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Reeses Pieces are the food of the gods...

Here I am! I am not dead, not even a little. No horrid tragedy has befallen me, no twist of fate has stolen me in my prime. I simply didnt update this last weekend. I had nothing to say, No plans, no thoughts. Not even a subtle bit of linkwhoring! Not even a juicy piece of nerdnews to share! I was merely Lazy... that said, I will now post my update and leave you in peace. To ponder upon my blog'ed thoughts...

This Long weekend is a godsend. I am still so used to not paying attention to holidays (too many years of being the pion who worked all the OT) that this one snuck up on me. I am guessing the holiday will be spent at my P's for a BBQ or something. There are some plans... though I am not aure how much I will wind up doing. Jenni's B-day is Friday (or so i am told) and the gang is goign down to 720's in Chicago. It is probably her 22nd or 23rd birthday... I hope to make it but probably wont. Chicago tends to eat all my money, all of it. Sunday there is a BBQ at a friend of Rebecca's... not sure if I am going to make it to there either. God am I such a bum.

I am a sucker for interesting research, and this one takes the cake. Researchers have discovered that a persons own brainwaves can be used to relax them and even make them fall asleep. This story talks about recording a persons brainwave patterns and then converting them into audio tracks... then when played back to thier owners, the people fidn that they are able to goto sleep without a problem. The music varies from person to person, some even having disturbing sounding music, hoever the effects they have on thier owner are very specific. Continuing research might allow for audio tracks to help keep kids from wetting the bed, helping those wwith severe sleep disorders, or even short and deeper sleep cycles. I wish that I could get my hands on a cheap setup for reading brainwave's into a laptop... seems like an interesting toy.

until my next update...
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I’m not really like that, cept’ when I am [imdb]

First things first, before the endless rambling, the inane chatter, and the shameless Link Whoring, my weekend plans in summary. I am supposed to hang with Joe on Friday night, Likely just hanging out at Casa De Rowe and cooking food/watching Movies. Its highly possible that we might wind up out at a restaurant or the likes… mainly its just to hang out and talk. Joe recently promised me he would be adding some new stuff to but hasn’t as you can see. As for Saturday I will be cleaning and organizing the homestead more, with some possible plans with Mark in the evening. I am thinking I should go spend some time with the Family this weekend, I haven’t been spending enough time with my P's. Plus add in the fact that my Uncle Jeff, Aunt Karen, and their kids are in town for the weekend. [Which I just remembered]

Onto the shameless Link Whoring!

The Web can be used for everything, so I am sure that about a week after it was invented somebody put up the first ‘absolutely useless page. Well, with all the new fangled gadgets and whirly-ma-gigs that can be created with today’s tools, these useless pages have gotten more and more abundant and entertaining. Flash/Shockwave, Java, XML, Dhtml... these make for some great tools and even greater wastes of time. For instance ’Man in a Box'... If this doesnt entertain you then your dead... want something a little different, the same people made this Animation. Whoooo... I am still a little dizzy...

Now some of you know I just love to screw with people… there is nothing more fun that messing with others heads a bit here and there. When I found this link, the first thing I thought was… wow, this is evil… screwing with people you don’t even know… I got to try this. Imagine what would happen if you wrote 300 Love Letters, and then mailed them to random anonymous people…

Okay… I am always willing to help out others, so all you single women reading my site [all 2 of you] listen up. Are you a Princess looking for a Prince? Well, Look no further, cause here he is his Homepage.

I would never have found that site if it was for this next link. Have you ever said something and then realized that it didn’t come out right? Or simply said something that sounded wrong or could be taken completely out of context? Well, is dedicated to that kind of stuff. They have tons of quotes, links, and scanned items that highlight the worst attempts at speaking your mind.


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Hey... Lets all go to the SandBar!

This last weekend was uneventful. I stayed in Friday night and cleaned, read, and watched TV. Saturday I did alot more cleaning, only to get ready, drive all the way to Kenosha, and not be able to locate my friends anywhere. Kagan wasnt answering his phone, nobody answered at Jason & Carrie's, I couldnt find The Bob, and 'The Port' was so dead it was amazing. I drank a beer, threw some darts and then after and hour grabbed my keys and left. Dave finally calls me after 12 messages and I am already 1/2 the way home and in a pissy mood. I gave up and told him we would hang some other time and stopped by Leahs to check on the 'Fat Chick'... she is gonna be popping soon, like 5 weeks from what the doctor says. Then I headed home round midnight... another 'Band of the Hand' night. Sunday was more of the same, some cleaning, rewiring of my computer desk, reorganizing the homestead... finally framed my 'Chasing Amy' Poster. Its an original, but its not a double sided like I wanted to hang. Looks awsome up in my living room though.

On the subject of Kevin Smith, His new Movie 'Jersey Girl' is in the works. He is Looking for Extra's to be in the movie [Deadline August 31st] It looks like Movie Poop Shoot has gone from a joke to reality... check it out for all the newest movie inside critisism. Such as for 'The Master of Disguise'

For some reason, alot of the people I know like online games... I apparently was born without the chemical- dependancy on these annoying and lame games. However, I do have a love of violence and well and respect for 'All things Retro' so check out the 'Online Stick Figure Martial-Arts Fighter Game'. Kinda reminds me of Karateka... of coarse these is always the previously posted '3-D Pong'. God that is so much fun... oh no! I am addicted to webgames!

I love web cartoons... TooMuchCoffeeMan, Userfriendly, so many good ones, and yet so much crap too! [wink] Then I ran into this site... you know, a link of a link of a link type thing. FrogChildren has a few different comics on it, a couple of them being damn funny... there is 'Things to Know...' the archives are small so here is a list of them: [ Long Face | Greetings | Nice Guys Finish Last | Talk Much? | Happy Love Day | Im not Fat | Food is Good | Thats not funny ] I about pee'd my pants with some of those.

L8r d00dz
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I am SPARTACUS! is no longer just that... I am also now! The Redirection is now effective and the DNS changes took effect. So now you can use either and get tot the same wonderful Wacky world of Jeffrowe, 24-7! Its like twice the fun with half the effort on my part. (I always sucked at math) Also, Any Emails to the .Com side shoudl coem to me also... so now you can email me at as well as (and ViceVersa on the dotNET & dotCOM)

Sidenote: I just found out that the email redirect isnt setup yet... the service is useful, but they dont give jack for instructions. So I just set it up, and it should be working soon. Now I I am working on my subdomain's... such as going to "" will redirect you to my Photo Gallery, or "" will take you to my MHS Reunion page. Wish I could do this for my dotNET URL's too.

This whole dotCOM redirection is accomplished by Of coarse, it wouldnt work if I didnt have my hosting at Hostway and my

Rock on my Brother!

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No computer can replace me! Cause no computer would put up with this shit!

Ali has left us again, back to Texas she goes. She will be starting with Rackspace soon, so at least she will have a job to keep her occupied when the kids arent taking up all her time. Having her back was great, its amazing how you can go from seeign someone in the halls at work here and there to being great friends in such a short period. Austin was hilarious, but I missed Madison, cause she was at wedding thing with the family.

WARNING! The EAST COAST is on alert! Joe Trickey Left on a redeye thir morning for the Connecticut/Mass Area's. Please see his stite or my comments area for any updates from him directly. Should you see him, do not make any sudden moves, do not pass go, do not collect $200, please extinguish all smoking materials, and for god's sakes 'Dont Feed him!' My parents did and now he shows up at wierd hours and raids the fridge.

Here are some of those Internet 'Which _____ are you?' quizes... These were actually pretty damn funny, so check out the < href="" target="_blank">ShesCrafty Quizes and then the ones I took.

Who's Your 80s Movie Icon Alter-Ego? Find out @ She's Crafty

Which Breakfast Clubber Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty

Which Empire Records Character Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty

No psycho slayer is going to get between you and your right to life. You're an ass-kicker, a charge taker, and if need be, a monster masher. You're level-headed in sticky situations, you trust yout instincts, and you're not afraid to get a little dirty while getting the job done. Simply put, you rock! But don't get carried away. Even though your little brother might act like a creep sometimes, you definately shouldn't be driving stakes through his heart!
Would you survive a horror movie? Find out @ She's Crafty

Hmmm... now I randomly reach up into my Ass and pull out another site... [EHHH!!! YOW!] and here it is
'Tongue Page 99. Check out the tongues, A Contest with no goal and no prize... pictures of the Longest Tongues, Trick Tongues, Decorated Tongues, and even Famous Tongues![I have to mention that they have pictures of Bjorks Tongue... Gush!] Take a picture of yours and send it to them... then you can be on the internet without having to send people to my site [grin]


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Monday, August 05, 2002 - 2 comments

And the next number is 'Ohhh, Sixty Nine! Ohhh, Sixty Nine!

My weekend was a long one... Friday night I did nothing. Saturday I had to help my family out with the Medline B01 picnic. Then I spent some time with Ali and Leah, and Sunday disappeared like a flash! I feel like a freight train hit me. I am even taking the first 2 days off this week to take care of some thing I need to spend time on. It was great to see Ali, she looked great and is so happy in Texas, especially now that she has a job when she gets back, and a car! I totally missed hanging out with Molly, and kinda blew Joe off. ahh well, things will work out later on...

I have always thought I would make a great Southpark Character... even if I would look like I was from the Evil Alternate Universe cause I have a goatee. Well, Here is what I would actually look like if I was on Southpark... except that I couldnt find the goatee and had to settle for thier beardish goatee option. You can even 'Design yourself as a Southpark Charcter' too... Rob did and here he is.

The Southpark thing made me think, I always wanted to be a SuperHero Too... what would I look like as a superhero? Well, UnderGroundOnline's [] Hero Machine lets you design your own Superhero, Sports Hero, etc... and here I am in my Alter Ego 'Jicama Man' - Dont I strike fear in you?

I love looking at Old Photographs, seeing life as it once was, specially when I know the areas decpicted and can see how they have changed and such. Well imagine finding photo's, randomly, at garage sales, rummage sales, in old houses, on the street... and now create a museum of 'Found Pictures' - Thats what has been done, starting with some pictures foudn on a street in Paris, this is an incredible site called 'Look at Me'. Frozen moments in Time, no frame of reference, no link or connection to the places or people, nothing to do but look. You can even donate your own 'found pictures' Check it out...

If you are really into Online museums, and want to find others, check out 'MoOm' The The Museum of Online Museums

Ok... remember when I posted the link to Well, they have some awsome shirts but now you need to check out this place... has soem of the best ones I've seen. I definatley want the 'As seen in Porn" T-Shirt... and maybe "Vagitarian" one too. I can believe they are not bigger and better known. Okay people... go check it out and buy me some cool shit!!

I found so many new things i want to post, but I decided that i dont want to do too much per post... so enjoy these links and I will have alot more coming soon...


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Thursday, August 01, 2002 - 5 comments

I got a rocket in my pocket and its leaking fuel on my shoes...

This weekend update brought to you by 'Starbucks Coffee' they got me so wired that I needed to do do something constructive! A Venti with 3 Shots is good, but 4 shots is 'BouncyBouncy-WhoooHoooo-Yummy!'

Good News people, Ali will be coming in this weekend with Austin. She has a bunch of things she has to do and pickup while she is here. I hope I get to see her for a bit while she is in. Wait and See right?

This weekend is full of potential...

Joe Trickey has threatened to come out and hang with me. Wait and see if I dont just get the call where he says "This is what I am doing, you gong with?" [grin] He usually gives me time but does it while I am in the middle of other tentative plans... or wants me to go someplace like the beach or soemplace other than my artic-cold A/C perfect house. Hey, maybe he can manage to get Sandra out and about... one call from Joe and all the women come a'runnin.[Example 1, Example 2 ]

Molly is coming in from Kentucky with her Fiance. [Note: The guy in the middle] and I think she might even be bringing her son Zack. [Guess who's been watching too many 'Saved by the Bell' Reruns?] Should be good to see her... and with Joe in town, Molly will be happy as a clam! [Note: Sarcasm]

My Dad and Mom are running the Medline Warehouse picnic this Saturday as Fish Lake Resort. They tend to have thier own every year cause that way they can enjoy themselves. There is that unspoken rivalry in most companies between the office people and the warehouse people. Office people usually acts as if the warehouse people arent worth thier time. Anyway, Its always a good time... and I should probably help out cause my parents run it anyway.

'Tattoo the Earth: Chicago' is going on this weekend too! It is August 2-4 in Rosemont, IL at the Allstate Arena. For more info call (201) 847-9342. Should be cool, Guy Aitchison will be there, same with Nikki Sixx [hehehe!] $20 for a single day pass, o r$50 for all 3 days.

On a side note: I mentioned in my quickie updates area that there will be a Northern Hemisphere viewable Asteroid Pass on August 17-18th. The 800m wide asteroid '2002 NY40' will pass by the earth at 1.3x the distance of the Moon. Look for it after Sunset on the 17th cause It will be almost impossible to see once its past us.

Hmmm... thats about it.
I think.

ah well! Later d00dz!

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