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Out with the Old and In With the New...

Here I am to welcome in the New Year... This page will soon have a completely new look, as the current one is getting on my nerves. I have found a basic layout I like, but I keep changing it around working on the look/feel and it starts looking too much like my current layout. I tried to avoid this and wound up with the ugliest layout I had ever seen... so it isnt going to be the Jan1st upgrade I had hoped for... maybe mid-month then?

Christmas was good to me, lets hope the New Year doesnt have other ideas. I hope to have a good night, my plans are not very well thought out yet. It looks like we will hit "Famous Freddies" in Mount Prospects they are supposed to have a cool Bash tonight and it works out well for some of the people who we will be meeting up with... right now its Leah, Deb (a friend of Leahs), Kelly (Jasons Ex Wife), and myself. We are supposed to meet up with Ken, Allison, and Mark-o- too... so it should be a good time. Only bad part is that my drinking for me will have to be kept under control, as I am driving... on a good note I have 3 women to get extremely drunk and naked [Evil Grin]

In visiting it seems that alot of people checked out thier recent update of them hanging with thier friend Tim. The review of the show was less that great... as they said Jocelyn was Short, and Cookie was fat. Cookie goes of to say she likes herself this way, and that she is cuddly. I have to agree, as I think she looks damn good the way she is. I love the 'voluptious' look or as they say, a girl with a little 'meat on her bones'. Now dont get me wrong, I am not gonna turn down any annorexic waiflike supermodels, but the look I always go for is soft and curvy... hips rock! So if you are reading this Cookie... I think you are sexy, cute, and cuddly...

Some random cools shit i've found or come across recently... Making Holograms using a laserpointer, Why Store Giftcards are Risky, Designing computer CPU's Darwin Style

So anyway... if you happen by "Famou Freddies" in Mount Prospect, "Trio's" in Vernon Hills, or anyplace and see me... buy me a beer. You wont get a damn thing out of it, but hey... I get a free beer!

10-4 Over and Out...

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Toast is Toast, and never again, under any circumstances, can it be bread.

In the beginning God said let there be light, and it was, but with light there is darkness. And with darkness there is evil, and we all know the face of evil. It is a face like any you may have seen... except with a goatee! Yes, Southpark is correct, all evil counterparts have them. The proof is here @ Goateestyle

Now... for those who are already part of the darkside...Want to join the Goatee Army? Or learn the History of the Goatee

Just a note, after being on the phone with a friend who is having relationship problems, which of coarse makes you think about the current state of affairs in your own Love Life, do not watch the movie 'Love & Sex'... its a great movie, and I think Jon Favreau is hilarious, but its truthful rips on love are like a fullon kick to the nuts. If I could only
find a girl to cheesesandwich... [smirk]

In recent news Blogger got Hacked, luckily it didnt effect me aside from not being able to update for a bit... and I had to change my passwords just in case.

Now what with the Holidays and all, and Xmas getting the damn floating holiday. I get to work till 4 or 5pm on New Years Eve. As for plans, it looks like I will be hitting a friends party at the Hitchin Post. Leah is going to be my date, she has a hot little red oriental dress she is planning on wearing. Should be fun... maybe Leah can help me pick up a chick [wink]

-Freak out!

PS- Happy New Year to all you sexy bitches!

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Merry Kwanza Everyone!!! (Oh yeah... Merry Xmas too.)

I have spent too much time, money, and energy shopping for Christmas this year. In retrospect I feel like I didnt spend enough money on my parents... they have helped
me so much in the last year. Truthfully I havent helped them out enough, or been there enough... heheh, the best thing I have done for them is to not be living at home and
bugging the hell out of them My mother could and would argue that point, she seems almost dying to hear from me as much as she can. On the on the hand have learned why they always came home and did housework when they obviously woudl rather be resting or vegging. A house is a perpetually dirty thing, and generates twice as much mess as you remember making. As a bachelor I dont feel as desperate to clean as someone who has a wife/kids... so the fact that I always seem to need to clean is boggling... how could there be more??

This is where I would normally insert some poke at Rob the Roommate, who seems intent on cleaning the unremoveable marks left by some previous owners bathmat from the tub even while the mirror is covered in splatter marks, the sink is a mess, and the shower curtain is growing He means well so I wont make that jab

I have recently noticed that my site gets searched alot for references to Crushlink... and one of the major referrals to my site are from search engines where people are looking for info and hacks for crushlink. Well, in a nutshell... I tried and failed. It seems from the best I could tell, and trust me I could be wrong, that crushlink's actual data and such is hidden server side. And from a standard Web side view, there is no way to dig the data out of thier page... without breaking into thier system and thus the law. The pages you view are generated on thier system and then served to you... meaning that you never get actual scripts/programs/javacode/etc. Sucks too, cause I am sure that millions of people had the same problem I did. Someone I knew got a crushlink, she used my name and several others we knew to try and figur eout who sent it. Then she never canceled the crushlinks to the other people used my name to help them gets hints as to who thier crushes were and thus i get more of them... then my buddy joe gets one from someone (probably someone in the group) and he starts using "" to get his hints. I only got like 300 crushlinks due
to this... damn that pissed me off. So in the end... I want Crushlink to go away... it was a cute Idea and now needs to just go away.

The other major referer's seem to be, Search engine queries for "Unlovely" related info, and search engine queries for "Loginmatrix". The Unlovely ones make sense, as I cannot hide my affection for 'Cookie'... the loginmatrix ones are due to my misspent time hacking away at the contest. It was Quite fun... and I think maybe I should put up a page specifically for that info. Maybe some hints, links to other contests, etc... guess I will have to think about it.

Aside from a case of toxic shopping syndrome, which causes me to randomly reach for my money or honk and invisble carhorn and yell "Learn to fucking drive!" at random... my Xmas is going well.

So far I know a few of my gifts... A 40oz of Miller Lite/ 6pack of Redstripe / and a Best Buy Gift Certificate (Work buddies), an 18" Evil Dead Ash Statue (RobtheRoomate), and then of coarse the several things I bought myself (I always seem to know what I want). Tomorrow we do the trip to the P's for presents and then to Kerensa's for the dinner and family opening. Providing there is enough food to sate us, enough liquor to numb us, and enough space to sit/lie/slouch and undo out pants, no blood shall need be shed.

So remeber, its better to give than to recieve, and 'Jesus Christ' isnt just a sacreligious profanity you yell out... He's also the 'Meaning of the Season'

-Toodle Ooo!

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Seperate my mind and my body...

I am Drunk... or I was, or I am, **shit** you decide. Right now the only thing I am sure of is that I am depressed.... Hmm, okay, drunk is winning hands down. Everytime I try to focus of what it is that is I am thinking of all, I get is my images of my Ex. Son-of-a-bitch, I cant seem to get her out of my head.... Grrr! I hung out with a dozen girls tonight, most of them scantily dressed, all of them drunk as hell, and here I sit... home... thinking of her. Fuck...

Some old friends came into town, and for some reason they just seemed to be laughing at me. I dont think they actually were, but it felt that way. After they took off, I decided to hang with a few other friends, but it didnt help much. In the end I got to play cockblocker for a few hours... keeping a couple 'rollers' at bay. Didnt matter cause I was just a 5th wheel. Once again I say 'Fuck...'

I should have just shopped all day (like I did) and then just go hang out with Leah... maybe I will do that tomorrow. Maybe she can explain what the fuck it up...

Hmm, after reading, it looks like 'Cookies Trip Home' beats my lameass story... not that it took a whole lot. Hmmm, Cookie is so damn cute... I have always had a weakness for redheads

Over and out, 10-4 good buddy

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Ding! Fries are done... Ding! Fries are Done... Ding! Fries are Done...

Okay, once again I get a call from Joe, asking me whats up with the Doom and Gloom on my site. Even though I consider him to be part of the worldwide conspiracy against me, I explained simply to get him off my back [smirk] but I wish to reaffirm something about my site, my spewing, my words.

"This is me getting things off my chest, I am 'verbalizing' things here so I can work them out. Sometimes I have already dealt with it, but I need to simply get it out of my head.Putting it here is easiest. If you are involved, or think you are, deal with it... I try to keep names out of it when they are not necessary or pointless. Than again, there are times when the whole point is to make the people known [grin]"

On a lighter note...
"In Hong Kong, statistically 60,000 adults wet thier beds due to work related stress" Now how bad is your job? [grin] Just Thank god you are not an adult in Hong Kong.

For those of you who have been following my links to, it seems than Cookie is in transit to home for Xmas. Jocelyn is still incognito, and possibly trapped in a Blizzard... those she does seem to update her blagh area a bit.

Lately I have been finding myself at Mary-KateandAshley.Com more and more lately [smile] but just for the pics... err... yeah... im making a collage [giggle]... here are some links for Rob if he wants them. The Twins in Gogo Outfits, and just as a note 130cm is approx equal to 4'4"... I am up to snuff, Anyone up for a Ride? Ok... I creeped myself out on that one [wink]

This weekend will be almost nonstop shopping. I have accomplished nearly NIL with the several days of shopping I have done. In my opinon shopping is not a team sport. As for actual hanging out plans, I figure I will try to hit LOTR at some point this weekend, providing I can get tickets. I also want to go see "A Beauitful Mind" and "Not Another Teen Movie". Tonight I will most likely wind up at TRIO at some point... unless there is a better place to oggle the Babes (or actually pick some up) The Holiday will be spent with my parents and/or at my Cousins house. Truth be told I dont really even know which days is what... I just show up when told.

Well... thats it, Im done, I have nothing left... Beat it, Go away!
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Hey Boy... arent you a pretty fart Smeller?

Things happen, things evolve, things get better, things goto crap. Repeat Randomly. This is the Cycle, life goes on. Past scars get reopened, aggravated, and create new pain. Frankly it was easier when I was on the giving end [Evil Grin] but as the reciever in this case it sucks. The simplest explaination, from a friend, was the obvious and best explaination. Dont do anything. Screw it. I lost it all before, and in this case loose nothing new, only my delusions. I could go into detail, but the only reason I am even putting this here is to cement it in my mind. Read that as the ONLY reason. On to other things now...

I am a Slashdot Addict... and this is by far a pretty cool Idea. So lets imagine this, you are walking through old town and you see a restaurant that looks good. As you get near the door, your Cell beeps and shows a Site Specific message is available. You check the message and see that a previous patron has left a message saying the food is great, another that the service sucks, and another that thier prices are cheap. This is HP Labs CoolTown system. The Idea is that people can leave messages taged to a specific Global Position, so the next generation of cellphones which will include SMS messaging, GPS, and high bandwidth uplinks will allow you to view others messages according to where you are. Leave a message near an main intersection telling others about the small greek restaurant on a side street they would never have found otherwise. This would have amazing possibilites as well as amazing abuses... think fo the spam, the virtual grafitti, the slander, and the nasty comments people could leave on your house. However I still think properly setup and used it would be great!
HP's Mpulse article : New Scientists Article : Slashdot Discussion

Now as for the personal junk I always try to bore you all with, here is my weekend in review.

Friday Night I did my time, working late with the guys. We managed to kick but and be finshed with everything by 7:30pm. The work gang hit the Annex for brews... and of coarse I outlasted them all. I did the rounds after they all headed out and tried to meet up with friends, however it turns out that the people I was lookign for didnt even go out that night. I did meet up with some friends later. I went home late and got some sleep.

Saturday I spent the whole day Xmas shopping, accomplished almost nothing, and went to see Ocean's 11. I loved the movie but would rather have had some excitement. Joe did come out and hang out till late, so it wasnt all bad.

Sunday was more shopping with Rob and Joe, this was my day for mentioning the revival of past issues, Rob helped me out as much as he could. Joe and I revived an old tradition, getting our picture taken with Santa Later on Rob and I went to Sarah's and spent some time hanging out with Debbie and Jenny. (Sarah too!) I wrote a poem about it... [Blame HBO's 'Def Poets', which is on while I write this, ]

Lots of Nintendo, sexual innuendo.
A game, a fight, with laughs we end the night.
Backroad ride home, left there alone,
Mario music and a dancing woman on my mind.
Updating my site, the words taking flight.
Despite the edit, still feeling pathetic.
In the end, follow the advise I should have always known.

[Disclaimer: Oh yeah... I am a shitty poet...]
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I'm sorry, Jeff isnt in right now. If you would like to leave a message...

I am posting this Thursday night, as I am going Offsite first thing tomorrow and dont know when or if I will have a chance to do it tomorrow. See, cause instead of going out Friday Night, like I would much rather do. I get to stay at work and work on the Move to the new Building. This is only our seconds weekend, but I got to work both days last week, and this week I only have to do 1 day... unless they ask me to do it again [Crossed Fingers] Frankly I think doing this on Friday Nights and during the Day on Saturday is just dumb... but as a Salary Man, I dont have a choice. [sigh] [shrug]

In surprising note... Casa De Rowe's Upgrade is Officially Done, or at least the outside. The damn workers still havent coem back to fix the internal stuff they screwed up. I now have nice windows, doors, screens, and even a cool new Balcony! I didnt get my Grey or Blue siding, instead I got Tan/Brown, not much I can do except deal with it.

Tonights NEWS had me rolling on the floor, in Illinois a suit was filed against 'CRACKER BARREL' Restaurants for supposed racist treatment of Blacks. I dont find bigotry funny, but to here that the 'Cracker Barrel' is racist... hehehe, I know Im not the only one laughing.

My weekend will minimal, Friday night I am working till at least 9pm, maybe even 11pm. Mark is going to his works Christmas Party. Rob has his too, but I do not know if he is going. Debbie is on her way to Virginia to drive back with Jenny. So If I do go out, it will be to meet up with someone, or alone [pitiful frown] Saturday is an unknown, I will probably hang with Mark-o or Rob. The day will be spent doing my Christmas shopping, as will sunday, kinda have to seeing as I havent bought my first gift yet

I did get another unique Search Engine Query that was used to locate my site... Somebody searched Google for 'nudity fun' and found me... I am so proud!

Stick a fork in me... Im done.
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Someday I shall reap all your Souls like so many stalks of wheat... Ha!-Death: Stand-Up Comic -(C)2001 ROT

Well, I am working on starting to update my page more than just on Mondays and Fridays. So the front page might get a little long till I get into the More posts/Less massive Updates mode. Youwill get to see the last 3 Updates I have made... which should be just about right judging from the kind of updates I am planning. I do want to Thank Unlovely.Net [Blantant Suckup] because they are ultimately responsible for alot of the traffic I have been getting lately... by way of searches and referals. [grin] Speaking of hits on my site... I have never really bothered to look, but I have noticed alot of people listing the various ways that thier site is found in search engines, wierd combinations of words, strange sentances and oddball things where you really wonder what they hell the person was looking for... well, here are the Top Search Query's Used to find my Site

kenosha webcam
Libertyville +1991 +reunion
thirteen ghosts quotes
webcam goth room
personal webcam sarah
wedding night pics
pictures and passed and out and girls
kristens archives
crushlink hack
johny deep from hell pictures
katie goth webcam
dear sister webcam
zoe webcam

Not as Wild as it could be, but still, some of them make me wonder exactly what the search engines are finging on my site. [wink]

Well, Like I said, you will be hearing from me more often... so keep checkign back and I will try to be entertaining enough to keep you coming back...

...Love Jeffy
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Sun Drenched Pyramids, Thousands of Naked women, and lots of little pickles...

In an email I sent out this last week, I mentioned an awsome new discovery. Researchers with a Canadian Exploration company recently located some ancient sumbmerged ruins. They were found off the Western Tip of Cubsís Guanahacabibes a depth of 2,100 feet. Estimates put it least 6,000 years old. Making it about 1,500 years older than the Giza pyramids of Egypt. The siteís organized structures were originally detected in July of 2000, with the recent ROV submarines film, they have confirmed the presence of huge, smooth, cut granite-like blocks in perpendicular and circular formations, some in pyramid shapes. Several of the explorers have stated that the configuration lends to the idea that this may have been an urban center, though more research would be needed to back this up.
Slashdot : Reuters : BBC

Rob responded with his own link, something about ruins located in Illinois, luckily he saves himself with mention that this link was located using Art Bells website... proof positive that this is more than likely bullshit... [Ancient American] : [Art Bell]

On, Cookie tooks some time to answer those naggin questions we all have about her... though she retained the right to answer 'My Underwear' to any she felt unworthy of her attention.

As for my weekend, things were pretty much dull... but if you want details:

Friday: I worked till 7:30pm, filling in on the move to the new builidng for one of the network guys. It was 1/2 cluster and 1/2 bumble... but all F*cked [grin] Afterwards I went home, cleaned up, and watched Rob and Deb sit and play GTA3 on the playstation. They were plannign on seeign a movie, yet at 9:45 when I left they hadnt moved... hmmm... betcha they missed the movie [wink] I picked up Marko and we went to the Cubby Bear North to see a Round Lake Metal Band I had foudn on the net. They turned out to be realatively decent... nothing to get hot and bothered over... but they were better than the coverband RUBBER who just plain sucked. We left after Rubber
's 2nd song and went to TRIO where we got drunk and sloppy. I got slick and bought a drink for a very cute brunette across the bar... though when she came over to thank me I think I played it a bit too slick. I also think I know her, thinking back I get the Idea I met her before. Whatever... I didnt get home till after 3am and the the 'buzz was on!

Saturday: I woke up and left my house feeling link crap. I was hanging like a cheap suit and needed coffee... lots of it, and how! I worked from 8:00am till 1:30pm... went straight home and curled up in bed till 7pm. I still felt like crap, Marko was upset cause he lost his cellphone the nigth before, and I wanted to go see 'Oceans 11' but nobody would go with me. Instead I wound up seeing 'Behind Enemey Lines" with Rebecca. It was good, but the main character was just not believable as a Navy Fighter pilot. I went home and watched 'AMERICAN OUTLAWS" on DVD. That was my saturday night.

Sunday: I woke up at a relatively decent hour, did some email and websurfing. Then I took the Tables and chairs back to my parents (from the Turkeyday bash) and helped them do some furniture moving and all. I ran to Bestbuy and soem other stores, pricing adapter equipment for the new XM radio (Holy shit! too much!) and a Christmas Tree (Jesus, its plastic and wire for christs sake!) as well as some assorted unneeded junk. I soon headed home, with furniture (end tables), Food (Leftovers), and clothing (extra pants)... my work was done [grin] I went home and did more computer surfing and such.

In hindsite, the weekend was dullish.
The best things I can mention are that I realized that Jenny will be back in Town permanently this next weekend, I finally got into an email conversation and hopefully will get to meet up with her the next time she is in town, I also met a very cute girl at the Borders Books in Gurnee... she was dressed up as an Angel and knew alot about writing, I suspect the angel outfit was just a cover [wink] - Also, I picked up some books on writing anf such, hopefully I will inspire myself to get back into the habit of putting my ideas to paper [or keyboard]

Well, all those run-on-sentances have made me out of breath...

Adios Muchachos y Muchachas...
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Only in Electric Dreams...

I was sitting on Google one night and decided to see what I could find relating to "Round Lake Beach". Now RLB has an underground goth/metal scene I knew little of, not
to mention the large number of Backgrounds, themes, and screensavers made of pictures of RLB at night. The highlight of the search was finding this... 'The Leather Journal Club Directory' apparently thier is a leather fetish club based out of Round Lake... who would have though?

Need some Shitty Advice? Ok, Here is a site based on giving it out by the shovelfull. If wasnt enough, send you questions to this place. For Instance, maybe you have been weighing a big decision, one that could change you for life, say joining the Freeballers of America.Maybe you are feeling ashamed or selfconsious in relation to an abnormally large bodypart...
say like your Big 4 Inch Nipples.

Now if you are looking for Sex advice, I would instead suggest sending them to Dr. Drew. Now rather if you are more the Self-Help type, try sating your fetish for Girls giving Girls Wedgies. Or maybe you are a guy and who has questions about the Holy of Holies, the sacred nub, or as Cookie might call it, Her Nibblet... Try looking them up in the Temple of The Clitoris
(Note:: Dont forget to check out her mainpage about breasts

Now, now, I have probably offended a few of you, but for those who like Porn but are just to damn uptight to actually look at it while websurfing. Try Hot Models in Bathing Suits

Anyway... My weekend is pretty much nill... Ill post what happens. I have to work on Saturday starting at 8am. One of the guys called in with family issue so I also wound up working till 7:30pm Today (Friday). I assume Ill wind up at Downings or Trio... or something equally normal

Hugs and Kisses to all... except the guys...

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Coffee is my God and Starbucks is my Church... [UPDATES HAVE BEEN MADE]

On this dull Monday Morn I sit... jittery overexcitement, knee bouncing nervously, thinking of taking my lunch hour to make a quick run to Starbucks and the Bookstore. Getting both my fixes, Reading Material and smooth brown caffine ambrosia. Yet I know its just the addiction talking. Starbucks has stolen my soul... I am ok with it too... I just wish they were happy with that and didnt also take my $4 a cup... Greedy Bastards! Coarse the same could be said about the bookstore, Paperbacks at $5-$12 a pop, and computer books costing $30-$80 is just insane. Yet each time I venture in I am thier bitch... ingesting thier warez and wanting more. Excepts the First time was never free. [Sorry Rob]

Okay, Jeff Here, I have managed to throw the monkey off my back for a minute, so as to fill in the world on my latest weekend escapades. God knows My weekend updates are why you people live your pathetic lives

Friday Night I rushed home. My original plan was to hangout with Kristen at her place, however as I talked to her and talked to Mark-o- I realized I needed a night out. Of coarse after picking up Mark-o- and heading to Trio, I realized it wasnt the kind of night out I needed. I just couldnt get into it, and I just wasnt grooving [I quite possibly never have grooved... I am unsure about this] So after a bit Mark-o and myself jumped into My Chevy S10 'Blazer of Love' and went to Downings. Things were not much better there... but we sat and talked about crap.

Saturday I waited for the Construction guys to come. This ZeeBee character never showed. They other guys said he was there but I never saw him. Of coarse I couldnt find the number for this John Kadlec Guy... so today I am making some calls and faxes. Eventually Joe and I went out for Dinner and hit the Mall, I atlked him into goign to Trio with me and Mark-o- but he is one of those unfortunates who dont carry thier ID with them 1/2 the time and act like the obsurdity of this practise is normal. If you get pulled over and have ID, getting out of the ticket is possible. Without ID a ticket is 98% guaranteed. Better yet, nowadays even shitty bars require ID, why not carry it if only because you might need it to write a check, go into a bar, show a cop, pick your teeth, or to Open a door Macguyver style? Anyway, I picked up Mark-o- and we hit Trio again. This time it was fun, we ran into Heather and Andy, our buddy Dave was there with his lovely other half Veronics, His brother and his wife, and his sister. Eventually Pie, Kate, Rob&Deb, and Sarah showed up too. Trio had a show goign on, some band called something "engine" the chick singer was very cute... but lipsynced. Its dance music, what do you want. I spent more of the time up in Boogie Nights where the music is more tolerable. Afterwards Mark-o and I hit Half Day Inn with Rob, Deb, and Pie. We had fun just shooting the shit and such. I did run into Dawn who was there after work at 'Karma' this new place in the hotel next the the Annex. Its supposedly a very nice restaurant and bar... though a littel higher on the price scale from what I hear. If I ever check it out Ill let you all know.

Sunday was my day of rest. I accomplished nothing more than some dished, some Laundry, a 1/2 dozen levels on PONTIFEX [Blantant Plug], and a large amount of websurfing [Unlovely - Slashdot - Userfriendly - Project Greenlight] I did watch the Project Greenlight show on HBO. I was very interested and even went onlien to learn more. I am not a writer/director/producer but I find it interesting. I have always wanted to try my hand at writing a script. I learned alot and found alot of goods weblinks and sources to check out... maybe someday you will see a movie I wrote... or the much better rewrite of a movie I came up with the idea for [grin]

I leave you now with some pictures of Cute Animals that Cookie of felt the world should see... consider the source before viewing [wink]

Cute Animals1 - Cute Animals2 - Cute Animals3 - Cute Animals4

:UPDATE: Cookie at posted my 'FanSign' [No Im not naked] in her 12/03/01 update... I am so happy, despite the destinct lack of her showering me with naked pictures of herself. I think the post sums it up as she talks about the kind of dirty fanmail she likes and how most people dont send them the way she likes... guess I'll just have to write up some of the things I want to do to her 'Nibblets' and email them to her [Smile]

-Peace Out!
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