smile just comes out all wrong. You just think, "How pathetic." Then he just looks away, and never looks back at you again."
-- Mark Hunter (Christian Slater) 'Pump up the Volume'
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Friday, September 06, 2002 - 4 comments

Never in a Million years…

Sometimes it is simply hard to imagine your day turning “COPS”esqe. Turns out that a guy who I was doing some computer work for and who was ‘upset’ that I had yet to get his old 486/33 Compaq running yet (I have had it for several months… trying to get him to just buy new) He decides that in order to ‘make’ me give him the machine back he had to resort to extreme measures. So he came in on his day off, jacked up my truck in the company parking lot, and removed my Drivers side rear tire. Leaving my truck on some cinderblocks. He then left a ½ readable note saying in effect… you get your tire when I get my PC.

NOTE: I have several major ‘rules’ in life, one of which is that if you are pissed off at a person… yell, punch, get them in trouble, make their life hell… but don’t f*ck with their property. Someone once keyed my car (really bad) and to this date I don’t know who it was. The day I find out is the day I will remove $500 from their skull. I can be an ass, I will piss you off and screw up your day, but its never personal. If you know me and don’t know that I will happily discuss problems without issue… then you really don’t know me. Anyway… back to the story.

I had found out he had done this cause he called my parents house and told them, he actually works for the same company I do, but in the warehouse. They called me, I checked out the truck. I called the number he left me and then got his cell and called that too. Waited for an hour or so and then called back and left the kind message ‘I will not call security, HR, or the cops… if you return the tire within 1 hour. If I notify HR, odds are good that you will be fired.’ I also mentioned that he would have the pc back that night without issue and that had he simply come up to my desk and asked I would have let him come over to my place and pick it up (good thing I didn’t, damn nut job would have known where I lived then) I waited and got busy in work and about 2 hours later, no Tire, no nut job, no call...
So I called security & the cops, and my parents to let them know too. He then calls me at work (why didn’t he do this before?) and tells me he will be there to put it back on. I told him that he would have his pc that night and that I had already notified security. This did not bother him... so I hung up and went to wait for the cops. I filed a report, did the whole talk, and the cop was there when he showed up to return the tire. I dint have him arrested, but he probably wont have his job much longer. Either way I dropped of his machine at the security office for him to pickup. It still doesn’t work cause it just isn’t powerful enough to run jack sh*t. He started calling my house and my parents last night… said I made too much of this. Guess I should have had him arrested.
I might get my chance if he screws with me again…

Anyway… last weekend was good. Jenni party didn’t go to Chicago, they did the local ‘Cubby bear North’ club. It was a good time, great band… and it’s been a while since I had seen the whole ‘gang’. Saturday I was just ‘blah’ so I stayed in. Sunday was a BBQ w/ Joe at my parents house, spent most of my day copying Cd’s for Joe. Monday I was at the P'sagain… A dull but not horrid weekend.

This weekend is here already… no plans at all. Maybe a trip to the bar w/ people from work tonight. Mark is going out of town with his new chickie (Bridgett) so who knows what’s in store for me. I should go hang with the Fat Chick (aka: Leah) but I guess it’s a wait and see thing… as usual.

On another note (god this is a long update) Ali got me a side job building a web page for a Personnel company in San Antonio. It was a basic, move my site and redesign due to her partner and her splitting the company. They ditched her with a ½ working network, screwy PC’s, and a link to her new homepage which had a stupid ‘Under Construction’ logo on it. So I put up an actual holder page, ganked a copy of her old site and removed all the logos and graphics. Then Ali worked with her to get the ‘official’ wording she wanted on the site, flowchart the site as she wanted it, and basically tell me what to do. I spent a lot of time trying to remember what the hell I was doing and learning the new layout of Dreamweaver MX (rockin!) She got me the new logo’s on Monday and I ‘spliced them in… worked the color scheme into the whole site to blend it… over all its not a bad job [To see it go to] Though a whole site redesign would make more sense. I do want to make the graphics a little ‘nicer’ on her site… basic maintenance is included in my fee. Besides… what else do I have to do this weekend? Between Ali and I we did a damn good job… maybe we should start a company? Heehehe…

Some kickass stories have been in the Slashdot news lately… here are some quickie links for those who haven’t started reading it daily yet. Despite my rantings…

The Digital Needle – A vitual gramophone. Basically, imagine scanning a Record using an optical scanner and using the image to rebuild the audio? This guy made it work part way… only trouble would be the noise introduced by the various issues like reflection and such. I imagine something that actually mapped the grooves in 3d would be best… like radar, would work best… but his idea is amazing and actually sorta works. Not as cool as the laser record players at ELP but a lot cheaper if it winds up working. A lot of people thing think it’s a hoax… hard to say… the idea is complicated as hell. The image recognition idea of following the track sounds a lot harder than he makes it… might just be an over simplification.

Later dayz
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