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"My Kilbasa Sausage has just got to Perform..." -Tenacious D

Sometimes my headlines just come to me, othertimes I yank them from my ass. Want to venture a guess? Guess its better to not know, thats one of lifes little rules. I of coarse am very tardy with the Friday update... so spank me. No, Really, Spank me! I mean it now, I want you to SPANK ME. I've been a very bad boy... [errr... I apologise] Back to the topic which is um, oh yeah, ME!

I have recently gotten addicted to a new game. PONTIFEX by Chronic Logic. It is the 3d version of BRIDGE BUILDER, a game I have mentioned here and in email just about 6-8 months ago. Well their site is at, you can download the demo which has 10 demo levels... this is just enough to wet your whistle. the full version costs $20 but its worth it. I got so stuck on the normal level 12 bridge... nothing worked... till I made the simplest bridge and forced myself to figure out a little of how the new materials work. Its a fun game, and an addictive one. Check out the main site, or goto the Unofficial Pontifex pages and forum at for another view.

This weekend isnt planned. I have gotten little sleep the whole week, and spent a good portion of my week running around with tons of work, workmen pounding on my house at god awful hours while siding the house, and friends calling me and hanging out during my TV shows. No rest for the Wicked, right? So in the meantime, aside from half-assed 'we should so something on friday' stuff... I have no plans. So maybe I could do one of the many things on my 'Someday when I think of it list'... such as:

1. Pick up sleazy Round Lake Chicks at a Local BoozeHall.
2. Make a tour of the Local Round Lake BoozeHalls and find out which
has the most/best Sleazy Chicks.
3. Knit a sweater.
4. Decorate for Christmas.
5. Clean my House from Last Sundays Party.
6. Drink excessive amounts of alcohol.
7. Call Ex Girlfriends at 3am and ask them "Whats wrong with me?"
8. Do the Undearwear Dance.
9. Stalk the Olsen Twins.
10. Hang out and drink Beers at Kristens Place.
11. Go meet Cookie & Jocelyn from

So now here I am, creeping myself out. The first 2 items should be possible, the 3rd is a problem... I cant knit. #4 is just too Suzie Homemaker... and I'd have to buy decorations first. 5 is really needed but just not heartfelt... maybe on sunday. Six I can do, and it is very likely to happen wether i want it to or not. 7 is something that will only be done if 6 is done to complete and major excess... [hehehe]. Eight... eight is where I creep myself out and repeat the mantra "They are only fifteen" several hundred times. 9 is a work in progress... I gotta give her a call first. Number 10, well, I guess emailing with them would be a start... I dont think Jocelyn is even around right now... doesnt matter. First I gotta make the ultimate 'fan sign' to get thier attention... hmm, it seems NUDITY is always key... I did do this 'one'... think it will work? [wink]

Maybe I will have to call Joe up this weekend... find out what he has been up to. Last I heard he went to the Falls up in Canada for Turkey Day. Dont knwo whats up with that. I also havnt seen Sandra in ages... talked to her recently... maybe Ill drop in on her and freak her out [Now that I have warned her with this post]

Anyhow... I leave you with this piece of knowledge:

"Everytime you think you know the answer I change the Question"
--Rowdy Roddy Piper

-Word to your mother...
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BAH BAH, BAH BAH... I want to be Sedated!

What a long strange weekend its been... For the first time ever, I truely feel liek that weekend was just too long. I know it sounds impossible, but it took forever, I feel like I accomplished little to nothing, and in the end I am more tired thant when I went into it. I almost need a weekend to recover from the weekend. Thanksgiving was a nice simple affair this year. The relatives had other places to be and hence didnt take up our couch or drive us to drink. I guess a play by play would be best.

Wednesday night would have been a great night to go out and party, but I simply stayed in and watched Tv. It would have felt wierd to go out. God, I hardly remember the last time I went out on a Wednesday night.

Thursday I spent the day at the Parents house, just a simple Thanksgiving. The parents, the animals, and me. My mom made enough food to feed 10 even though it was just us 3 (More like 2 with what she is eating lately) We watched some tv and lame movies, nothing special. Kerensa and Lance stopped in for like 5 minutes. I then went home and passed out of the couch. Vegged in front of the tube... a memorable Turky day.

Friday I decided to goto Robs fathers memorial with the gang. We stayed for the ceremony and then after at his uncles house for the family get together. There were lots of little Klamms around... pretty fightening The group of us then took Robs sister Sara out to Chicago. It wasnt the best night out in the City. We couldnt seem to find a bar that let us all hang out and have fun. Differing tastes and such. We evetually headed out after 1am and dropped Sarah off... she was supposed to be on a plane in less than 7 hours.

Saturday I spent the day cleaning the house for the get together on sunday. My room got cleaned and completely done for the first time since I moved in. Despite the fact that the work crew once again canceled my Saturday appointment (This bullshit has got to stop, at least they called this time) anyhow... they rescheduled for Tuesday... like it was my fault. Luckily my mother is going to be off owkr this day and can handle it for me. Rob even showed up and sorta helped clean. We wound up hitting the store and buying all the stuff we would need.

Sunday, the day of the get together. Considering she was the one who came up with the idea and wasnt plannign on being there this early, Leah was the first to show up. My parents were second, and Rob was third... funny as he slept there. Nobody showed by Noon and Debbie and those guys didnt get there till amost 3pm. We had too much food by 2pm. And I think we spent almost as much time dividing it up and such as we did making it. After stuffing outselves e watched movied and played some games. It was a good time... mostly spent keeping Zoe out of trobule and playign with her. By the end of the day I felt like I had been beaten up... not enough rest and too much fun.

In hindsite, I never did hang with Marko this weekend. Though I managed to avoid my relatives mostly. It was a good weekend... and now my fridge is overflowing. I think this week I will just sleep... work too, but mostly sleep.

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Happy Thanksgiving Everybody...

Its that time of the year again, when men are men, women are women, and turkeys are afraid for thier lives. I find this holiday to be very, um... lame. I mean, nobody gives thanks... this is a holiday about stuffing ourselves silly and dealing with obnoxious relatives. The thanks are only made after its all over and either the relatives have left or you dont have to eat any more turkey. No matter how it plays out, the holiday has lost whatever meaning it had. Even historians are starting to say that The first thanksgiving never actually happened. That odd's are good we killed, stole from, and terrorised the native americans... but never actually sat back and ate with them. Im not suprised.

As for the amazing world of Jeff, things are as usual set in sand. Rumor is that Robs sister Sarah will be in town for the weekend, which should be fun as I of coarse like her so much more than rob [smirk]... of coarse it could just be because she's very attractive. Anyway, aside from that is the Family get together on thursday, which will probably be just me and the P's. I know my aunt is going elsewhere, my uncles are bound to be off partying [liquid turkey feast] so it will probably be my parents, the animals, and me.

Saturday should be nice as long as the workcrew shows up. I am awaiting the guys to complete my windows and doors install, fix the screwups, and replace all my locks. These things are takign way longer than they should have, hence the lack of patience I have had lately. Hopefully the workcrew wont pull another fast one on me and things will go well and be finished. Otherwise I might be a bad person to be around on this day... plus there is the bad news that I will probably be getting tan siding... which isnt what I had hoped for. I am still trying to wish it to be Grey or Blue.. [fingers crossed]

Sunday is gonna be a small group get together. A Friend's turkeyday at Casa de Rowe. Some beer, food, and alotta love. Figuring Potluck will be the plan... anything without turkey in it. Leah mentioned enchilada's... Sarah mentioned brownies/etc... should be a nice break from the normal cranberry sauce/turkey/yams type thing.

Hope your thanksgiving is good...

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Sorry for my Tardy updating... I shall thrash myself thouroughly!

Due to my being sick, offwork, and just plain lazy... my friday update never actually happened. Not much was pre-planned except to see Kates play with Leah on saturday. Due to Leahs Friday being a bad one, this bled over into her weekend... killing those plans. Add in that I was sick and work was beign done on my place requiring me to be there as much as possible. This was a weekend with alot of irritations...

I was home all day Thursday, the crew came to work on my place. They managed to do 80% of the stuff. However it was afterward when I learned just how little that did correctly. I had another appointment setup for saturday, and soemthing tenative for the next day, providing I could have someone there. Plus they screwed up my locks which made things all the worse. I did get to see my friend Momo who is back in town now... she came over with her boyfriend Joe and hung out, drank some brews, and checked out the pad... I got some [pics] here.

Friday- I felt like crap, so I called in to avoid infecting my coworkers. I made sure to let the crew know, but they didnt have time and avoided me like the plague. Now I know why. I spent most of the day passed out and eventually had to get out of the house or explode. I hugn out with Mark-o- and even ran into Kristen. It was a goodtime, even with my being sick. I even ran into a cute brunette who works at Medline with me... She was looking quite incredible, and I think I am going to work up in here are more often [wink]

Saturday- The work crew never showed, though I got to meet the owner of the unit next to mine and the renter next door. Turns out they were also waiting for the crew. The more we looked the more we found wrong. They had damaged the new door and my deadbolt... looks like they used a monkey wrench... not very quality work. No Screens were installed on any of the windows or patio doors, my doorbell was removed and not replaced. Overall I was very unhappy. Then the no show was just icing on the cake. Place a million calls to the workcrew phone #, the association isnt open on Saturdays so thats a nill otpion. Looks like I have to wait for monday and do some faxing and calling. We did locate one crewman who spoke english... he was no help and got about the same kind of help we already had. He said monday was when they would be back... Anyway, I spent the afternoon watching movies with Rebecca. Rob, Deb, and Jenny stopped by for a bit... Jenny was in town getting things setup for her movign here. She was looking quite incredible... with her new haircut and all. I got some pics for the hell of it. Check them out in the same place as the last batch [Here] They were going up north to watch the meteor shower, however as usual I had already made plans with Kristen and Dawn. Too bad these guys dont think to include people in the process... [Rolling eyes] Anyway... Kristen and Dawn showed up, Rebecca was feelign ill and went home. The girls and I headed to Famous Freddies for some fun, and found it. They girls had guys all over them... and i got to play bodyguard or whatever you wish to call it... Cockblocker is my favorite term. Didnt matter much as Kristen doesnt need one... They changed thier plans and hung with some guys... my cold started to get the best of me, so I peeled out earlier than they did. And passed out cold in my warm bed.

Sunday I didnt even blink twice till 3:00pm and didnt wake up till 3:30pm. It was one of those days, once awake and moving I did some cleaning. Rob eventually showed up and helped a little. The details are pointless as I am sure you could care less. Doesnt matter as the Crew is gonna make more of a mess when they show up... whenever that is!

Well, here it is on monday and the crew didnt show up today either. My mother even had the day off and sat at my place in waiting for them. This whole thing is turning into a friggin mess. At this point I want blood... and maybe a nice earlobe necklace [evil grin] I made a whole mess of calls and faxes... hoepfully something will come of it before I bite my lip and go berserker...

Peace Out G!
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[Echo On] "Tap Tap... Is this thing on?" [Echo Off]

I must say, I wish I had some better tracking software, I would love to have a better idea of who and when people are hitting my site. I see the numbers go up, and I know some of them are me verifying my site changes. Doesn't much matter though, at least I know someone is showing up.

The weekend was good, but not long enough as usual. I got to see a decent band play, ran into some old friends, and share a hotel room with two gorgeous ladies. I could leave it there, but then people would assume I am implying some impropriety... and then the girls would find em and hurt me [grin] maybe that's not a bad thing? I quote a friend of mine when she said in a slightly inebriated slur "I like pain"... ok, so I got a little off track there...

Friday Night: Mark-o- canceled on me at the late in the day, so I had to fidn someone to take the extra ticket. Leah has mentioned she woudl liek to go, or her boyfriend jason would too. So I tried to get ahold of them, to no avail. Instead I invited Rebecca along, and I headed straight up to get her after work. We managed to get to the school and to the show pretty early. The first band had a good first song, and after that was almost heckled off stage. 'Live' was a decent show, though I was unimpressed. They made a few comments about the lack of depth in songs played on the radio... thier songs being played on the radio alot lately made the comment funny. Overall it wasnt horrid, but I am not as much a Live fan as I had thought. Rob and Deb took off with Sarah's Mark... Rebecca and I got food and stopped in at the Port in Kenosha. Turns out some friends of miner were there. After 1 Drink I was ready for sleep so we headed home. I have to be up early to get stuff done.

Saturday: Couldnt sleep in if I wanted to... the workmen are pounding on the side of my house with sledgehammers. I get up and start on laundry, clean a little (very Little) and do some running out to the bank and store. by noon I am on the couch 1/2 asleep. Shanna calls me and we plan on meeting up at 3:00 to head to the wedding. We are taking her car, and I get to drive... a BMW, very nice. Shanna was looking to die for in a classic little black dress... with her sun glasses and cigarette she had a very Sharon Stone Basic Instinct look. Needless to say It was hard not to stare. We got to the ceremony, a small church in Mundelin. The ceremoy was small but nice. Once they had the recieving line done they race to the reception (and open bar) was on... [grin] We had to setup table cards and the mailbox, plus check in at the hotel, so our running was a bit hectic. KarenJ was with us, looking very killer in a little red dress. I had the mack going, running around with 2 dates... it wasnt as fun as it sounded though The reception went down very well, everything was good. Though the Bride and Groom played deaf to alot of the clanging of the glasses. I wasnt in much of a dancing mood, and I had put a major bruise and gash in my leg at the hotel... so I feel liek I alienated my date a bit. However I saw alot of old friends... met soem fiances I hadnt met before... and had some good laughs. The only odd part was as I was in the bathroom, one fo the party guests who was looking a bit out of it took a dive into the wall of the bathroom. I picked him up and he went totally limp... Nothing makes a wedding till there is a guy carrying a limp body out of the mens room and onto the patio for air. HE was fine 5 minutes later... I got him water and all, and luckily it wasnt noticed by 1/2 the people. My heart was pounding at a good pace for a bit... The reception ended and we went to the hotel. We spent most of the night in our room, talking to the bride [Long story] and laughing oru asses off at Preston [Christys Date] who was both annoying and amusing. There was alot of needless drama... and searching for open Pizza delivery services. There were 2 other wedding parties in the hotel, and our rooms were scattered about the hotel... so the drama and entertainment was in full swing. Apparently I snored horribly and kept the girls awake a bit. I feel bad for that and wish they had woken me and said something. I tried not to... [grin]

Sunday: We had breakfast and such, I got my truck and went home. I napped for a while, did my shopping, and avoided actually cleaning as much as possible. I topped it off by seeing "Thirteen Ghosts" with Mark-o- and Rebecca. I did play alot of "SMAC: Alien Crossfire"... and watched some TV. I was not reayd for the weekend to be over. Not at all...

So it was a full and good weekend. I am still feeling it. I hope to get the wedding pics up real soon. I am going to have to take Shanna out to Dinner as a thank you for taking me. I really dont see her or talk to her as much as I should. Trust me, it isnt for a lack of want... sometimes its just crossed wires... others it seems like we are in different worlds/circles.

Well... thats my weekend in a nutshell.

-Peace Out!

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Welcome to the Dollhouse...

Ok, aside from being a wickedly bizarre yet funny movie, I dont know what the title means either... it just seemed appropriate. This weekend will prove itself to be pretty cool, as it starts off right into the fun stuff, and doesnt slow till sunday. [God I hope thats true] I would like to mention some really awsome stuff I have found between games of "SMAC : Alien Crossfire"... some really cool websites.

The first one I found was two girls who do a site together, its [CURRENTLY DOWN]. Well I posted thier linkbox on the bottom right of this page, and that day they get kicked off thier Host for too much porn. This really sucks as they were very entertaining. Through them I have found a series of people who run sites almost specifically to drool over all the hot CAM Girls/Guys and collect pics of thier various parts/boobs. The site names and such are usually pretty cool too... here are a few: - -

Check them out to see the humor and fun involved. I also found a great Tshirt company who makes some Tshirts even I wouldnt wear. I mean, some of these could get your ass beat up bigtime! Others might just get you slapped. Check them out at:

So... what am I doing here again? Oh yeah, updating you all on my weekend plans.

Friday: I am supposed to leave work early to get up to Carthage College in Racine for the LIVE show. Katie is getting us tickets for it, should be pretty cool. So far its Rob, Deb, Katie, I assume Sarah, Sarah's Mark, Mark-o-, and myself... I am not positive on the rest. They are playing tonight someplace in Chicago, so it should be cool. Also my friend Dawn shoudl be there, so maybe I will get to run into her.

Saturday: My day is clean, simply to recover from the night before. I do have to be at a wedding at 4:00pm. This is Amy Ostranders wedding, and I am attending with the beautiful Shanna. The gang will be there, the two Karens, Shannon, etc... And we have a hotel room to pass out in, once the partying has left us for dead.

Sunday: And on the Sixth day he rests... or cleans. Thats my plan for sunday seeing as I havent done any of it during the week. Realistically I will be playing more "SMAC : Alien Crossfire"... unless I buy Civilization III

Check out the Pictures section, I got some new personal artwork up, nothing big, just some picture alteration. I also have some new pics of Zoe up and as soon as I figure out why they are not working I will have pics of Heather Hinkelmans Wedding up too.

Word to your Mother.
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Merry,Merry Monday!

Wow, once again the week starts, I am am yawning, and hardly anything I planned to do got done. Im like a broken record, except not as entertaining. Aside from my parents new furniture, Leah's finally FINAL divorce, and Katie's obtaining of tickets to see LIVE at her college... it was a less than wild weekend.

Friday Night: I went home and stayed there. Made a wonderful dinner, played on the computer (Trying to hack some info on CRUSHLINK... there has to be a way around thier validation system) I also watched some TV and movies... both Mark-o- and myself were just not up for anything. Mark-o- did get a cool new toy to play with, a Boss BR-532 digital 4 Track, so hopefully I will be able to post soem kickass music of his up on the web soon. So he had lots of fun stuff to do while i just f*kd around.

Saturday: I woke up around noon and met up with LEah and the gang at the BRATSTOP. Leah was late with the kids and all, but we had lunch and whatnot, missing our chance to goto the RACINE ZOO. (Racine has a ZOO?? Where? What kinda animals? Male Pigs and Bar Hogs?) Anyway, we triend to goto ACTION TERRITORY and it was closed for the season, then we tried to goto see MONSTERS INC and it was sold out, we then picked up soem junk at Weltons and headed to Leahs to watch movies. The mosat exciting part was me running out of gas for 1/2 the ride down 50 to P. Then we drove up and down 12 trying to find a gas station, and ran out just as I pulled up to the pump. I took off aroung 9pm and pcked up Mark-o- for a wild night of DOWNINGS... it was a standard no-nudity fun type of night

Sunday: I was harshly awoken at 8:45am by my mother who wanted me to come over to help my dad move the furniture so the new stuff could come in. I was told I was supposed to do it the day before... but that had never been told to me. Didnt matter, as I didnt want to get up but I did get Starbucks... so it wasnt a total loss. I helped them out, stayed the whole day, and even went to dinner with the P's. I was supposed to go see "13 Ghosts" with Mark-o- but he backed out at the last moment, Rebecca wanted to see the a movie too, so since she has already seen 13 Ghosts the night before, we saw 'FROM HELL'.

A quick personal review of 'FROM HELL'...

Over all the movie was very good, Johny Depp did a good job, and had a semi convinving role. They had a few creepy lookign guys who did a good job convincing me that they were the standard mishapen and screwed up individuals of the late 1800's. The first major oddity was that the character of Mary Kelly, played by Heather 'Rollergirl' Graham, somehow managed to stay very clean through the movie despite the fact her friends were filthy the whole time. Not to mention that as a prositute she was less than effective, as she never actually turned a trick the whole movie. This aside, there is the 'Sherlock Homes' tint they give to Depp's Character, with a hint of Psychic Vision... things I have never heard relating to the Ripper Case. The truth is the best part of this whole movie was that I think it proves that Hollywood could do an incredible and woderful movie version of CALEB CARR's THE ALIENST and ANGEL OF DARKENSS Novels, And without the cheesy feel of Sleepy Hollow. I do wish that the movied hadnt been a lets blame big brother type movie... and didnt require the movie goer to have read/watched a recent Jack the Ripper historical info catchup to truely enjoy it. Afterwards half the audience was saying things like 'So they caught him right?' or I didnt know that was hwo it happened... give it a year and that movie will be treated like common knowledge... just like Son of Sam, and other 'historical recreations' that choose a particular view of things to retell.

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And now for something 'not' really different...

Things are good, though I have taken Ill today. I am off work due to a general overall feeling of sickness, plus my throat is swollen. I slept the entire day away, and seeing as
there is nothing good on cable, plus I have checked my email and done my daily surfing, I figured updating my website early would be a treat. Some intreresting news has come my way... It seems that Emily [MoMo the Monster] has moved back to Illinois. I havent gotten to talk to her yet, but she moved in with her sister Jessica and will be hanging out at Daves House on Saturday (This is wierd as I want to see her but I technically already have plans) Anyways... Its good to have you back MoMo... dont be a stranger. Now that you only live on the other side of Round Lake from me!

Friday: Nothing planned... once again I will say that I might go hit a movie, or hang with Mark-o- and hit TRIO, or something equally consistent with my previous weekends. I'll probably see if I can drag Shanna out too... I havent seen her much lately.

Saturday: I might be helping the P's for a bit, getting ready for thier new furniture. This day is up for grabs, though I am supposed to hang with Leah later that day. The original
plan was that she was comign over her and hanging out... possibly with Zoe. Now I dont know as mention was made that some other plans were made. Once again without anyone mentioning them to me till only days before... complaining isnt my job, it seems to be my destiny... The plans are sorta a celebration, im not sure exactly whats up with it, but congrats and condolences to Leah... Hopefully the plans happen and someone lets me knwo whats up.

Sunday: More helping the P's if needed. Nothing realy planned... I should get ahold of Dawn, Kristen, Shanna, and get one or more of them out to a movie or something....

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