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Well, Here it is... my monday update on the *Actual* happenings of my weekend. This is where I tell you all the tings I actually did, and what I didnt do because Im lazy, plans changed, or I just never got around to it Mmmmmm! I like my sarcasm dark and thick!

Well, Friday night wast too bad, I picked up Joe, soem food, a bunch of wine coolers, and headed to Barat College to meet the group for Shakespear on the Green's "The Tempest". The show turned out pretty good, got a few PICTURES for my Gallery. They dont allow flash photography during the play so the shots are mostly of the gang before and after the show, or during intermission. It was a good show, I was quite impressed with the actors. After that I headed over to Sarah and Deb's to watch movies with them. Didnt even see my bed till 3:30am... So so tired!

Saturday I hit the Lake County Fair with Rebecca, Jason, and Steve. Nothing too exciting, just eating the Fair food (Elephant ears! Yum!) and checkign out the other people. From there I did some errands, stopped in at my favorite place and picked up tickets for "Planet of the Apes". Dave and Veronica were victims of the Satellite guy, who didnt show up till an hour after he was supposed to be there and took forever. We didnt get great seats but we got in. I am working on a review of the movie as the Ending has caused me alot of excess thought if you've seen it you know what I mean... its very 'unexplained' verging on 'impossible' but much closer to the book from what I have heard... till now I didnt even know there was a book so I guess I should read it. Might make more sense. I then wound up hanging out at Fridays gettting drinks with Dave and Veronica... and then watched some movies with Rebecca... Another Late night. SO SO Tired...

Sunday I was woken up by my mother, who then woke me up 3 more times wanting to knwo when i was coming to the Medline Picnic. Finally I just got up and went. It was huge! The Lines for food,m water, icecream, and everything were incredible. It was incredibly planned out but was executed horribly. There were no limits to the # of people brought, so I would say 75% of the people there were not employee's or Direct family of employee's. The Parkign was horrid, and it was just too hot anyways. Oh well. Eventually I hugn with the P's for a while and then headed home to watch movies and play Simpsons Trivia with Deb and Jenny. Another Late night and monday morning I am still tired

It was an okay weekend, I came to a realization on a few things... managed to balance myself out mentally. Though some new questions have been raised in my mind. Hard ones that I am mulling over in my head. I have managed to really improve my life over the last 5 years. With the help of friends and my parents of coarse. I guess I am just trying to figure out if I have any more goals... what is next for me? Is this all I want? If Mrs Right dropped out of the sky right now and landed on me... would I run, stay, or freak? Everything is being questioned... My job, my world, my health... maybe when i managed to break it down a bit myself ill put it here and look for some reader guidance.

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Right now I am actually thinking about trying to talk my boss into a filed trip to go see "Planet of the Apes" at the matinee... I dont think he will go for it.
The weekend is shaping up nicely, My roommate is out town, Deb's Friend Jenny is in town, and I have some decent plans made. Tonight its off to Barat College to see Thier Shakespear on the Lawn production of "The Tempest". Tomorrow my plans are to go see "Planet of the Apes" with Dave and Veronica... provided I dont go see it before then And then Sunday I am hitting the Ren Fair in Bristol, Wisconsin with friends. Plus the Lake County Fair is in town and that means lots of Demolition Derby's to see

I recently located a shareware game that has caught on a bit on the net. Its a simple but really addictive game called Bridge Builder. The game is hard to stop playing, and isnt very advanced in its layout. However there is a small internet fanclub aroudn it, and there is supposedly a more advanced and up to date version in the works. Nobody can get a responce from the author. It would be nice if he woudl open his source code up, so that if he wont do the new version someone else can. Hell, I'd be happy with a rewrite of the currect version that doesnt have file limits on the number of levels and bridges the game lists as available. And maybe a slightly better video display seeing as the damn screen is so dark i have to crank my brightness up in siftware and it make everything else look like shit. Then throw in the fact that it would be cool if it supported OpenGL and wasnt dependant on Fullscreen DosMode. Anyways... Get it here at the Official UnOfficial Bridge Builder Game Site
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Another weekend Behind me...
Well, this weekend was nice and quiet. Friday night Mark and I went out for drinks. We hit Famouse Freddies Roadhouse and actually got parked in the main lot. I guess hwoing up to bars before 11pm make parking easier Anyways, not my Alarm system is in Valet mode and I cant turn it off... gotta dig the book up tonight when i get home Anyways, we got some drinking in. Its been so hot lately I feel liek a sweaty pig when i go bar hopping... hard to impress the ladies when you feel Sweaty and Nasty. Doesnt matter as Mark is engaged and I need to chill out and figure out what the hell I am looking for.
Saturday Rob met up with me at the Medline Warehouse picnic. My Parents run it every year and we had an awsome time. Lots of food and games, the guys were all fun. I have soem pics ill drop online when i get a chance. I got sorta burned, both arms from the shoulders down and my head were bright red. Didnt even feel liek going out once i got home... stayed in and hung with Rob and Deb, watched some movies.
Sunday I pretty much did nothing. Saw 'The Fast and the Furious' with the parents, which was better than I had thought it would be. Vin Diesel Rocks, and the chick that plays his sister is damn hot! (The charger in this movie is awsome... I'd drive that puppy anyday)

Anyway, I never did hit Ren Fair like I was supposed to on Sunday. Deb's friend Jenny is in town next weekend and she wanted to go with us... so I guess we will wait for this next weekend. Should be fun, I just hope it cools off a bit... Ren Fair is more fun when you and the actors are comfortable...

Oh yeah, my friend Molly in Kentucky just bought a House. 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths... Pretty damn nice sounding! She has alreayd planned the House Warming Party early this next Sept. Cant wait to see it. Just hope I can make it down there then.
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Well, another weekend at hand... Whooowheeee!
It looks like tonight will probably be mild night, nothing to fancy. As Saturday I need to be up early to help my Dad out with the Medline Warehouse Picnic up at the Fish Lake Beach in Volo. If your interested in going, call me at home on on my cell and if I can get you in ill get you directions and such. Truth be told, its usually not too bad of a picnic. Though this year we have to B.Y.O.B. it. The only other plans I have are the semi-planned group gathering up at the Bristol Rennisance Fair on Sunday. Kate's already said she wants to get there early sunday, which we will wait and see I guess. I dont think this group can get anywhere early... paintballing was hard enough that one time, and almost none of the group showed up.

I am working on gettting a Webcam up, at least parttime. Its not gonna be streaming realtime or anything, maybe refreshing 2-4 times a minute. Im thinkign maybe while Im at work, until I get broadband at home. Right now I am just playing with it still.

Asta La Vista...
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My weekend went off mostly as I had imagined it...

Friday night I went out for a bit, I saw Scary Movie with Mark and his Fiance Mariella. (New pic of them together in my friendography) and then went home and watched some movies. Nothing too exciting.
Saturday I went and visited Maria an her new Husband/Daughter at Godzille Fest. Got soem real geeky pics of the attendants... check em out in my photo gellery. I then stopped in at my friend Karens Place. She has a beautiful house, but the party was pretty much dead by the time i got there. I waitied till midnight and then headed up to kenosha to meet up with Mark, bbo , and Ian. We kicked back at the Port in downtown Kenosha, and oggled this hot blonde and the gorgeous redhead bartender (who was mysteriously on the wrong side of the bar that night) I hung out with bob in his backyard for a bit, and added to his garage of chalk drawings... while taking pics of one that I found interesting. I think it was 5am before I finally got home.
Sunday I spent the day lookign for a hawaian shirt for Heathers Luau, and then helped Rebecca's Brother move his stuff to his parents. The party was fun, I have some pics up of the party... mostly pics of the girls in thier hot outfits... I am a man after all...
Monday I took the day off, I had some stuff I needed to do that required a weekday to be free. Woung up seeing 'Kiss of the Dragon' with Rebecca... It was awsome, Jett Lee Rocks. Although the damn Blonde German twins in the movie really kinda ruined it. Talk about useless characters.

Thats my weekend... in all its glory...
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This weekend is an unwritten book... Aside from unset plans to meet up with an old highschool friend who jsut got married and is in town for Godzilla Fest. I do have an urge to go see 'Kiss of the Dragon', and possibly a few other movied that are out in theaters... but aside from that im open. Maybe someone will decide to BBQ? Anyway, with plans so easily explained... what will I talk about now? Is this my Friday update? Will that be all for the Dynamic Duo? No, maybe I can talk about world hunger, or current events, or global warming... nahhh....

How about Women and Relarionships? Its a favorite of mine. > [ Updates Have Been Made Below]
I am still vey much hung up on my Ex, however I understand that things are over and that I dont fit into her plans. Why is it though that I cant even get her to talk to me? We agreed to take time but still be friends, but it doesnt seem to be happening. I needed time to work things out, and I let her knwo when I felt ready to try the friends thing. She said she needed time too, and I was ok with that. Now she contacts me, and so far has ignored me alost completely since. I know between school , family, and such that she is busy, but wouldnt it make sense to just say so?

Am I pushing my luck? Am I expecting too much? Tell me to 'Fuck off', tell me to 'Goto Hell'.
Are you just too busy? Drop me a simple 'I talk to you when I can' email... or tell me 'You dont have time'
or maybe things have changed and you just want to say 'Go the hell away" or 'Get out of my life'

Its hard to not be paranoid in a One sided Friendship... its never easy to remain friends after a relationship anyways, why make things harder?
Well, ask and you shall receive. I posted this update and 10 minutes later she emailed me with an apology and a small rundown on her Life as of recent. She has been busy, and do to this has been forced to 'neglect' her friends, family, etc... I feel liek an ass, and even thought about removing this rant before anyoen noticed. However, I didnt as that would simply be dumb. In hindsite, I was beign selfish, I know she has other people that both deserve and expect her attention as much as me. For instance she hardly ever saw her friend's while we were seeing each other due to the amount of time we spent together. Anyways... I still stick to the basis of my argument, just take 2 seconds to shoot off an email letting me know that your busy and I shouldnt expect replys to my emails. I feel bad for having expected emails, knowing she was busy, but I felt her email asking how I was doing was cause for a conversation... hmm... vicious circles...
Anyways, I am happy now, as happy as can be. She let me know she's alive, and too busy to email regularly. Her school schedule being to much to deal with, and then having to deal with me was the whole reason she broke up with me... and here I am causing problems anyway...

Sandra: I hope it doesnt piss you off... I simply miss you. Remeber, I was completely addicted to you... and then had to go cold turkey...
do they make a patch for this kind of addiction? -Smile-
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My god this weekend was Hot and Humid... no really, that wasnt a metaphore

Friday Night: Rob, Mark, and myself decided to head up to Famous Freddies in Fox Lake. We didnt make it within 9 cars of thier parking lot, finally we got info on thier second lot, and bam, guess what? Its 1/2 way back to my house, why would I want to park my car several miles from the bar im going to? Anyways, we said screw it case the damn second lot wasnt even running... which they failed to mention to us when we asked for directions to it. So we headed to the Village Spirit in Round Lake... wow, what a step down! We had some shots and some drinks and said screw this. Rob pussed out at this point, we dropped him at Casa De Rowe so he could hang out with Debbie who wasnt feeling well. Mark and I headed to Nutties in Lake Villa (Yep... there is a bar called Nutties) it was small, and packed with hot women. We had some drinks, joked around, and played soem tunes on the jukebox we had a wonderfully cute girl coem talk to us (She was cheking Mark out) and we just had fun. We finally packed thing in, and headed home. I had to drive all the way back to Mundelein as I was still watching my P's house and animals.

Saturday Night: I got woke up early, my Granny called me to tell me my P's had headed out and were making stops on the way home. Guess that was my 'clean up the party' warning. Didnt matter as the mess was all from the animals. Evetually I went to my place to clean up and then headed to the party for Sarahs and Crissy's Bday's. Crissy is a friend of Sarah's who has an annual bash for both thier bdays. We all met up and had a fun day of drinking, talking and watching her kids run around with the neighbors kids. We did manage to hav a good time, and we even ran out to Fox Lake for the fireworks show (Which was awsome!) Back to the party for some more drinks... and a raunchy game of Truth or Dare Jenga, a never ending game of Uno w/ 9 people, and alot of insults and joking. It was a good time, Happy Birthday again to Sarah and Crissy.

Sunday: I woke up early, for me anyways, though it was nice doing it in my own place and bed. I had to be in Mundelein for my Reunion committee meeting. This was the
offical last meeting and the first I had been invited to. Its pretty scarey, as we had 219 gradutates in our class, managed to contact a total of like 135, and only got
40 people who paid by the deadline. There will possibly be a shortage of cash for things as they are now... so hoepefully some people will get thier butts in gear and pay up soon! Like they say "Its not too late!" Afterwords it was time to clean my place... i didnt get far, but the living room looks awsome. Then Rebecca and I went and saw AI. What a tediously Long movie. I liked it, but the ending was just odd... and if I had the chance I would have yanked the kid's battery as he was getting on my nerves. It had that incredibly odd feeling that all Kubrick movied have, and the Mecca's were just cool... specially the broken ones from the Flesh Fair part. Maybe I'll review it... when i have time. For those of you who are hear for Reunion info... Check out my updates on that page... and also Ive added an new area... INTERESTS where I will put up my info sheets on everything Im interested in... or feel like talking about... its new so not much is there yet...
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Hmmm... Rob Felt it was neccessary to send me some inspirational quotes to alleviate my 'complaints' of being the only one who isnt getting engaged by emailing my whole friends list a series of quotes (mostly biblical in reference) to give me hints on how to find myself a wife/prisoner/hostage/girlfriend/whatever... Click Here to Check it out I figured those who delete most of Robs rantings might want to see it now. It has my editorial comments on there too...

My fourth was good, I went to Jessica's for our annual Illegal Fireworks Display, and our fireworks got confiscated by the police like 30 minutes later. I then headed up to Dizzies to hang out the gang, as it was our normal weekly AA Meeting night We drank and watched the Biank Sisters Dance. Overall it was too bad a night. Wednesday I stayed in all day, and rested up, only to goto the Mundelein Munch and drink some beers and watch the fireworks. The Mundelein Show wasnt too bad... they had some new fireworks that were cool... including a couple smiley face ones. We headed out but soo found that the bars were all closed and so we called it a night.

Ok, in hindsite it was a dull 4th... bite me. My weekend plans are no better. So far Sarah's friend is having a BBQ on Saturday and I have to hit my Reunion Commitee Meeting on Sunday. On the good side my P's are coming home this weekend and I get to go back to my bachelor pad... the AC is broken... but its home
See you all on the Flipside...
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"And then there was One!"
(aka: The 'One is the Loneliest number that you ever know' Update)

Well, this weekend has proven to be an Interesting one. I am now offically the last completely single guy in my local cache of friends. Technically Joe is still in there with me, but he's at school most of the time so we dont get to hang out alot anyways. Now, truth be told, my buddies *ARE* single... but with Mark going on the Engaged List, **ADDITION** Forgot to mention my friend Heather in Milwaukee who is now engaged, and Rob already being on it, that leaves me the last completely single guy in our group. I feel like Im getting ripped off... at least in Tomcats there was a cash prize I keep picturing all those war movies where it comes down to the last guy... should I be jumping out of my foxhole firing my gun into the air screaming 'You'll never take me alive!" or should I be waving the white flag from behind wreckage, wimpering "I give up... be merciful!." Okay... truth is Im taking a very important Life decision that my friends made and making it about me... it is my site, they should be happy to get mentioned

My weekend? Oh yeah! Almost forgot about that with all my ranting and raving...
Friday Night: I started off with work outing, a sorta Goodbye dinner for our old boss Tim. We all met up at Hooters, the offical Eatery of the Medline Hardware team whenever they get an excuse to go. It was wifes/significant others included... so we had a huge table for the 10 of us. Lots of Beer, laughter, and Wonderful Hotwings. I Love their hotsauce, plus you have to dip em in thier 911 sauce too. The women were great, but the real reason to go is for the food After Leaving there I eventually met up with My buddy Mark and his brothers at Cubby Bear North. It was kinda dead and we mostly hung out on the Balcony and talked. I Left there and stopped in at Downings and visited with some long lost friends.

Saturday Night:Rob, Deb, Mark, Joe, and myself met up at Cubby Bear around 7:30pm and had some dinner. We then went upstairs to meet up with the Dave Graduation party, the whole reason we came. It was great! Jessica was her usual self... harrassing everyone within hearing and making us all laugh. I hadnt met half the people before, and I wasnt a huge fan of the Band that played but I still had fun. Dave's Sister was there, and his recently married younger brother. Sarah and Sharon showed up later on... and hung out looking attractive but unobtainable, the whole while complaining about men. Eventually Mark and myself headed out around 1am and stopped in at Downings to see who was there... a nice quite way to wind down the night.

Sunday:I spent the whole day inside at my parents, enjoying the air. Im watching the place for the week, taking care of the animals. Mostly I watched Tv and worked on my webpage, I had to sort my picutres and change naming conventions for the new Gallery Layout. at 56k all those pictures take forever to download and reupload. I need to find a decent Unix wildcard renaming utility! I had thought about hitting a movie, but Rob and Deb decided to see one at the last minute and nobody else was around to do anything else. It was a dull day, and I made sure I got plenty of sleep for work the next day.

Well, Thats mostly it for now... This Tuesday Im gonna be at Jessica's for a Small Personal Fireworks show, and with Wednesday off Ill probably do some drinking. If anyone else has any Ideas then gimme a call. I love short work weeks

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