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The Early Bird Catches the Worm... err, whatever!

Hmm, I figured that... seeing as I have the chance to update my Blog with the weekends info right now, why not do it? So Here I am, a whole day ahead of myself, I know I'll be back tomorrow with changes and updates. Not to mention the simple fact of not having really amde much in the way of plans yet...

So far things are open, Friday I am supposed to get ahold of Shanna after work. I've actually heard from her several times now... thats a good sign, as I really miss hanging out with her. I still havent gotten to see a movie lately and I am still dying to see Rockstar. Maybe I'll drag her out to a movie? Simply wait and see... Other than that I have several Ideas for things to do... a veritable list of things I havnet done in a while.

* I havent been up to Kenosha for a while - Visit Jason&Carrie, and see Bob & the Port Crew.
* I havent been downtown much lately - Got hit NEO, The Exit, maybe Double Door?
* Visit any of my wayward Friends that dont call or write: IE: Sandra, Joe, Heather, or any of the many others...
* Take the weekend off and get the hell out of Dodge... go someplace else far away?
* Visit Molly in Kentucky... which I have to do before she kills me... hold it, wasnt she supposed to be her in sept?
* Run naked through the woods like a carefree little school boy... err... wasnt supposed to say that

Anyway, ill have to save some of this for another weekend. Who has the time?

On a side note... completely unrelated to my weekend. The guys I wokr with have been checking out my site again, and still demand I find a woman to do some 'nekid pictures for my site. Seeing as Molly sorta/kinda volunteered in a previous conversation on my old Message Base, they are pushing me to get soem new pics up. Right now they are really enjoying looking at the Pic I have of Jenny scratching her Cleavage at the Renfair and demand more of her... but if Molly still wants to pose they are up for that too. Mainly the idea is that if anyone is interested in posing for the pics they will happily 'enjoy' them... !smirk!

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The Weekends Close thus has Passed

Sorry for the Cheesy Blogs Titles lately... guess this website is just putting along and I am trying to figure out where to go next... I need to get this thing out to a wider audience but I cant seem to get it into the search engines for anything other than the site address or BLOG sites. Not that I have alot of stuff others would want to sdee/and read but I liek the idea of someone looking for Personal pages from the Illinois/Chicago area or soemthing else related to my page to find me. I have Meta tags on my site... you'd think they might work... anyway... enough of this crap.

Now to my weekend... um, in verse! Err... no, no I dont think so... maybe Ill have to try iambic pentameter one time... there is a novelty the world will love. In the meantime lets just do it normally.

Friday night: I left work and tried to pass out hwen I got home... I got maybe 45minutes of sleep before Jason showed up, and sat there talking to me. It wasnt a happy time... I was so tired.. finally I just got up and got dressed and hit Downings with Mark-o- and Jason. It wasnt anything huge, ran into some old friends and others such people... talked and drank my HS Weisse w/lemon Jason left after a bit and Mark and I eventually headed to Half Day Inn. We sat and stared at the ladies... drank some more... it was a $5 cover, and I am still not sure why... stupid, as I would rather go to TRIO if i am gonna pay a cover. We headed home right before close and I think I eventually got into bed liek 3-4am-ish. Needless to say I was dead to the world.

Saturday: I woke up at 8:15am... because my mother decided to call me... not a happy day. However it was good, cause the HAMFEST was going at the LC Fairgrounds and its always a good place to walk through and find cool and interesting parts, junk, and misc electrical doodads. I checked out some CCD cams... some assorted cases and such. I was hoping for a rack unit but all I found was radio gear type ones which were not suited to my purpose. Alot of old games were there... early ones that listed PC compatibles alongside Tandy Alot of older Mac equipment was seen, mostly SE and such. I did see a couple PPC units, an old SGI system, and suprisingly about 2 dozen SUN systems... which usually were either sky high in price or sold already. I left before noon and got lazy aroudn my parents housr for a bit. Eventually I went to Sarah's Party around 5pm and hugn out there. It was ok, nothing really exciting till later. I hung out with Leah and Zoe... talked with her alot. Played cards with Katie and her Cousin the Hedgehog... god I wish I had a pic of this kids hair... WOW!! maybe Sarah got one... Ill check. Anyways.. around 10ish I got up and said my goodbyes and left. I was so dead I got home, went right up stairs and passed out.

Sunday: I woke up around 12pm... I needed to goto my parents and move more stuff out, but it was raining and such so it woudnt have helped. Instead I cleaned to Kitchen Floor and did laundry... hold me back! Eventually I calle my Aunt Marie as it was her Bday and she had plans for the family to go out to dinner... but the actual place planned was beign changed. She finally decided on a place in south Kenosha called Dakota Rose. I had heard it was an awsome steak place years ago but never went. She had been there before, so we all went and it was good... but not the best. I left after that and went home. I rented "The Gift" cause everone said it was good and cause 'joey' showes her breasts in it. Rebecca came over and watched it with me... truth be told the ending was kinda dumb and the only realy good part of the movie was the 'breasts' which were exceptional in my opinion.

Anyhow... I never did hit Inkin Lincoln... never got to hang out with Shanna, and totally skipped out on Daves house on friday. Such the bad friend am I...
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Hark the Weekend tis close at hand...

This week has been short for me, seeing as I wasnt back in town till monday night. However with my entire monday spent in a car coming from Virginia It feels like a long week. Anyhow, the weekend is hear, what to do, what to do, what to do...? Okay, Let me break it down... OLD SCHOOL...

Friday: Tonight I have no plans. I might hang with the group, drag Mark-o- out, maybe hit Trio, maybe get Shanna to come out and hang, or maybe go with some people to Dave's house to drink beers and watch movies. At this point its open.

Saturday: I dont know when it starts, but Sarah's Graduation Party is going on at her P's place. So this is a definate, but I dont know if this will move to a bar/club later or what. Also during the day I am thinking of hitting the INKIN LINCOLN Tattoo Jamboree which is going on at the O' Hare Ramada. Or I might just wait and do this on Sunday... I'm not sure.

Sunday: Cleaning my place is a MAJOR MUST... however if I dont hit the INKIN LINCOLN Tattoo Jamboree on Saturday I will go Sunday.

-Word to Your Mother...

As a sidenote... I have now installed a comment system on my Blog, this means at the bottom of this any my other RANTS there is a spot that tells you how many comments have been made on this blog, click on it and you can read them or add one of your own... the comments are part of the rant and do not carry over... so each time I update this mainpage the comments stick with the rant into the archives... Enjoy... and go easy on me... I know my spelling sucks!
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Im Back in town from Virginia/Delaware

Well, I am back, safe and sound. I wish things were that way for everyone else across America right now. My trip took me down to Sterling, Virginia... a mere 15 minutes outside of DC. Everywhere we went, people were glued to thier radios and tv's for the newest updates. Flags were flying high, and everone had one. Business' everywhere had signs/flags and best wishes out for the world to see. The phrase used by so many people recently rang very true... "We, as a country, are bleeding, not broken."

My trip was a family get together, its so seldom we can all do this. It was my fathers side, my uncle in from Arizona, my parents and myself in from Chicago, and the rest all in Virginia. We headed out to Delaware, the Bethany Beach area. We had gotten a house right near the beach, despite it not really being beach weather. It was fun, and seeing my grandparents was good... its been a year since I had gotten the chance... and then for only a short time. The house was nice, but the sleeping arrangements were what you would expect when 11 people are present. I dont mind sleeping on couches and such much, so I took the air matress and damn is it nice to be back to my bed Between all the sleeping in the truck and the air mattress my back is really messed up. Anyways, we shopped alot, hit the boardwalks... saw the area. The old family haunt was North Carolina's Outer Banks area, so Delware was something different. However this was something the family had done alot before without us... so we didnt get the full tour. We did hit the boardwalks... including the Ocean City Boardwalk, which looked like it woudl be a totally kickass place to checkout in season. Maybe some of the guys will take soem time and do that with me next year? Probably not

We headed back to Virginia on sunday... and then left early on monday to get back here... I didnt get the chance to talk to or see Jenny while I was in Virginia... she does have a life and I unfortunately had no idea till the last minute when I would have freetime in Virginia...

Well, Im back... and I will start back to the normal updates this week.
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Someone has awoke the sleeping Giant

"In the City of God there will be a great thunder, Two brothers torn apprt by Chaos, while the fotress undures, the great leader will succumb" "The third big war will begin when the big City is burning" -Nostradamus- 1654 n. C.

Well Some of What I posted earlier turned out to be mistaken, I still do not know why several sources said there were fires at the whitehouse when as of later today no dmamage was doen thier. I also heard reports of 4 planes being used as bombs (before the pittsburg crash) and assumed one was the fires at the whitehouse west wing.

Any way it goes... the US has a Huge change ahead of it. I agree with alot of people and feel Full/Fast/Hard retaliation is the answer needed. Now this brings to mind 'The Seige', a Denzel/Bruce Willis movie with an interesting subplot. In Militatizing and exacting this revenge, the Government needs to first be sure that this isnt another Oklahoma City. Once we know this was a non-us Terrorist act, we should then be quick and precise, and take out every terrorist group who would support or perform such and act. Its harsh, and might lead only to more violence. However in the big picture, things are different.

Someone has awoke the sleeping giant.
Someone Incurred the wrath of this great nation.
We deserve, and will fully get, Revenge for this act of Terrorism.

My hope if that this wotn be used by many at large to lockdown on the citiznes of the United States. Woudl I accept some loss of freedom to help in the fight? Yes, but not for long. Greater Freedom was had in time long gone... and was still allowed even while fighting enemies who hadnt physically attacked the US. I would gladly do whatever I could to Help the US in this effort, as logn as I knew the US was fighting to preserve the US as I know it... not planning a New US in which I'd be forced to Live.

Im Babbling... and noone is probably even reading this...

To all those who were lost, to all those who lost someone due to this, and to all those who share my shock, despair, and maybe even rage, go my best wishes...
Its not enought, and I know it doesnt help... but for now that is what I can give...

To Whoever is responsible (Be it Osama Bin Laden, some other Terrorist group, a group of trained monkies, or some jackass Militia) give yourselves up and pray to whatever god you pray to. Right now, if you are in any form of terrorist business, its the wrong business to be in. If your not helping us your hurting us, and trust me you'd rather be on our side than in our way...
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The US is under Organized Terrorist Attack... looks like war

2 Planes have hit the Twin Towers of the WTO Building, singles planes have also hit the White House and the Pentagon. Thier are reports of another plane in route to the pentagon with plans for the USAF to blow it out of the Sky should it head in for another hit. Seven Planes have been reported hijacked... where are the other 2-3?

We live in screwed up times... The US spending more money and time tracking and chasing down its own people and citizens than these terrorists who have repeatedly cause world havoc. Our borders are jokes, with 1000's of illegal immigrants coming in from mexico alone each day. The restricted Air Space above Washington is obviously only a ploy... it did no good. It looks like war... and with good reason. My question is 'Would it have taken less?'

Now after the evactuation of the Sears Tower, the Hancokc Building, and maybe even the Merchandise Mart. Reports are coming in that Seven people were arrested trying to blow of the Merchantile Mark in Chicago. These are incredible times... and terrible... and horrible...

Check out for Updates and Chicago related parts of the event.
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Well that didnt suck...

Hmm, My uneventful weekend turned out to be more eventful than I had planned. Whats the news there? Not alot, as that seems to be the way it goes lately... However, it turns out my friend Shanna Called me Saturday Night to hang out... and I missed it. Which if you have ever heard me or Rob talk about Shanna, the simple fact she called is amazing Ill have to drop me a call tonight... see whats new.

As for my weekend,

Friday- I picked up Mark'o' around 9pm and we went to TRIO/Boogie Nights in Vernon Hills. We met up with Jill, Sarah, Rebecca, and Sharon, got to meet her flavor of the month, the illusive 'Vitamin Boy'. We watched the girls Dance... drank, stared at the hotties... normal club stuff. I think we finally got home like 3am. The next day I slept in Late and took a long shower. Just to get up and start going again.

Saturday- Jason came over mid day on saturday, as he was going with Rob to the Guiness/Oyster Fest downtown. I decided to go too, and we headed out aroudn 1 or so. We got downtown, foudn a fairly decent parkign spot... nice and cheap. We spent the whole day there, drinking beer, smoking cigars, and checking out the music and stores. We finally left around 9pm... with Sharon, Rob, Deb, Jason, Kate, Pie, and myself. We headed for a bar pie knows and woudn up gettting rearended... nothing major but it was an interesting story seeing as the guy took off and we chansed him for a few blocks. Rob got his plates, and then he and Jay went to the police station to file a report. Turns out it was Caprini's precinct and thier was a gang war going on. Sharon and I went to the bar and waited for Pie, Kate, and Deb. After eveyoen got together we hit the Underground Wonder Bar, which had some decent music. I slept all the way home and passed out as soon as I hit the bed.

Sunday: I cleaned some, did some laundry/dishes, and used some of the Curry I bought in Old Town to make up Satay Sticks with Peanut sauce. (The Spice House on Wells St just south of North Ave is awsome thier curry is great) I wound up eating more that 1/2 of what I made, talked to Rebecca abotu her C++ homework, and watched an Old Sopranos episode while waiting for "Band of Brothers" to come on.

Snooch to the Nooch...
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Ladies, Ladies, Ladies... Jeff is in the MutherF**King House!

Absolutely no Plans or Ideas on what the hell I am doing this weekend... None, Zip, Zilch, Nada, Nyet. Not a single solitary thing. I do however have an itch to see "Rock Star"... Im a sucker for Marky Mark Movies... 'Boogie Nights' was so damn amusing. Other than that, I am thinking of makign it a weekend of cleaning and unpacking, and general straightening around he house. I always say that though Plus I am sure there are other movies Ill want to see too...

I am playing with some site changes and additions... User signon's with cookies is just oen of them. I hope to make it so the site can be semi personalized depending who log's in. Its in the works though... who knows when i'll make it work. I am also goign through a nice Javascript book, get better with it... who knows. Anyways, I am working with a few friends on getting thier sites up... one is in process, hopefully it will be and will contain his artwork and such. He is a pretty good artist and we have alot of his work scanned in for the site... not i just need to figure out a good art style layout. The other friend is an old highschool buddy... so far we havent done a thing, I am just talking to him about trying out Dreamweaver. He is Chris washburn and his site is guess we wait and see what happens.

Catch ya all on the flipside
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Sept 4th - The site is back up after Labor Day Weekends and Minor Issues

This weekend was pretty cool, the extra day giving us all a needed rest (and an extra day to party) Thanks go to all who showed up at the BBQ on Sunday. It was fun, and despite the looks, clean up went quite wll We had a ton of food but almost nobody ate much, however there was a ton of drinking going on Ken and Allison even made it into town... Ian and Gina finally got to see the pad... Leah unfortunately didnt make it due to being sick. Here is the weekend rundown:

Friday night: Mark, Allison, and Ken showed up and we watched movies and drank beers. Nothing exciting, and I was in bed by 1am... I was just too tired

Saturday night: I cleaned and unpacked stuff all day, so I didnt even head otu till almost 9pm. I wound up going to play minature golf at Congo River in Wisconsin, and then the people i was with wanted to stop at a porno shop. So we hit 41 news and checked out the toys/magazines. Then I dropped off Rob/Deb and headed to Downings to meet Mark, Ken and Allison for some beers. I finally got to bed like 4am...

Sunday: I got up aroudn 11-12am and started cleaning and readying for the party... I had to wake Rob and Deb at 1:30 cause I still hadnt heard from them. We called everyone we could think of to come over for the BBQ. Unfortunately a friend of ours in Kenosha was having one too... so some people went up ther instead. We cooked up alot of stuff, Fried Zuchini, Rob made Dirty Potato Salad (Enough for an Army... and we have most of it left... anyone want to bet on how long till he throws it out?) and We cooked up soem Burgers Brats, Italians, and Polish. Everybody brought Soda, Beer, and liquor. My parents supplied the Zuchini and soem dessert (Ice Cream Cakes) We all talked and watched movies (Animated Clerks cartoons) and listened to music. It was a good time... though workign over the grilla nd the stove made me reayd to pass out by 2am... so i passed out... Props goto the Late partiers... Mark slept on the couch (ior so I hear) and didnt leave till between 7am and 9am. Sharon G stayed too... thoguh I dont have a clue when she left...

Monday: I got up aroudn 9am and cleaned up the bottles and such. I couldnt vaccum cause rob and deb were still sleeping, so I passed out a a few hours and got up to help Rob clean soem more... then I headed out to my P's for Rib's. I sar around and ate to much... went home and did more of the same...

Anyhow... thanks for listening,,, reading... err.. whatever!

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