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Ignore the Man behind the Curtain! has been down for a week or two... due to my own stupidity. I appologize to you all and hope that both my readers will be back soon enough [wink] The loss of my email alone has been devastating to me. I felt so naked and out of touch.

The big news lately is that Ally G is leaving Medline, and even worse will soon be moving away to Texas. This isnt such a shock seeing as we all knew it was coming, but the simple fact is that it has snuck up on some of us slower folk. I am happy she is out of Medline despite the fact that there is now nobody to keep me from a psychotic deathspree now, but the thought of her moving away... I know I will miss her alot!

My Xmas List is offically being updated to include this "Athlon dual-head Laptop". I expect it wrapped and under the tree this year... I dont care how many of you have to chip in!

I also located a copy of my favorite Article, which I got from an issue of the TooMuchCoffeeMan magazine. It is titled 'Toast is Toast' and entirely express' the feelings of anyone who has had a friend in a permanent 'problem relationship'.

In Wardriving news... I have borrowed an coworkers HP Jornada 540, and using a cheap Convertor, connected a WiFi Pccard to its built in CF slot and loaded Ministumbler. Its pretty damn cool, I rigged up a taped up antenna, and aside from not yet having my gps connected to it, I actually have a handheld stumbler setup. Of coarse its not perfect, the 540 model has jack shit in the way of memory, the CF slot is in use so I cant plug in a flash card to use for extra storage, and the only sniffer written for the SH3 processor CE platform is CENIFFER and there are no cracks available for the SH3 version (just ARM and MIPS) so i can only do promiscuous sniffing for 15 seconds at a time.

There is other news but I dont have time to put it up yet, or permission... I will try to later...

L8R D00d!
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Thank you for Flying Air Jeffrowe

Its really quite silly, but I finally figured out why my referrer program for didnt work. It turns out that the shortcut I copied over from their site was wrong. I dont know if they changed the way referrers link and I never noticed or if I am just a retard... but none of the signups from my site got me any points... so please, everyone signup again if you can/want to/have freetime. Im an idiot... but I am an idiot that wants a Tshirt... [grin]

In other news... Leah is starting to waddle [smirk] and the doctors seem to think that she is having a human baby boy. We are trying to get her to get a second opinon, cant hurt. The kid is apparently pretty well hung, so we have no idea who the father is [hehehe... its a joke people!] We are trying to get together a collection so we can buy her a tandem stroller, that way she can carry Zoe on one hip, push the stroller with the baby in one seat and a case of beer in the other. Jerry Springer here she comes! [someone pretect me from Leah!]

Here is something that has been missing from the site for a long time... a Sandra Schneiderman Update. She is actually back in the Area from Sweden, getting ready for her move to Minneapolis with Tetrapak. She will be living there and splitting her time between there and Sweden. (aside from her other Travels) We actually managed to get together and go for dinner and a movie (INSOMNIA) which was not exactly the best film. She seems to be incredible happy, and appropriately freaked out by all the changes and such in her life. Check out her Blog for more info on her day to day life, and I think there is a link to a picture page for some of her Sweden pics. Hopefully I am not exbarassing her by posting this stuff... or creeping her out so she never calls me again. [hehe] Then again, we dated and she still talks to me so her limits might be higher than I thought. [smirk]

Joe Trickey is officially returned to the US of A. His travels abroad have come to an end, and Europe is again safe from the Trickster. Sandra emailed me a cute pic of her and Joe from when he attempted to stalk her in Sweden. Luckily she was warned by my posting in this very Blog... once again, serves a purpose and saves potential victims [smirk] I am sure Joe will have some good pics and stories for us when he finally gets a chance to hang out... and his version of this on migh be different, but hey, who the hell cares what he says right? [wink] He might even update his site sooner than tell me, keep an eye at

This weekend is pretty unsure... Here are the possibilites

There is a possible Party/Get together at Marko's,
'Casa De Rowe' might be getting AC installed
I need to put a new starter and exhaust in my 'El Trucko'
I am still dying to go see 'Sum of all Fears'
Leahs Mom wants some help/info in settign up a website.
Rude Rooster plays at the Brat stop Saturday night.

Apparently Sarah is having a birthday soon, there is a Hawaian Luau themed party being planned on June 28th. Contact Sarah or one of the gang for more info on When/Where/Etc... It sounds like it will likely be at her parents house, but that might change.

thats it...
Stick a fork in me,
Im done!

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Lets Play America's Favorite game... "Who's my Daddy?"

This last weekend was a hoot... yes, I said it, a hoot. I dont have anymore of an idea than you, of exactly what that means, but if I had to choose a descriptor... a hoot seems to work. I'd look it up @ but I have a distinct feeling they would either tell me I was using it wrong or give a definition that wouldnt jive with my inferred meaning. Hey, Its my house of cards... Ill knock it down when and where I want to! And you can quote me on that!

Friday was Rob's Bday, I did the after work drink thing at 'RedDoor' with the work gang, waiting till it was time to meet up with Rob/Deb/Jenny. We did the 'Tsucasa' thing in Vernon Hills, I had never actually eaten there before, and it was incredible. We didnt meet up till 8:30, and they were late, then the whole hibatchi thing takes a while too. Ally met up with us, Rob and those guys suddenly decide to go back hoem to drop of thier doggy bags and possible Debbie who wasnt feeling well. Thign make a night that is already draggin seem longer. Ally and I grab some beer and played pool at 'Slate Street' till we eventually got tired and decided not to bother goign to Half day with the others when they got back... [Sorry Rob! Happy Birthday though, we will have to do something else soon.] Ally went home and then I decided to go ahead and circle by JEsse Oaks, which those guys were leavign too... then to Half Day where Rob and the gang were already gone but I ran into Christine and Dawn who were in need of a Ride Home.

Saturday was a slow night, I took it easy as I had plans the next day and didnt want to stay out all night. Rebecca went with me to Jess' Bonfire where we did some drinking and played with fire. It was good to see them all, I miss hanging out with Jess, Momo, Lex, and Julie... we were only missing Katie... who is in LA now and took cool to come visit We had the obiligtory wierd conversations about Wedding Rings, Marriage, Butt Plugs, Stupid People, Cheating on your significant other, Jessica's Prudishness, and 'Why men Suck'... I was home and in bed by 12:30 and asleep by 1... Have to be up and moving by 9am.

Sunday I did a roadtrip with Ally and Madison. 4 Hours to Dubuque to drop her off with her Dad. I had a great time, very scenic and all. We spent all of 5 minutes in Dubuque, which was a bathroom break and unloading Madi's stuff. Then it was back to Galina where we did some shopping and ate lunch. Which brings me to the place we ate at, 'Bubba's', at the north end of town. They had incredible food. Ally's looked good, with awsome homemade fried potato chips. I had the Jumbalaya, which is why I am writing. It was awsome, orgasmic, and plain old GOOD. I wish it had been spicy and hot, but instead it was an incredible shrimp/crab with really good gravy/dirty rice. Next time they will get a request for some SPICE! I highly recommend stopping in here... I really do! We headed back to RLB where we kicked back and let our ass' rest after the long car ride. Watched some movies and kicked back. Aside from some side issues, this was the best day I have had in ages. I will be sad when Ally moves away... I love hanging out with her. Its wierd to think she will soon be elsewhere.

Anyhow... Joe has been updating us in the comments area of these updates. He should be back here tomorrow (WED) from his recent tour of Europe. Lets hope he makes it back ok, and doesnt try to smuggle a brick of weed back in his ass, or that he doenst have a case of the Amsterdamn Supercrabs, or... well, okay... I cant think of much else. It does turn out that he missed an interesting thing in Prague though. Apparently the Communist politicians were out and about trying to get votes, and decided that they needed a little spice to thier campaign. So one was buying people shots at a bar, and another had women passing out his flyers while flashing thier boobs. As an American I think that this is outrageous... why didnt Bush run on this type of platform? I think the whole voting screwup thing would have been a nill point if he had bought us all a few shots and shown us some boobies. Why must we be so backwards politically? France has had Porn queen in politics for ages now... the best we have done is Jesse Ventura... which isnt too bad, what other govenor visits a whorehouse in Vegas only to have them frame his used condom and putit up on the wall??


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1001 Things I want to do to the Olsen Twins

RobtheFormerRoommate's Birthday is this Today... there will be some varius festivities all the weekend and the Gang is apparently going Paintballing on Sunday. Call Deb for more info. Tonight I am meeting them up at 'Timber Lodge' in ther Highland Park area, I didnt even know that there were still any of those around. Hope its as good as it used to be... hmmm, Prime Rib!

Saturday night Jessica-&-Floyd are having a Bonfire at thier place. All the cool people will be there... Lex, Julie, Jess, Momo... be there or be square. Should be fun, I havent hung out with these guys much in a while, and not at all since Robs wedding.

News for the Future, looks like Casa de Rowe might be getting A/C this next week. Just in time for all the hot and sweaty times coming soon... also on a much better note... 'RUDE ROOSTER' is playing at The Brat Stop on June 15th. They are playing with 'Blu Steel' which really in my mind doesnt make for a good reason to go, however Rude Rooster 'Rocks the Cock' as the Tshirts and bumperstickers say. I know the drummer and work with his mother and sister, so I got's the inside track... plus I've seen them play before and they are very good. Worse case scenario is that you simply get drunk and check out the hotties... which brings me to another good reason to go... the Rooster Girls... Jublies in Bady-T's... Nuff Said!

g'bye till later...
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Somethings must be shared...

When you find out that your website comes up as hit #15 when searching Yahoo for "Breakdancing en Mexico", you just have to share it...

It turns out that there is a Belgian proverb that contains the kind of wisdom you almost cant live without... "Don't make use of another's mouth unless it has been lent to you." Timeless words to live by... and almost as important as my most favorite quote of all which is "A girl without freckles is like a night without stars." --Unknown. Wish I knew who had said it though... they deserve some praise...

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So here I am, Grinning from Ear to Ear...

I shall flog myself a thousand times with a wet noodle for not putting out a friday update. I am a horrible updater, a terrible blogger, and a generally mediocre webmaster. May my dreams be haunted by naked pictures of Bee Arthur.

There wasnt alot to post concerning the direction my weekend wad going, aside from unconfirmed plans to go out to dinner with Ally, Leah, and her friend Joe. So I defend myself simply be saying that you should be glad I didnt bore you with the details!

In retrospect, it was actually very good weekend...

Friday night started at 'Red Door' with the Work Crew, eventually Ally, Marko, and myself worked our way to visit some friends and then to meet up with John and Michelle at the 'Fairfield Tap' [For a first visit it was OK, not someplace I would Regular] It was a long night with lots of bad pool playing on my part, I take solice in that Ally didnt do much better than I, and that John kicked everyones ass!

Saturday, Leah called saying her friend Joe had made it up afterall. So we planned to meet at my house and head to meet up with Ally at her house. Brian decided to go out with us also, and we headed to dinner at 'On the Border' where the food was awsome even if they screwed up the ladies orders. After dinner we shot some pool and drank a bunch at 'Slate Street', Marko met up with us, Rebecca couldnt due to not being able to find her ID. We played several games of Pool and had some very interesting conversation. Joe and Brian subjected the bunch of us to a discussion of NASCAR, we all managed to zone out before to much damage was done, that stuff will rot your brain! Leah and Joe headed for the Anchor, Ally and Brian headed for home, and Marko dragged my silly ass to Jesse Oaks to meet up with Rob/Deb and the girls. Over all it was a good night. Jenny was happy as hell cause she had gotten a job... and it showed cause she had a hell of an outfit on that night!

Sunday I slept late, managed a to get a few things done, hung out with Ally and Madison a bit, rented some movies with Rebecca, etc... finally got to see Spy Game. Much better than I thought it would be. Ali was a disappointment though.

Monday I called in sick, the wild wild weekend had caught up to me with my cold. I stayed in and slept till afternoon. Didnt accomplish much else, though I had a very nice relaxing day. I wish I could have have done it again today.
I love my couch...

I am feeling better now... despite work. Trying to get some things done. Hopefully I will get some good junk to update on my site... Joe Trickey was in Naxos enjoyign the windsurfing and is now in Mykonos enjoying the nude beaches and scuba. From here he is heading to Rome by way of Athens. Must suck to be Joe right?

Enough of my update... Later
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