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Jesus built my Hotrod...

Due to having this last monday off, a general lack of any initiative, and all around laziness, I never posted my post-weekend update. None of this has changed, so dont expect much from me.

In relation to the 'Climax Exclamations'... only one person has added to it.
They were already a contributor, which just goes to show you that most of my friends are way too uptight. Its a good one too:

Take em down! Take the Bitches down!

On another note, my life was threatened if I mentioned Lisa Wisniewski on my webpage. Fro thos of you who dont know who Lisa Wisniewski is, she works in our Helpdesk, and I even have a picture of her up Here. I had a really good quote by her that I was going to publish... but several beers later, I forgot it. so instead I simply wish to offer up the chance for any of my Readers to email Lisa Care of my website at and I will make sure she gets them, and possibly responds too...

Umm, my long weekend. Friday was a late night at Famous Freddies with Ally and Marko. We wound up at my house for a midnight snack and movies... Saturday night I stayed in and hung out with Rebecca. We went and saw "The New Guy" which was a damn funny movie! I really suggest seeing it... though I would suggest the cheap matinee or Low cost 1st run theatre... wait for video/dvd. Sunday it was again Ally, Marko and myself... out to do some damage. This time it was a combo night, Food at Blue Bay and then Nutties. Ahh the things we do for fun. I didnt get moving until afternoon the next day and then my parents put me to work loadign and unloading dirt to level the yard. My arms still hurt...

I have found my new favorite website! In searching for some odd tidbit, I found the Redheads and Freckles Home... a place for those with them and those who admire them. They focus alot on the redheads and not so much on the freckles but they do have a couple clipped articles... and they had a version of my favorite quote...

Asta la vista...
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Friday, May 24, 2002 - 5 comments

"Carpe Diem! - Sieze the Fish!

In my last Post I mentioned a Poll I was taking for funny/odd/wierd things said at the climax by yourself or others. I had several unrelated answers, a movie quote, some joke ones, and a few actual good answers... though I am disappointed at the large number of those who have not responded. Please note that these will not be attributed to you or anyone in specific, so they remain 'anonymous' for all basic intents and purposes. Here are the valid entries so far:

"Oh my god, I missed sex so much!"
"Uh - Take that"
"Who's your daddy"
"Who's the man"
"Oh my god, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to... well, what do you want to do now"
"Oh, Max" (*Note this isnt the guys name, but it is the dogs..?)
"I don't think I can stand up."
"I feel like I'm floating"
"I Love you" (Situational: 1st Date, Obviously didnt mean it, casual sex)

As for stupid joke-only responces... a buddy of mine (Bill Napier) sent these...
I killed the dumb ones and Kept the funny ones... I really like the last one... hehehehehe

"call me Shirley"
"...nooooo Santa..."

Now if I was going to admit movie quotes, they woudl have to be good ones like from Kevin Smiths 'Mallrats', where Ben Afflecks Character says "Call me Donnie, Call me Joey, Who's your Favorite New Kid!" Now thats funny!

I need a serious Drink this weekend, and with Monday off, I think I can mange it... I am hoping to take home a new toy thing weekend, work is letting em take thier old backplane mb System... I want to try to Cluster them with Linux... pretty cool.
As for actual Plans... I have none. Why plan ahead when I can wait till the last minute?

I did get a nice surprise. Jarrett ran into an old Highschool friend of mine, and gave her my number. She emailed me today, just in case I didnt remeber her (yeah right) and I cant wait to hear from her. Last I saw her was when she was driving aroudn with the Mundelein CB'er group in that big Blue Junker 4x4 Truck. Anyhow, hopefully I manage to meet up and see her at somepoint.

No word from Joe since his sighting by Sandra... and of all people I figured he would have some good 'Climax' Comments...

Peace Out!
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A Quick Viewer Poll: Too much freetime

Ok... I was sitting and watching "Tomcats" with Ally when at the very end they show the Bloopers and Cutout Scenes. The Scene where the one guy is having a Dream/Nightmare about trying to have sex with all the women in the world came up and just as he 'finishes' with one girl he says 'Your Welcome'

This didnt make it into the final cut, but It hit me as a very odd thing to blurt out at such a moment, and made for a very interesting discussion of the wierd things people say during the climax of sex...

Anyone want to Share? I will Tally the final results and share them, probably put them on my site too... and yes... names and places will be changed to protect the innocent (or not so innocent)

Please email responces to Please have others email thie responces too!

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Monday, May 20, 2002 - 1 comment

I have my finger on the pulse of society...Updates Made 5/21/02

Sorry about not updating this weekend. I didnt tell you what I was gonna be up to, frankly because I am lazy and didnt have much to say. However I did manage to locate some interesting tidbits with my spare time which I shall provide you in hope it will make up for my laziness...

Alot of women out there would feel more independant, if it were not for the simple fact that they cannot pee standing up. Imagine how much easier and quicker it would be if Women learned to per standing up? The large groups they tend to head for the batherooms in, would be in and out in no time if they simply took out the couch and added soem urinals... So here it is ladies... an Internet Guide to Peeing Standing Up for Women.

Also I had a few people who had brought up piercings, and specifically mine. They expressed a complete non understanding of how I allowed such things to be done to me. So to provide both my argument and help others understand 'Genital Piercings'... here is a website devoted specifically to Piercings of the Penis

Heheh... anyway, My Weekend was fairly decent. Friday night was spent with Marco and Ally playing pool and drinking heavily at Downings. The original intent was to goto see a friend of the families band at a place called Rory's. Its a 60's chcago band reunited, called "Jimmy Rogers and the Mauds". We didnt get on the road till late so we decieded to do something local. Ally and Marco got hammered so they both passed out at my place.

Saturday I spent cleaning, and that night was nothing big. Went otu for a single drink with Ally and then headed home. Stayed up watching movies and such.

Sunday was a lazy Day. My P's came over and put in a door shade for me. We fixed my grill too. Eventually Leah came over with Zoe, and Ally came over too. We sat around and watched mvoies and shot the shit. Zoe is a gorgeoud baby, but it reminds me why I am single. She practically destroyed my house, which Ally and I spent most of the time picking up. Grr... kids..

Later on Marco called me, he had lost his keys and was out in the boonies with no way home. I wound up driving to get his keys and then taking them to him. Took forever too... that'll teach em...

Well, thats all for now... I will be posting info on Joe Trickeys wherabouts when I find out. His recent [Comment] mentioned Amderstam, Cheap Drugs, and Cheaper Women...

UPDATE: A Joe Trickey Sighting was reported by our Undercover Spy in Sweden... Here is her top secret report on his whereabouts...

I spotted the Joe in Copenhagen (Kovenhaven) we had a good time. We drank beer, went on a boat, drank more beer, ate hot dogs, saw the little murmaid, went to Christiana ( a big pot-smoking island) barely-tollerated Joe looking at my ass (he said i have a bubble butt), saw some castles and noble houses and statues and was fun! [View Comment]

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Tuesday, May 14, 2002 - 2 comments

Ignoring all the Lame Ass Comments

For those who read my site often enough, you might have noticed that I have a comments option on each of my Main Updates. This way you can comment on something I said, didnt say, or just talk out your ass (like Rob and Joe). Truth be told, it seems more people use those comments area then use my
"Phorum forums" which bothers me to no end. Joe has been pretty much ignoring emails I send him, not replying and such, and then randomly posting useless crap to my comments area... Rob is at least doing the email portion with ease... but still posts useless crap to the comments, and for some reason under stupid pseudonyms that make no sense...

Ok... now that I have exposed my friends for the blithering idiots they are...

The weekend and Mothers day went off without a hitch. Friday night was fun, Marko and I zoomed up to 'The Barn' in Kenosha, managing to beat the rest of the Gang up there. The bar had a lot of hot women dancing around, plus a Wet T-shirt contest going, and luckily the girls couldnt seem to keep the t-shirts on once they were wet... which made it a much better contest. I spent most of the night trying to get Jenny drunk... which seemed to be working at first... and then I realized I was the drunk one. We hit the 'Port' and partied with theBob and several other characters. It was a goodtime... met a girl named 'Jina' who was pretty interesting. Hopefully she gives me a call, seeing as she is supposed to be getting a job down the street from Medline. A guy can hope right?

Saturday night allot of the Crew went to Milwaukee, except Rob-n-Deb cause they went to Half Day. I wasnt in the mood to go out drinking really... so Ally came over and we watched 'Oceans 11'. I love that movie!

Sunday I managed to get to my parents house my midday, wish my mom a happy Mothers day, and did the whole day with them. Food at Outbacks, Shopping at Gaudy Thrills, and a Movie at Gurnee Cinema. I had plans to take her over to Liberty Tattoo to get her Tragus' done... she wanted them done... but she is worried it will hurt too much. She also wants Gold hoops, which no one will do until 4-6 weeks after the piercing. I think she finally decided she isnt sure... maybe sometime this week.

On an interesting note, at Outbacks we had a few people who kept jumping the line and annoying those of us who were waiting as told. One Lady was managing to block the exiting people, and causing us to not be able to get inside. As I was bitching about her and thinking she looked familiar... I see Laura Holg, and realize thats her mother. I also see her little sister who is now a full half foot taller than I am. We talked for a few minutes, mostly just hellos and all. Turns out she is engaged to be married in December to a Canadian Chiropractor who I got to meet... he didnt have much to say. I didnt bother to say much either. Two very different worlds now, despite our friendship years ago. It was good seeing her, hopefully the screwed up life she was living a few years back is finally done. As someone who knows her, I wouldnt take that bet though... [wink]

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Friday, May 10, 2002 - 3 comments

Hey you silly rabbit, Tricks are for Johns...

Hows tricks everyone? Your pimp been treating you good?

The Major/Huge/Monstorous thing to remembe this weekend is "Mothers Day"... and with my memory the way it is I will need every reminder I can get. Luckily I already have a sorta Idea of something my mother wants. Hopefully she hasnt changed her mind or forgotten she even wanted it [She is getting old... hehehe, Hi Mom!] Some Alternate Gifts I have found are a little out of my pricerange... but maybe one of you want to buy em for your own mother?

Alternate Mothersday Gifts
1. A Slightly Used Russian Spaceshuttle -$6 Million
Only flown on " " [damn... only work sif you have the cryllic font... Trans: Sundays by a little old lady]

2. Estaris 2-VU dual-screen laptop -$ Not Listed
Umm, here is your present, can I borrow it for a year or two?

3. A "Periodic" Table: Containgin samples of all the stable elements. -$Not for Sale

4. A 24k Gold Delorean -$250,000.00

[Damn... the car isnt listed anymore... maybe I can get pictures?]

Anyhow, my weekend isnt planned beyond Mothersday stuff and Cleaning... which my place can really use... I have been a slob since Rob moved out.

Thats things as they stand right now... more to be filled in later...
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Smoking Bananna Peels...

Hello to all... I feel like it has been ages since I have done anything worthwhile on this site. I have managed to post here and there, but other than buying and then never forwarding it, I have done much else. What with work, my wardriving (580 Ap's so far), and my hardcore alcoholism, who has time do weblog? [wink]

Anyhow... what new in the life and times of Jeffrowe? Nothing... just living life. Work is a major source of Stress, I hang out some with Marko, Ally, Leah, Rob, Deb, Jenny, Rebecca... etc... been spending alot of time wardriving and working on my wardriving setup, Linux can be a real pain. I did get Kismet working... Ethereal doesnt, but I can use it to read Dumps... I even added an ext Ant Port to my Linksys. Not sure if its working or not.

This weekend isnt really anything big, Leah wants me to go out with her and Kelly... I need to seriously Clean my house bigtime. I owe Ally dinner majorly because of her help with my Tax Extension paperwork (and cause she looks cute in pigtails) Plus Spiderman is coming out... so I will somehow manage to fill my time.

I am working on another attempt at getting DSL... I will try one more time to get it directly to my house. If this doesnt work I will be trying to talk my aunt into getting it (split/something) and then running a secure wireless P2P to my house... Guess I need to save some weekend time to make 2 Decent Yagi Antennas too. Fun Fun Fun... If I get it working then I think I will DYNAMIC the Ip to my Domain. That would be cool... if it works.

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