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The Official 'Monday Morning' State of the Weekend

This uneventful weekend turned out to be a little more than I had thought. Nothing to much for me to handle though. I managed to go out and have a little fun, accomplished one major goal of mine, and also got some cleaning/unpacking.rearranging done on Casa De Rowe. Overall things were good...

Friday Night: I stayed home, Rob and Deb stayed in and rented movies, and Deb's Friend Leah came over and we kicked back, had some drinks, and talked. I had gotten ready to go out, but soon just kicked my shoes off and decided to stay home. Sarah, Rebecca, and Jason were up at Trio in Vernon Hills, I had thougth about hitting that ($0.75 Well Drinks... cant beat that) but decided I wouldnt enjoy it very much. So home it was, though we did take a 2am run to Twin Lakes to drop Leah off. She just recently bought a new house up there. Beatiful Place too... 2 doors from a bar and not much more from the lake. Prime property.

Saturday: I woke up early but didnt even try to get out of bed till around noon. Once up and moving I decided to go in search of Bookshelves/Bookcases at stores and Garage Sales. I ran by an antique store my parents had found that mentioned Lawyers Bookcases. They only had one left and it wasnt an antique, but the price was right and it looks very good. I had to replace one fo the glass panes but other than that it really looks good in my place. I also got to unload several more boxes of books and brought in another bookcase/shelf from the garage I had been thinking of painting. I loaded that up too (and I still have more boxes of books at my P's). I also finally bought the parts to frame my Mallrats Double Sided Poster, I put the up in the living room for now and took the "Fear and Loathing" down to reframe it. Now my place if actually looking quite 'homey' and less empty.

Saturday Night: I picked up Mark late on Saturday and we stopped in a Cubby Bear North. Some buddies were up there and they had a local Band playing on the Bill. It was actually a pretty decent show, I saw Tiny there, ran into a girl I work with, and got to see Jeff Ray and his buddies. We headed out of there after 86 Strict played and went over to TRIO. Trio isnt really my kinda place, but its funny how Boogie night sucked when they had the whole bar... and not that thye have the little area upstairs its actually fun! Anyhow, we listened to the music, had some drinks, and ran into Dave Kagan's Sister and her friends. Her friend Gretchen was having a Birthday, and so it was girls night out. I am horrible with names, but thye had 2 very cute brunette friends with them... one who was very outgoing and seemed to love to dance. The other was the designated drive and very very quite. They left at Last call and we were righ behind them. Home I went, dead tired.

Sunday: I stayed in, cleaned, organised, loaded up my new shelves with books. Started cleanign out the spare room and unpacking more. Rob, Deb, and Leah went to tthe RenFair for the last day of the year, which I wanted to goto but decided I wasnt up for. I watched tv and accomplished as little as possible... had a very night relaxing day.

Well, another boring update... yet you people keep coming back

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Okay, If anything is actually going on this weekend... I dont know about it

Maybe Im just not in the Loop? Not sure... but my lack of plans or even options kinda feels nice. Maybe now I will go home and finally get my network wired up so I can hook a computer to it. Then all I need to do is actually get a working Server on it and things might actually get good. I also need to wire up my second line so i dont tie up my main line all the time (liek i did for 2 hours last night) plus I want to wire?wireless connect my laptop to the network so I can use 1 internet connection for all the Pc's Then there is all the touchup painting and finishign soem of the junk I know I can do (ie: not bug my dad)

Instead of wasting cash of going out, maybe Ill just swing into a couple movies (still wasting money) and see one of the good movies out that I havent seen (American Outlaws, Ghosts of Mars, The Score, or ?Summer Catch?)

No matter... Besides all that I finally got my test logon setup to partially work, so I might play with it more and actually try and duct tape it into my website this weekend... Cause Im a geek like that...
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Changes made to my Horrible Grammar and Spelling.
Hmmm, I never got aroung to doing my friday update of the site... mainly because I have been very busy at work. Then there is the fact I had absolutely no plans for the weekend, hence little to post. Now with the weekend complete, it feels a bit odd. I have come to several new realizations in my life:

I am unappy with things the way they are
I need to make changes.
I am not sure exactly were the changes need to be made

I have some Ideas... very, very, vague ones. Okay... first lets cover my weekend.

Friday night I went out with Rob,Deb, and Sarah to dinner at Chili's. Deb and Sarah were tired so they left, and Rob and I saw "The Outsiders". The movie was good, much better than I had expected... though very 'Six Sense"ish in its story line. We headed home after the movie, and watched Sarah sleep on the couch. There was this thing on TV about the new Kevin Smith movie "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back"and they mentioned sneak previews everywhere the next night.. Luckily they were running them right at the Regal down the Street, so Rob and Deb picked up tickets early... and here I thought I was gonna have to wait almost a whole week to see it!
Saturday I cleaned a bit, stopped in for lunch with the P's and then off to "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back' with Rob, Deb, and Mark. It was spectacular... tons of goofie jokes, characters and Reference's back on the New Jersey Trilogy. Even a lookback on the origins of Jay and Silent Bob. It was great! We then met up with Sarah, Rebecca, and Jason up at Trio in Vernon Hills. It was an interesting night, too much to drink, too much talking and thinking on things that shouldnt be broached while imbibing. I eventually got home around 3am... and passed out cold.
Sunday I got up and spent my day doing laundry, cleaned a little, and did my shopping... Whoo-Hooo! Hold me back!

That was my weekend... in a nutshell... nothing too exciting.

As for my life changing ideas... I thought I had managed some kind of mental hold on thoughts of Sandra. I still have feelings for her, but I felt I had accepted things and moved on. Truth was, I had just suppressed things and walked back into the same situations I had before her. This last week something came up that really made me think... and this weekend it solidified. I am not happy with things as they are... I miss Sandra and what I had with her. I know things have changed, and I know she doesnt have time for me. Just knowing she was there for me was incredible, even when I couldnt see her for over a week, or couldnt email or phone her. Now here I am thinking of her, and running through the same old drama... and getting the same conclusions.
Im fucked... she doesnt have time or a place for me in her life and I cant impose myself into her life. I have been considering going out to Northern to see her, talk to her, hear her voice. Drop in unanounced with a dozen roses and say 'Hello'. Its selfish though... strictly selfish on my part. So now I need to try and figure things out. Figure out why I am so obviously cursed in the love department. Figure out how to move on or at least accept things in a more healthy way...

In my head I am trying to picture her not even thinking of me...
Not sharing any of my anguish or issues at all.
God I hope not... but it sorta helps me a bit fucked up eh?
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Casa De Rowe's "External Makeover" is soon to be a Reality! **UPDATES MADE**

MONDAY: I thought I'd mention my current happiness, the fact that I can now see the workers starting on the units across my courtyard. They have started getting the balconies ready for removal, removing the cheesy rock sections from the back walls, and have even started putting insulation board up. Now this is still not my unit, but it means they will be working on mine within a week and possibly will be done with mine within a month. Please, everyone, pray with me for the Gray siding (or second best the Blue would be ok) I took some pics on monday of the workers and thier progress... Here they are across the courtyard from me,. and her they are at the next units past that siding them. They ae much further along than these show, and thats just in 1 work day... Wish me luck!

THURSDAY: Well, at about 7am this morning I woke up to the sound of someone using a Hammer to come through my Living room Wall. I almost freaked till i realized it was just the workers removing the Stonework on the courtyard side of my unit. At 7am though I was less than ecstatic to have to try and sleep while this was going on. They didnt even try and keep it down when they realized I was home... Looking across the courtyard they had removed the balconies now, had started working aroudn the lower patio door areas, and had built forms for the concrete patio area they are putting in outside the patio doors. They still havent finished the siding of the unit of the other side of that... but they are much closer now.
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The Reunion in a nutshell

The reunion was here and now is gone. I got to see so many old friends. The people who I had worried would be assholes didnt even show. Over all it was a good time for all. Some of the preppy/jock crowd stayed to thier clic's, the rest of us had outgrown that a long time ago and jhust had fun with it. I managed to drink and throw aroudn the stories a bit with the crowd at the mixer... though I headed out around 12:30am and passed out at my parents place (Fear Factor tryouts the next day) I heard a few of the crowd headed to the annez, closes it and then did the Denny's thing (smile) keeping tradition alive! The Next night at the actual reunion things were good, soem more people who didnt make it to the mixer showed, but it felt more forced it the conversation. Rob Tritthart was looking spiffy in his Gothish do-up. Jeff Martyka was looking majorly different to me, yet in hindsite I think Angie Calanca was the most changed... as I didnt even recognise him at all. Not a single person didnt recognise me, Joe, or Bill Jarret. Even Bill Ravenscraft came out... though he looked like he might be the leader of a religous cult Scott Quinn got most changed (i think) though he looked the same except he had logn scraggly hair and a beard... I recognised him easily.... it was just an unexpected change. I got to talk to Laurie Quallman at the Mixer a little, though I confess I dont know why she seemed uncomfortable with me... Maybe she will check in on my site and feel like letting me know. Other people who I had maybe 5 words with in 4 years said Hello and gladly joined in the conversations. Very little tension was felt overall... it was fun, Im glad I went. Ill get the few pics that were taken up when i can, Joe brought his camera and we took a few, but I wanst in the picture taking mood and had forgotten my camera also.

The Fear Factor tryouts... I slept on my parents ouch Friday night after the mixer so I could get up and go downtown with my father to tryout for NBC's Fear Factor. We got there 1/2 hosu early and the line was LONG! I tossed some pics up of the lien and such. It actually wrapped down the building through and alley to the next street... downt that building to the corner and then back almost to the place where the lined started. It only took an hour and a half to get inside. Once in we waited an other half hour and then got in the main area. The actual tryout was 10 people at a table with 1 auditioner for 10 minutes... a quick explanation of who you are and why your nuts enough to be on the show. I pumped up my dad and me... or tried to... maybe we can get a Father & Son show It was fun, but in leaving it seemed like it was a waste of time... guess we wait and see if they call?!?!
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My 10 Year Highschool Reunion is this Weekend!

Wow, do I feel O-L-D! This is wierd as hell, and makes me feel like I should have accomplished something. I guess thats just a normal responce though. I am looking forward to the Reunion, a chance to see some of the people from highschool I have seen in years. At first I had that Dread though of all the people I didnt get along with or didnt like, now I think I realize that all the crap from HS is 10 years behind us... why worry about it? I mean, much like the real world, what anyone else thinks of me is meaningless, specially those who do not directly effect my world. So my plan is to show up, hang out, have a few drinks and see whats new. Might just work too...
Now of coarse, I would love to show up at my reunion "Gross Point Blank" Style... tell everyone Im a hired assasin... with other assasins on my tale, but this isnt a John Cusack movie.

My only other plans for the weekend is possibly to go downtown with my father on Saturday and try to hit the "Open Calls" for Fear Factor. I dont knwo if he really wants to bother. I wouldnt mind a chance at $50,000 or to be on TV. Plus I need to clean my house and work on finishing up some of the painting and such.

Wish me Luck!
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Weekends Over... It was long, busy, but fun.

Friday night I had been planning to see amovie with Jill, but I got caught up at the Annex with Rob, Deb, Jenny, and Sarah. I then headed up to Deb & Sarah's place to watch movies with everyone. I headed out about 2:30am and headed home. I wound up with a little oddity on the way home, as after I bought gas on the corner of Grand and 21 I went to leave and saw a girl running across the road. She seemed to be watching me, and I was looking cause she seemed upset. I kept watching her, and she came over to my truck. I opened the window and asked if she was ok. She climbed in my truck and I offered her a ride. She seemed a bit drunk, so I asked her where she needed to go. She directed me on where to go, and I kept asking if she was ok or if there was a problem. She said she had gotten ditched at a party, and had lost he ride. I talked to hjer a bit, she was cute and had some pretty cool rock-a-billy tattoo's. I eventually dropped her off at a gas station further down grand. She said her house was nearby and seemed ok. I left her there... and headed home. My night was at least ending on an interesting note.

Saturday, I woke up early and met up with Dave and Veronica to goto the Grainger Picnic. We spent the day drinking free beers, eating free food and icecream. It was a good time, though by 5pm I was hot, and feeling the slight sunburn I had. I went home and passed out cold for an hour or two... then got up to run out to Dave's and hang with Jason, Carrie, Dave, Veronica... etc... We had pizza, and talked. I eventually left at 12pm and wound up going to Rebecca's house and watching more movies with her and Jason (her brother) I evetually left and wound up goign to bed late again... knowing I had to be up early again.

Sunday Rob woke me up around 9am. He was watching the girls get ready, and I had to get the tickets for Ren Fair and head out to Deb and Sarah's. We finally got to the Ren fair around 11am. It was a good time... Lots of skimpy clothes, chain mail, and leather... too bad the guys were wearing the same thing. I ran into some old friends... Murphy, Denise, and of all people... "Paul". We did run into Dave and Veronica with thier friends for a bit, but they had already made it through most of the place by then. We never did manage to hook up with Kate and Pie, as they seemed to take forever to catch up with us and we kept moving on. We headed out, to Deb and Sarah's and watched a few movies... mostly we all took turns passing out and talking. I headed out by 9pm and came home to clean and do laundry. Fun fun fun...

Now I am home, takign the day off to take care of somethings. Its too damn hot, and nothing is going right...
Ill update again when get the chance
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This weekend... This weekend... This weekend?
Oh, damn... its friday... aww shit!
Here I am, Im so happy its friday but I feel as if It shouldnt be... too much work on my desk, no enough time to do it, and little to no urge/energy at all. Now I have to go out and have fun or do something... my god why does the world expect so much of me? Okay, so whats does this weekend hold for this particular guy? Well, Tonight I have no idea. I have been thinkign of a movie, Rob wants me to meet up with Deb and Jen at the Annex for drinks, and Jill mentioned wanting to see "The Score". Me, I feel liek sleep woudl be best but some liquor would be nice Tomorrow I am supposed to goto 2 different places at the same time I am suppsoed to meet Dave and Veronica at 11am and hit the WW Grainger company picnic with them for a while, plus I am supposed to goto the Ren Fair in Bristol, WI with Rob,Deb, and Jen. I dotn knwo how I am gonna work out the issue of beign in two places at once... and then tomorrow night mention was made of going camping. I am not sure If i am going or am included as I havent been included in the plans much. Guess its a wait and see thing. Sunday there are no plans... Yet...

Aside from an intense need to get my bills sorted and paid, and a need to clean up Casa De Rowe, this is my weekend.

Rob and I decided that we might alter our plans for halloween costumes for this next October. The original intent was got him to be Timmy off of southpark... wheelchair and al. I was gonna be the Fat balding 45 year old Virgin Comic Store Owner off the Simpsons (he has a name?). Now however we have been thinking that with "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" coming out August 24th it might be more funny for him to dress up as Jay and me as Silent Bob. I am a little heavy and can grow a beard easy as Pie (already have a thick goatee) add a long straight dark wig and the requisite trenchcoat full of goodies (blow up doll, batman anchor/cable gun, bong) a baseball hat and some other such junk... I could pull it off. Rob will be harder, but he is a skinny guy... the height thing will be the only oddity. Maybe Ill drag together some stuff and get soem pics of me as the costume forms... same for Rob.

I havent had much personal thought type stuff, but this was something that popped into my head recently... I have my own personal sexual turn-ons, kinks, and fetishes... and I am seeing them more and more in common society. For instance I love freckles, and it seems that alot of women on TV, and in person are doing less to cover them up, infact they are showing them off more. I like this trend... despite the fact it makes it hard to work or concentrate sometimes. I also developed a love for a certain facial movement that alot of women do unconsiously when they are having sexual thoughts or are getting turned on. I had never really been turned on by it much until my last girlfriend did it on our first date. She was cold and visibly shivering in the movie theater, I wanted to put my arm aroudn her to warm her a bit but it was a 1st date and I was feeling unsure. She wanted me to and when I made the gesture that I was going to do this she looked at me, curled her lower lip and bit it. I swear it was the most obvious and incredbily sensual responce I had seen. From that moment I was hooked and completely in love with her. Now I turn on "6 feet under" and see the daughter on the show do it... or any movie, tv show, etc... Its amazing the things the human brain can find sensual, sexual, or exciting. I'd love to pull a freud and figure out where I got these mental associations... but Im also afraid I wont like the answer

Anyway... Have a good weekend people.
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Picture posted by request of Jenny but chosen by Jeffrowe <grin>

Well, here is an unscheduled midweek Update. Jen, Deb, and Rob decided to check out my site last night and see whats new on it. Jenny seemed impressed, however she was probably thinking What a geek! Anyway, they made sure I wasnt makign any money of thier numerous nude expose's or pasting thier heads on any naked porno pictures, and I ran the webcam for a while. So if anyone caught the webcam, you probably got to see about 1/2 hour of jenny's chest... cause thats where the camera spent alot of time I got some snapshots of the webcam session... Ill throw those up when I get a chance.
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