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Happy Halloween... Trick or Treat! - ***UPDATES HAVE BEEN ADDED***

Monday Morning is here... and I feel liek I am still Running on no sleep, which is how I spent most of the weekend. It was run-run-run from Friday night on. I never actually got to dress up for Halloween... maybe I'll do something for the actual holiday (wed?) and go hit a bar or something? Still no news on my windows and doors, but the siding for the unit before mine is going up like lightening, and the weather isnt going bad so I think its still looks good for me.

Friday Night: I wound up picking up Mark-o- and heading to Trio's where we wandered the bar and enjoyed soem of the more amusing and sexy costumes until we ran into a couple girls Mark-o- knew. We talked to them for a while and then Kate&Pie + Rob&Deb showed up and hung out. Mark-o- and I decided to head out, and at the last minute decided to goto the Annex. Lets just say it could have been avoided as it was less than fun and mainly served to bore the shit out of us. Rob&Deb along with Kate&Pie managed to trail us again... But before Closing time Mark-o- and I managed a quick escape and headed home.

Saturday: I managed to wake up about 10am, too early by any standards, but gettign dressed and moving took me till 12 when I headed out to grab a card and such for Heathers Wedding. I had warned Rob twice the night before as to the time for the wedding, I even left him directions at the house just "IN CASE" Well, I alreayd knew that they werent going, pretty much assumed it. They hardly ever get out of bed before Noon when they dont go out all night, So here I was... the Unknown Wedding Guest... I knew nobody other than the Bride. I was late for the ceremony by 10 minutes due to a gawkers block 1 mile from the exit (Plus I didnt realize that the church was that far north of Milwaukee) The cermony was beautiful and Heather looked great. I finally got to meet Christopher, her new husband, and also her mom. I headed out of the foyer of the church cause I felt liek I was taking Heather away from her family... I took a quick tour of downtown Milwaukee to a book store I love... which of coarse moved. So I hit a small used bookstore I knew of and picked up some good language books. I didnt waste enough time cause I still got to the Reception an hour early. All in all it was an odd night, I wound up at a table with some of the Disney people she knows, luckily they didnt ask who I was cause I would have had to tell them that I was Heathers Anti-Disney Friend. They didnt seem to take to me anyways and ditched out on me. Heathers mom took pity and invited me to coem to her table with some of the family. It was better than i had worried... the food was great, the happy couple did thier tour and such. I took off around 8pm so I could get home and still hit the other Heathers Party... which I went to dressed as the unknown wedding guest... I am so unoriginal. The party was amusing, oen girl got hammered and made an ass of herself, we watched movies and such. I headed out and got home around 2am... 1am with the timechange.

Sunday: I was up and out of the house by 10am... to help the P's lay carpet. Turns out they were babysitting Christys kids and had taken them to some bowling thing they are part of. So I hit breakfast and Starbucks bidding my time till they got home. I helped my dad as much as he woudl let me. We got it down to a rough cut for the living room and hallway, I will have to go back tonight. I then passed out in the chair for an hour... snoring according to my p's. I took the res tof the night to kick back and watch movies at home. Talked with Shanna a bit and then went to bed... I should have gone earlier cause I can feel the lack of sleep kicking my butt.

So it was a good weekend, I accomplished a fair amount. I have to plan for another *wedding* now, with Shanna having invited me to Amy Ostrander's Wedding... which should be good cause I know so many of the people and cause I love to hang out with Shanna. Other than that I have some things I need to figure out at home... The place needs a MAJOR cleaning seeign as I have been slacking... not to mention Rob hasnt been around at all to help and certainly hasnt done much on his own. Rob... if your reading this to find out if Im pissed cause you ditched out on Heather and I for the wedding? You can bet on it... [grin]

Updates: Finally the comments system gets used for something useful... it seems my roommate Rob has taken offence to my taking offense to his blowing off the wedding. Best yet he has instead taken it to the level of saying he is moving out because I am 'playing it like that'. As a note, this is his idea and I completely accept it. Why actually deal with problems in life, help out around the house, or call a person to let them know you cant make it? Instead lets try running away and further blowing off friends... its a great way to deal with things right? I mean, if you cant cope with the the fact that abusing the friendship of others will be an issue... at least be consistent in the ignorance and avoidance of dealing with such issues!
There is my 2 cents... and be damn skippy sure that I will be waiting up tonight to 'discuss' these issues...
Welcome to 'Casa De Rowe' the newest soap opera on the net....

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My Warm and Toasty Townhome... plus 'Tigger gets Married'

Here I am, I spent the whole damn morning at our Waukegan Office working on offsite tickets. Im glad to be back, sorta... as glad as anyone who has to be at work can be. This week has been pretty decent. The Furnace is working out quite well, keeping Rob and I nice and toasty. My Garage Door got replaced, so I dont have to look at the biug nasty gouge that was in the door before... not to mention that the door isnt old and warped and screwy, meaning that my silent garage door opener is actually siletn now Not that Rob ever noticed anyway. Now I am just waiting for the work crew to get to my place for the replacement of my windows and Patio Doors, then the siding cant be too far behind I hope they hurry up as the weather is getting bad and they already stripped my unit and the next one Sigh...

This weekend isnt much, despite the BIG deal of my friend (and Rob's) Heather Hinkelman... is getting Married. LAst I heard Rob and Deb were going too. I am going stag, mainly cause I never bothered to ask anyone to go with me, plus cause Im a chickless bum Maybe I can get me one of these Milwaukee girls while I'm there? Nothing get a women hot more than a wedding... or so I hear...

Friday Night: Maybe a movie? Maybe a night to stay in? Or maybe I will risk my sanity and go visit Kristen at her night job... at the Sundance Salloon the thought of country music is horrible, there is the country loving women in tight bluejeans to lift my spirits. Plus there is alcohol

Saturday: The wedding is goign on durign the day, and If I make it back in time, Heather is having a Halloween Party. Plus I still have to get my costume together... Why do i bother this late? I dont know either... but I am supposed to be Silent Bob this year... and I did grow this damn beard just for it.

Sunday: Either I am helpign my parents carpet the living room at thier house or helping Kristen Pack and move. The third option is sleep in and do nothing... Choices Choices Choices... Oh yeah, Rob and Deb are going to Fright Fest that day... so there is a 4th Choice, but its out in the Cold Dark world... Brrrr!

-Love Jeffy

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And Dad said 'Let there be heat!' and there was... and it was good.

Well, this weekend was spent mostly hanging with my parents, who were kind enough to come over and install my new furnace.

Friday night: We got to my place about 7pm and removed the old furnace and Hotwater heater. He got his measurements and such and then we left it till Saturday... a day without water isnt a big deal. It was about 9pm so I called Mark-o- to see if he wanted to go out. Rebecca met up with me and we picked up Mr. Sweet Cheeks (Mark-o-) and headed to TRIO. I already knew Kristen, Dawn, and some of thier friends would be there, plus Cindy, Janice, Jamie and some other Medliners were supposed to Showup. It was a good time... too much drinking, plenty of scantily clad drunken women giving me hugs and kisses I was home about 3am...

Saturday: Awake again by 9-10am to work with my dad, I was not a happy camper We got the flooring in the closet done, installed the Furnace, and reinstalled the Water Heater. The actual wiring, gas, and reconnection of the ducting had to wait... but it was warm and not a huge deal. At Least I had Water! I was gonna go out, but I needed a shower and such so I skipped out on the Haunted Housing with Kate, Rob & Deb. I couldnt get ahold of anyone else so I just stayed in and messed with a Hacking Webpage Rob told me about [More about this Later in the page].

Sunday: We started on the Furnace by Noon. My dad built a pretty cool Houseing for the Filter and then matched it up with the exisiting ducting. Overall it looks great, near the end it wasnt matching up very well, but now its looking good and the place stayed a nice temp, it kicked in here and there but otherise the house is good. I guess I wont reallu knwo till Wed when its supposed to frost. Joe came over later that night, cleaned out a fridge a bit, we kicked back and messed with the computer and watched soem tv. Nothing too fancy... Rob and Deb went to Janes Addiction at the Allstate Arena. Rob bought Deb some Janes Addiction stripper style panties... ask her to see them the next time you run into her... if you have the time stop in at Gale Street Inn on WED the 24th for Kareoke and cheer for her in the contest. Ill tell her to wear em just in case

On a side note... Rob-the-Roommate gave me a page to mess with, its They have a section where its basically a hacking test, you are given the Level One page and told to crack it. These are basically just HTML with javascript so far, basic Passworded pages, Username and password combinations... etc. The first 3 are pretty easy , Level 5 takes things up a notch with some oddball comparisons. So far I am on Level 7 which claims that "If you crack it consider yourself a real hacker" I dotn know how many levels there are... but when you finish it you get your name up as one of the hackers who completed it. Its kinda fun, and since I suck at programming tis something to do that is still programmign related

More on things at a later date...

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What a week its been

This week has vaied between Frenzied and Dead Slow... and here it is late on a friday and the same damn thing keeps happening... I just wish the day would end, but there are so many damn things to do before I leave [shrug] ITs gonna be a relaxing night anyways, seeing as I am staying in tonight and tomorrow to work on my furnace with my dad. So there isnt much to explain seeing as it I dont know if I will have freetime.

However it is slowly coming upon my first year anniversery of the purchase of my townhouse! Its not till like November 23rd or something... and I didnt even move in till January due to the remodeling... but 1 year!!! Thats pretty damn cool! Only 29 more to go for the mortgage [smirk] My how time flies. [wink]

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Wow, This morning I have had TOOMUCHCOFFEMAN(tm)

Oh my god, this weekend really kicked my butt. I am so-so-so tired and really wish I could have spent another couple hours sleeping this morning. I am just not ready to be awake and mobile right now, and My 'Starbucks Skim Mocha'(tm) isnt helping. [smirk] My weekend was pretty cool, learned some new and interesting things about old friends... got a lead to finding an old friend I havent seen in years... and watched a kick ass movie.

Friday Night: I got home and my roommate was gone, just a scrolling marquee on the computer telling me to 'Call Dave and Veronica" I cooked up some food and kicked back, made plans to pickup Mark-o- and figured we would head to TRIO's. It was a good night at Trio, there were some incredible women there, however the Boogie nights dance area was dead. We had our fair share of the $0.75 drinks and watched the women dance. Ran into some friends, Pie, Kate, and Pie's Sister. Around 1am we decided to go see what was up at the Annex, which was a mistake as there was nothing goign on at the Annex. Thsi one girl who hits on Mark-o- hardcore kept coming by and making eyes at him. Thats nothign new as she does that everytime we stop in.

Saturday Night: The Day was full booked, and just barely left me rested enough to consider doing something. I actually had decided to stay in and rent a movie, until Kristen called me around 7pm. She hadnt come up with anything to do and wanted to know what I was upto. I talked her into heading out to my place, got ahold of Mark-o- and once Rob and Rebecca showed up we went to Famous Freddies. It was a good time, lots of shots and even some dancing (I actually danced this weekend, mostly on the sideline friday night, but satuday I actually got on the dance floor... sorta) Things took and interesting turn and I learned some pretty amazing stuff about Kristen... She has come 180 from the girl I knew in Highschool, wholly earning her right to be as wild as she is. I had a great tiem hanging out with her and hopefully will get the chance to hang aroudn her a bit more. If I can keep up... [wink]

Sunday: I spent the day visiting my mom, and then ran into the city to the corner of Milwaukee, Damen, and North Ave. The area has changed alot, and despite POP ERA being closed I found some kick ass places open and picked up some great magazines. I rounded the evening off stopping at Mark-o-'s and droppign of a hoem recording magazien I found for him. He is lookign for a digital 4+ track system and I figured it mgith help him. Then I picked up rebecca and we rented a couple movies. Joe Dirt was better than I had expected, but the true winner was 'The Cavemans Valentine' with Samuel L Jackson. I highly recomend it and must say he plays a Deranged Musical Genius/Homeless Person/Tortured Soul incredible well. Its a must see on my list...

Thats my weekend in a nutshell... [Help Help, Im in a nutshell!]
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Jumping Jesus on a Pogostick!

Sorry, I just felt like saying that... Dead Milkmen Rule! Too bad they gave it up, and that the new band Butterfly Joe kinda sucks... Anyhow, on to bigger and better things. I now have a new favorite quote, its off to the left of the screen in the quotes thing... I found this site called the Jon Jon Diaries through this wonderful thing called the <-ageless-> project, anyway the guy who runs the site has a wonderful way with words and he had this great quote... which was also a link itself to another page. Lets just say they go together very well. Check it out in my quote window. As for the <-ageless-> project, it is this cool idea of allowing sites to list themselves by the author's birthday. Meaning that you list your site by your year of birth, and people can look it up that way. If you support the site by placing one of thier buttons on your site you can also add 10 keywords to thier search engine that your page will be searchable by. So far I have had several new people hit my site in just a couple days that would have never seen my site if not for the project. My appreciation goes to jenett for this great site.

I also want to note that nobody is much using my comments system, which kinda sucks... so I added another comments link at the top of my blog... it lists the # of comments and it you click on it you can read and add new comments. So far its just other bloggers and ageless project people who have used it. Its there for you all to use, for feedback and what not... but please be constructive in your comments.

As for my weekend... I am thinking of doing almost nothign this weekend. I am so tired of going out and doing big things, maybe just a couple movies this weekend. I am dyign to see 'The One' and 'Iron Monkey'... they look great. I also am supposed to work on installing my new furnace with my dad this weekend, as the cold weather is on its way and no heat would be a problem

Friday Night: I am supposed to get ahold of Shanna, see what she is up to, maybe she will want to go hit a movie or something. I also have tenative plans to hang out with Rebecca, possibly Mark-o-, and then thier is my weekly friday night date with 'Jessica Alba' (Dark Angel)

Saturday: I am supposed to work with my dad on the furnace, I dont knwo how much we will do or if it will even be worked on this weekend. Later my buddy Dave had mentioned he wanted to hang out, whch usually means a movie or something and then hanging at his place. Guess it depends what we do and who goes with. I havent hugn with him in a whiel so it might be a nice change of pace.

Sunday: AMD is giving away equpiment at like 6am, which is cool, but who wants to be up and at a place that early? Dont really know if this will work out.

Well, thats my weekend in a nutshell for now...

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My -HoboHumping Slobo Weekend-

For some reason I woke up with that damn song in my head… ‘HoboHumping Slobo Babe’, from the one hit wonders ‘Whale’. Yes I own the single and the Album, but I couldn’t find it before I had to leave for work and hence will now wind up singing this in my head all day. That plus the picture of the lead singer of the band… an elven redheaded grungish looking chick with braces… is gonna make my day all the ‘harder’.

The weekend was fun and relaxing… didn’t accomplish a lot but hey, that’s fine with me.

Friday Night: I got home and kicked back for some relaxing. Rob was making some combination dinner thing, ˝ Shepherds - Pie ˝ Beef Stroganoff. So I stayed for Dinner and then headed out to pick up Mark-o-. My friend Kristen had mentioned a bar in Island Lake she would be at… and seeing as she doesn’t have a cell phone I just figured we would just meet her there. Now let me tell you, this is a bar called ‘The Broken Oar’ in Island Lake… it was very much less than fun. We had a couple drinks and left. Once back in civilization we headed for TRIO, I was more in the mood for Downings, but Mark-o- wanted to boogie [smirk] so we headed for the music. Of coarse, first thing we notice is that Kristen is there… she was up on the bar shaking her booty. I took her carkey as she was not gonna be driving that night, however she found another ride who took he key per her request. Turns out she is friends with another old friend of mine John Swanson and he would handle her driving. Kristen and some people were heading up to the Annex so Mark and Myself headed up there. I gave a ride to this odd drunk guy who I met earlier (he was
Checking out Kristen) needless to say we had a couple drinks and left… it was dull and dumb and of coarse Kristen never showed [smirk]

Saturday: I started moving around 1pm and then got up to go do some shopping. I had to pick up a B-day gift for a 1 year old… this was not the kind of shopping I’m used to. I picked out a Teddy Bear, and then picked up some Beer and Pasta Salad (Now that’s Shopping I’m used to) and headed up to Leah’s up over the border by Richmond. The party was small, just Leah, her boyfriend Jason, Zoe, Leah’s Father and Sister, and Debbie’s Parents showed up too. We had food and cake, we watched Zoe check out the presents until it was time to unwrap them and then she ignored the gifts and played with the boxes. She did get this odd toy from Leah’s sister that played noise and flashed lights… which she seemed to love. To me it looked like a sesame street brain reprogramming device. Rob and Deb didn’t even show till after 6pm but they did buy Debbie a new car so I guess Leah accepted their apology. I left around 9pm and rented a couple movies kicked back on the couch and watched them… dull but toastie.

Sunday: I woke up and headed over to the P’s. Shot the shit with them and then did some organizing and cleaning downstairs… worked on moving out more eof my stuff. I took some more home. But I am reaching the point where I need more room at my place to sort this junk out. I went home and rented two more movies and did some more dull but toastie couch testing… yawn!

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Brrr… Chilly weather is coming. Man do I miss Summer already

Okay, things are doing good here on the Lake County Homefront. Nothing too exciting or different is going on. I did just recently realize that the 1st birthday of my website is coming up on Oct 13th. Pretty cool, even if it was the better part of 4 months before I had more than a basic holder page and an email address. Now I have a pretty cool site which is serving quite well. I do need to clean the code up a lot… a real lot… but hey. It works!

This weekend is nothing new, I got several partial plans with nothing huge or specific going on. Its so cold out I almost want to just curl up at home and do nothing. However, unless I can find a sweet and wonderful woman who will curl up with me (or a perverted and dirty girl who will get naked for me) I guess I’ll just got out and hang with the friends.

Friday: My friend Kristen (No picture yet) is going out tonight with a friend of hers and has invited me to join them. They will be stopping in at Ivanhoe’s Sundance Saloon (Country Music… yuck!) and then heading up to ‘The Broken Oar‘ in Island Lake to see some band called the Broken Oar Boys.

Saturday: Around 3pm I am going out to Leah’s in Twin Lakes, Wisc for Zoe’s Birthday Party. I don’t know how long this will be or what else is going on afterwards. Hanging with Leah can be pretty fun, and Zoe is just adorable. Leah’s Boyfriend Jason can be very quiet, but he is a good guy so this should be a good time. Worst case its near Lake Geneva and I can go fuck with the yuppies at the bars.

Sunday: Hmm, Kate and some friends are going to Fright Fest, and Joe and some other friends are going to the Field Museum. Both sound fun, and Molly can get the group into the Museum free. So who knows what I’ll choose. Maybe I’ll just sit at home and clean like usual [grin]

The offer is still standing too… my coworkers still insist they want to see some female nudity here. So if any of my female friends or even someone I don’t know/like/talk to wants to pose then its ok. I just want them off my back… oh, yeah, fine! I want to see some nudity too [wink]

-Jeffrowe.Net- 1year old and loving it.

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Monday came way too soon... I wasnt ready for the weekend to End!

Okay... the Second time around wlays sucks. The trouble with editing your website from a BLOG is that if you type alot of stuff into the window and then screw something up you loose everything you typed. So here I am, retyping it all Which is okay as it suits my mood. As if being tired and not really wanting it to be monday isnt enough... then add on the fact that my personal email irritated me first thing this morning. Luckily my job irritates me with work related stuff so much that I dotn have time to focus on the personal junk anyway... onto the juicy weekend stuff.

Friday Night: Despite her being sick and self medicated I managed to go over to Shanna's and watch 'Tailor of Panama' with her. She was wrapped up on the couch and kept falling asleep, so I spent my tiem watchign the movie and playign catch with her dog Robby. He took quite a liking to me and once the movie was doen I bid her a goodnight and headed to meet Marko at Downings in Libertyville. We hung out, shot the shit, and drank. I ran into soem old friends, Mariam, Sarah, and thier cute friend
(Natalie? I can never remember her name) Anyhow... Rob and Rebecca also came up to hang out with us. Somewhere aroudn 2am I decided enough was enough and headed home.

Saturday: I slept late, of coarse. I was debating going with my parents to see a friend of the family's band play... Jimmy Rogers and the Mauds, a rehash of an old 60's Chicago band that used to play with the actual band Chicago when they were still just a local bar band. I decided against it and instead went to TRIO's to see Kristen Martin, who was celebrating her bday. I again ran into Mariam, Sarah, and thier cute but still nameless friend... I hung with them till Kristen showed up with a friend of hers. Marko eventually showed up too and I spent my time talkign to either him or Kristens friend Dawn. Dawn was very cute, quite fun to talk to, and wasnt shy with her dancing. Beigngthe huge geek I am I didnt get her # but I did get her email... and then promptly forgot most of it again. Ill just email Kristen for it... Anyway, about 2am I just decided to up and leave, headed home for soem deep sleep.

Sunday: I slept in again, however I got up and didnt some surfing... locating an Original Double Sided 'The Craft' Movie Poster to add to my collection. Plus alot of good links to find my other desired posters too... Eventually I headed to IKEA and bought a Computer desk plus some other junk. Now I will actually have a noce Workstation where I might actually use it. Now all i need it actual broadband and thing will be great...

Well, thats my weekend... wish I was still there. This monday morning crap shouldnt have irritated me as much as it did... however I am bothered none the less... maybe once I have pondered it a bit more i'll post up something to clear my head... right now its 'Mull over time... My quote says it all for my mindset...
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