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Living La Vida Loca...

Like it is said, 'Life aint nothing but Bitches and Money'... cept I dont have any of either. So Life has basically been my job and Tv@Home. Last weekend I did hang with Ally, we went downtown to meet up with Khatwani at 'Bar Celona' for a $20 all you can drink for hours type party. It was pretty cool, Lots of gorgeous asian and indian women. We then left with a friend of Ally's and got FlashTaco [Sidenote: I ran into Chuck K. Havent seen him in ages] and then we hit a small bar nearby called 'Dannies'...

The most exciting thing lately is that I just got my Fab-Corp 5DBi Omni Magmount antenna for my truck. I wired it up Wed night and did a tour with it... I was pickign up wifi networks 3or more blocks LOS closer than before, not to mention just picking up more than ever before. Just staying on a Standard route, not diverting I located 50 more AP's than before. A couple faint ones I was never able to zero in on are now pretty damn clear...

I am also tryign to get a Linux box running with my Linksys WPC11 and Kismet/Etheral/Wellenreiter... sounds easy but the damn directions are cryptic and there is a complete lack of instructions for major parts of this stuff...
Any Linux guru's? Maybe someone who has Wireless working under linus? Help me?

Leah is moving back home this weekend... anyone want to help move her?
Looks like my Dad and myself are, and I almost had a good excuse till he volunteered.

Work has been killer... I am still behind and then they bring me an order for 60Pc's... plus I then have to attend 6 meetings just to squeek out rnough info to do the work they gave me. Not fun...

Peace Out!
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Wednesday, April 17, 2002 - 9 comments

Yeah! A Breakdancing Stripper Emergency!

I currently feel like crap... I dotn know why I came in to work at all. My back is killing me, my stomache is doing tricks, and I have a mild fever. I tried eating and drinking, it helped but only a little. Aww fuck it...

I got back from Georgia this last Saturday. I had made sure I was back early enough so Marko and myself could go see 'Tenacious D' at the Rave in Milwaukee. We had a good time, the D rocked, and we drank way to much... not so unusual. Since then it has been the normal back to work story... I feel like I was gone way longer than 5 days. I can't seem to completely get back in the roll of things, and now I just feel like crap!

Rob and Deb are back from Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Sounds liek they had an awsome time, toured some ruins, etc... should be an interesting story when I get the chance to hear it all. I still havnt gotten Deb and Robs Wedding Pics onto the site yet... I am such a slacker.

The other big Info is that I now finally own the domain 'Jeffrowe.Com'... I am redirecting it using Redirection.Net, but it hasnt kicked in yet. Now all I need to do is figure out how to handle the emails and the branding of my site as dotnet. I will probably try to do a catch-all into my account.

Wait and see right?

Peace out my brothers!
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Wednesday, April 10, 2002 - 2 comments

Greetings from the Land of Dogwood and Peach Tree's...

This last weekend was fun, Rob's Wedding went off without a visible hitch... We had an awsome time, and and it is, Rob and Deb are now down in Mexico for thier honeymoon. I got alot of awsome pics, and I was hoping to get them sorted and on the site, but I had to go out of town for Work Training. So here I sit, in Alpharetta, GA (North of Atlanta) enjoying the hotel room the put me in... whoo hooo...

Some interesting Info on Alpharetta, GA:

1- They dont list any Strip clubs in the Phone Book at all. They do advertise for a place called the Cheetah on the radio, but I thinks its just topless.
2- 1/2 the radio stations here are Religous.
3- There are a million stores, malls, starbucks, and restaurants here, but nothing fun to do but the Movie.
4- The women here are HOT but not any more interested than in Illinois.

So far the only good thing is that somehow, a wireless AP is close enough to my Room to let me get 1.0mbps network access if I keep it on the bed near the window. It wasnt visible yesterday... dont know if the weather has changed and thus the signal reaches farther?? Guess I'll have to see what IP this post shows under and nslookup it.

[NOTE: 2 Seconds after I wrote this the web access stopped working, and still isnt up, so I am stuck on dialup...]

L8R d00d!
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Not for a Lack of things to Say...

My freetime has recently been swapped over to a new and highly addictive Hobby... WarDriving [aka: Stumbling, Netstumbling, etc...] I dont know why its fun, it just is... Its amazing to find that dozens of people in houses all around me are running wireless networks and have no idea how to secure them. I drive down your block and can pull MP3's, Divx's, and whatnot using thier network bandwidth. Some people dont even secure the basics and leave thier home computers hdd's open for the casual Looksee. Alot of people have DHCP running, meaning that thier computer almost forces me onto thier network... Hard to believe huh?

So far I have mapped quite a few AP's all over the place, alot of them are at schools, and they are not much more secure...

I think I might throw up an 802.11 interest page... dunno. RobtheSoonToBe FormerBachelor went wardriving the Gurnee/Waukegan area with me and had a good time... we even had one person who must have seen us connect cause the connection got killed right afterwards... proactive user, too bad he didnt protect himself fromt he start! [wink]

Easter was spent watching the animals, My p's have been out of town so have been housesitting. Marko's Parents invited me over and that was pretty cool. Then Mark and I went to see Blade2 Last night. Alot of effects, a cool Story Idea, and a really hot lead female [gush!]

Later Daze...
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