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Why can't I defy the laws of physics?

As you can see by the updates section, some new information has been announced. My friend Leah is Pregnant, and the world is readying for another Wheeler to enter the world. Her Semi-official Due Date is October 1st, so the apocalypse can’t be far behind right? I was originally keeping this quiet… respecting privacy and all [yes I have been known to be a nice guy on occasion] but Leah is telling the whole world in groups of 13 so I figured “What the hell!” I am sure there is some Nostrodomus quatrain I could quote that would show 10-1-02 as a day of reckoning when the balance of good and evil will topple and darkness shall reign on earth… but its all interpretive right?

Okay, enough giving Leah hell… for now. And onto giving other people hell.

My weekend was interesting… I went Barhopping with a buddy from work (Hello Joe) on Friday night, and Saturday I did some running around, winding up spending part of the day with Leah, Zoe, Kelly and her kids at the Milwaukee Zoo. I hit some local bar later on to hang with my mother… a friend from her work is in a band that was playing nearby. I eventually met up with Rob, Deb, Janny and the crew out at ‘Lenny the Legends’ [New Bar, off 120 In Mchenry, used to be Viper] and we sat around and talked. We did the circuit and hit Halfday too. I wound up out so late that I ran up to Leahs and passed out there cause I had kinda promised her Parents I would be by for breakfast. Sunday was real fun, almost no sleep, too much food for breakfast, then I decided to fix Leahs Antenna so she could watch Tv. Ever seen a 290lb man hanging from an antenna tower over 2 stories tall? Not fun… But now she gets like 3 channels [smirk]. Aside from sitting with Rob, Deb, and Jenny last night and watching every Sex oriented show HBO Has (OZ,, and something else) that was my weekend. Interesting it was…

-Don’t Fear the Reaper

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Friday, January 25, 2002 - 4 comments

What the world needs now, is Love sweet Love...

In reguards to my last post, many have come forward and emailed me belated Birthday wishes, or repeated the wishes they already had given me. Some of you I will choose to forgive, and others... well, others I will simply be nice to and leave it at that. So if you think you are a person who might now be on my 'Used-to-be-Friends' list... you probably are. I hope that clears things up a bit.

Onto my weekend... guess what? I have no plans whatsoever... I thought I would have to work tonight, or tomorrow, but that has changed. My plans for tonight have fallen through... but for a very good reason. I almost just want to rent some movies, go home, curl up and watch them until I pass out.

As for interesting things... RobtheRoommate has turned me onto an odd Independant type movie that is makign the art theatre circut and is supposedly going for wide release in theatres or DVD this March. It is Donnie Darko and they have a wierd interactive site that apparently is kind of an interactive game/multimedia show that continues on from the movie. You do not need the movie to understand the site, but from what I can tell the movie ends where the site picks up. It makes little to no sense to me... but I am intrigued... mess with it, but a warning to all... there are only 3 levels to the game, and just so you know the password s it asks for are to not always easy to find. Add in the fact that at one point it asks for the password 'from' level 1 intead of asking for the password into level 2, its language and ease of use are questionable. I am working on digging up a copy of the movie so I can see what the hype is about...

Well, thats it so far. Stick a fork in me, Im done.

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Monday, January 21, 2002 - 4 comments

WARNING - Friendship Status Revoked
Due to the large number of people who didnt call, write, or hunt me down to to say Happy Birthday, I am revoking my Friendship and all included priviledges and perks. Some of you at least bothered to try, some I know were busy in other places doing other things, the rest of y'all are guilty as charged. May god have mercy on your souls... I hope whatever you were doing was worth it [I can hear the paranoia now... did I call? Did I try? Does he hate me forever? Do inquiring minds really want to know? How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Is it really the cheese that makes ti taste so great?]

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Jeff Rowe - 29 Years of being me and I almost have it right.

My birthday is almost over, its almost midnight and I figured I should update my site and share my birthday with you all. Today I spent most of the day with Rob and Leah, checking out Tuxedo stores and looking at the various styles. It took us alot longer than I had planned, so I was ultimately late to my parents house for cake and ice cream. After some dinner, and my Bday cake, I passed out in one of the recliners. My Aunt Marie showed up, I got a call from my cousin Kerensa, recieved birthday messages from my grandmother and Rebecca. Rob and Deb got me a Borders Gift Card, and Leah gave me my Official birthday spankings in the parking lot outside my townhouse. Over all, a resonably decent birthday.

Friday night I spent a few hours waiting with Rob while he got his Car out of the Tow Lot. Then Rob, Mark-o-, and myself got gussied up and went to TRIO for a nightout. I had a good time, Kate and Pie showed up, and my "Ask me about my penis" tshirt was a success. I saw a gorgeous brunette who just had the most awsome long straight black hair, and after most of a night of appreciateing her from afar I managed to go ask her name and talk to her for a few minutes. Turns out she is a Chicago girl, and seldom comes out to the burbs. Of coarse, I asked where she goes out downtown and she says 'Crobar'... and answer that makes me cringe. Crobar is kinda hard to get in unless you have breasts or know someone. Anyway, maybe she will come out here again. My main goal was to not be the 'Can I buy you a drink' or 'Can I have your phone number' guy... she was drinking water, and several guys had already doen the walkup and offer a drink thing. Maybe it worked?

Saturday night I was Leahs date to her Work Party, I managed to pick her up and get us to it ontime. Rob and Debbie were already there, and Deb was inside with her mom. It was a decent night, lots of interesting conversation and aside from a bit of wierdness on an emotional level things were good. Leah and I drove Deb home and then hit a psychic for a reading for Leah. Then we sat at my house and played with my Tarot. We had trouble getting to sleep, as Leah and I tend to gab till all hours.

That my birthday in a nutshell...

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We Interupt this Broadcast with a brief Announcement...

I am updating this site because I cannot sleep/rest anymore. I am home, sick, not @ work due to my feeling ill. This weather sucks, beautiful during the week, but way to cold on the weekends. So here I sit, a victim of the damn weather. Luckily I have anitbotics available to fix this.

My friday night went well, as you can all read in my last post. Saturday is another good story as I took Leah to my IS Christmas party. We had a good time, managed to sit with my coworkers. It was a good time for all, Leah managed to work herself into the conversation (who could have stopped her?) and we all had some good laughs. I think there was general shock among some of the people from my work, because on past occasions I have brought a buddy (male) along with me. This caused me many gay jokes, but was immensely easier than finding a date... and mysteriously when I do have a girlfriend they either cannot attend these functions or dont want to. So this time I bring a good friend and a female... and she looked damn good.

Sunday I went to breakfast with Leah at her parents house. I enjoy talking to her father as he is a very interesting guy. We had a good breakfast and joked around a bit. They have a beatiful house with tons of woodwork. Her father is a Jack of All Trades like my father. Does everything from electrical, to plumbing, to woodwork, and tiling. We eventually took off, and did a little running and such. It was a very good week end overall...

My Fathers Birthday was this Saturday, they went up to the 'Potowatami Casino' in Wisconsin. I was supposed to watch the animals, but they were on thier way home by 10-11pm so I went ahead and left. I still need to stop by and give him a hug and his gift... awww!

--L8R All...
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Its a beautiful day for a daydream...

Well, here I am, all red faced... having forgot to update my site yesterday. I was having some home PC issues as well as beig to busy @work. So here I am, filling the anxious public in just a bit late.

Friday night I had to work, on the big move to the new building at Medline. We managed to do it in record time, and then get to the bar for food and drinks on the company dime. So I hung out with the coworkers for an hour or two. Then I went home to cleanup and change, and wait for Mark-o- and the rest of the Gang to get home so we could go check out this new bar in McHenry called 'Lennie The Legend'. We checked it out, nothing too exciting, other than having at least a dozen more hot chicks than its previous incarnation as the crappy 'Club Viper' It wasnt very happening so we swung up to the Crystal Lake Alumni Club. This surprisingly had some extremely gorgeous women, I guess that they had to go somewhere seeing as 'Hob Knob' used to get them years ago but is now a complete dump. Anyhow... it wasnt too bad of a night. Home we went to sleep and eat our late night Taco Bell

Saturday I am in charge of watching my P's house and the animals. I also have my Work IS Holiday Party, which should be cool. I am taking Leah 'The New Years Girl' as some call her now. Dont know exactly what else will wind up happening. Figure Dinner at 7:30 and maybe 2 hours of that. So there will be plenty of time to go out and do something. I just gotta make sure I let the Dogs out and feed them early in the AM. Fun, fun, fun...

Sunday is an open day... recovery, cleaning, spanking the monkey, learning the names of the hordes of women I brought home the night before for the wild orgy...
you know, the usual...

[Wink][Wink][Nudge][Nudge]... adios
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Monday, January 07, 2002 - 6 comments

I want to Live in a Kush-Ball World...":::Updates Made:::

For those who care, I am not completely cured, but my sickness has partially passed, a good thing seeing as I was miserable on Friday night. I stayed in and curled up on the couch under my new flannel blanket, watching the last half of a dozen movies [smirk] I felt horrible, but I was taking it easy and I had picked up my medecine. Wound up going to bed eayly too. Good thing cause I was out cold. I spent the rest of the Weekend helping out Leah with soem things, hanging out at her house with Zoe, Addy, and Leah, watching movies. It was a good weekend, but buy does Twin Lakes seem like the Boonies. It isnt that bad, but everything seems so far away. Anyway, Sunday I got home late, and Joe came over and made Dinner. We hung out and shot the shit, Leah harassed him by Phone. It was cool hanging out with him, seeing as he is hardly around. So the weekend was good... not all busy liek the last dozen...

Happy 23rd Birthday to Debbie, Rob the Roomate's Fiance, who celebrated with a night out at Zanies (I was unable to make it) Hopefully she had fun and a good Birthday.

NewsFlash! - 'The End is -NOT- so Near'. Turns out that Ragnarock, the Apocolypse, Armageddeon, whatever you want to call it isnt as close as we thought... the sun will flare up and engulf the earth like previously thought. You can now reschedule those plans for several billion years from now [wink]

Now I want to bitch a bit, nothing personal or nasty... just bitching about the world of books. Why hasnt Stephen King done a new 'DARK TOWER' Book? I dont even read most of his shit, but I love the 'Dark Tower Series', and he is taking his sweet ass time to write the next one. How about Caleb Carr? 'The Alienist' and 'Angel of Darkness' are awsome, I know he cant really continue them on, but his last one was the Serial Scifi he did in People or Time, and that didnt really fill the void i was hoping it would. While these guys sit on thier laurels, people like Clancy write a new 'Op Center' book every 4 weeks, making sure I couldnt keep up if I wanted too. Palahniuk finally came out with a new book, titled 'Choke' which I hoep to jump into real soon, and I finally picked up Grishams 'Painted House' on paperback. I didnt want to buy the hardcover and then find out it was some sucky attempt of his to get out of legal thrillers. Anyway... if any of you know Carr or King... Tell em I am waiting...

UPDATE - I so love reading, Cookies banter about life, her friends, and how unloved she is makes my day. Its liek being a cyber peeping tom. Whenever I post I think of only a couple people reading it... and I am always suprised when people I never even thought checked my site that often call me up or drop me an email mentioning something I said... so the natural responce when reading Cookies recent posts on her fellow webmasters vicious love circle is to let her know how much she is loved. To send her back the diagram of the love circle, but with modifications to show the truth... How much Cookie is Loved... so here it is... The True Vicious Love Circle

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Thursday, January 03, 2002 - 0 comments

The Immenant and Highly Dreaded Birthday...

I am updating a little early, As I will be working offsite tomorrow morning. This weekend really isnt much to be talked about, what with all the partying for the holidays. My main goals are to pay my bills and try to get healthy again. This New Years was fun [As you can see] but now here I sit with a horrid Cold/Flu/Strep Hybrid disease. The doctors office wont see me till Next Wednesday and I need antibiotics now! Anyway... my main plan is to sleep in a warm and toasty spot for as long as possible this weekend.

On an off note, My birthday is coming up. I turn a ripe old age of 29 on January 20th. I have never really looked forward to or got worried about birthdays, but I think its starting to change a bit. 30 is coming on way too quick, I still feel 18, though anytime I interact with someone who is 18 I feel ancient. So feel free to email me praises of how young I look, marriage proposals, money, women, cars, and assorted valuables... nothing is too expensive [wink], Though I prefer items that can be easily traded or swapped (money and women) just incase they arent my particular type [snort]

Well, its late, and I am feeling very tired... so I leave you now

- Later Days people...
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Wednesday, January 02, 2002 - 4 comments

Its Two Thousand Two, Zero Two, Party over! Whoops! Out of Time...
Princes Original Version sounded better...

New Years had come and gone... and all I have to show for it are the bags under my eyes, the general look of tiredness I wearing, a cold, a dirty Truck, and Pictures! I have uploaded most of the pics, and kept a few for my personal pleasure. I didnt get as many as I wanted to cause I went to the bar without my memory stick, so all I had was the 8mb built into the camera (and guess who didnt even think of chaning the default resolution?) Alot fo them are Leah... cause she was my date, and she is a voyeur/showoff. However everyoen managed to get at least one good semi-dirty shot in. We Partied it up at Famous Freddies in Mount Prospect, it wasnt as full as I had expected... and turned out to be alot better than anythign that would have happened at the local bars by us. We closed the place, and then wokred our way back to Leahs. We dropped of Deb, and then Mark. And once home we all found our spots and curled up to try and sleep at least a couple hours before the kids woke up. We spent the next day visiting Kelly and her daughter, ganging out with Leahs Cousin Addy, and took leah to Lake Geneva to get her Belly Button and Tongue Pierced. Leah was out of it the rest of the night, the pain can be a bit much with the tongue and all. Over all it was a pretty good New Years, Even if we didnt get to spend anytime with our other friends, who had kept changing thier plans ever other day. Plus we never did get to hit Heathers Party, but we didnt even make it to Freddies till 10pm, so its a good thing we didnt try.

Resolutions, everyone keeps asking me what my resolutions are. Nobody ever cared before, why now? My first one is in sync with my buddy ken who resolved to "Have More Sex"... I am always up for more sex, though I will add the word better too... I want more and better sex! My second is the same as the first resolution of 80% of the world... to "Get in better shape and Loose Weight." It never worked before at #1 on the list, and I'd rather have sex than exercise... so lets see if being #2 makes it work better. Besides, if I manage #1, then technically I am working on #2... it is cardiovascular [wink] Number Three is to "Get my life in Order." A Year ago I bought a house and had things heading in the right direction, now I am seemingly just exisiting and wasting money on things I dont need to. So There... I am working on extending my sexual exploits and streamlining my figure and life... Modest but worthy goals... umm, damn, ok lets add a number 4... we will make that one "World Peace and Food for the Hungry". NOTE: You always have one goal that is possible but unlikely to ever happen, by adding this one, I have filled that spot and now will magically accomplish the other three [grin] Yay for me!

Okay, Here is another round of "How do you freaks keep getting to my Site?" I am over 2500 hits since I started this page a year ago, and I didnt even start counting for the first few months. This isnt alot, but its not like I actually promote this site, its just me blogging my brains out and putting up things to annoy and embarass my friends and myself. Anyway, I checked out my tracking logs and what do I see? Perverts, Perverts, Perverts... and they are all cming here... Mostly from Yahoo, Google, etc. Check out the list:

Yahoo: all nigth sex - kristens sex pics - wedding night sex pics
Google: my drunk friend naked hot pics - wedding night Pics - kristens archives
- ("wedding night") and (porn) and (pictures) - gurnee sex movie

MSN Search: freeballers

I do want to know what the user who searched for "gurnee sex movie" was lookign for... but alas, I will never know. Guess I will have to repeat his search and see if I find anything. I guess I deverve it seeing as I am the butthead typeing in all those word sin my posts and such... so I am to blame. I guess...

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