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The World is Safe For Democracy Once Again!
Okay... Its a little tongue and cheek, dripping w/ sarcasm, with a cherry on top. Now that Microsoft's Breakup has been overturned by the Court of Appeals, the world of Monopolistic Corporate Capitalism stomping out comeptition is back in business. Did it ever actually stop? Anyways, Im just bitter cause Bill Gates is MegaRich and Im not...

Anyways... Whats new with me you ask? I know you dont care but hey... its my page !

Friday Night: Sarah is having a Post-Bday thing up at Summerfest... However I have plans w/ workpeople to goto Hooters. Beer, Hotwings, and Breastices... the american dream. I dont know how late that will go, but its P.A.I.D for by work so Hell Yeah Im going! After that who knows... the sky is the limit...

Saturday Night: Well, Miss Genualdi is having a BBQ at her place in McHenry, Il. I am planning on stoping in if I can, but I am supposed to goto Dave Kagan's Graduation Get together at Cubby Bear North in Lincolnshire. He just got his Bachelors (i think?) and will be partying it up... killing the brain cells he just got working

Other than that I am open...

Catch you all later!
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Unbreakable comes out on DVD today!
Okay, my 'giddiness' about that aside things are looking good here on I have gotten the site's minor issues taken care of and have managed to get the message archives both workign and converted over from the old site. The search tool actually works too, but for soem reason it isnt seeing the Message logs/archives.
I fixed the Reunion page too, so it at least shows the graphics... i cant believe i let it stay broken for a week,

I will now work on getting the picture albums and such back online under the new Look&Feel of the site...
I dont have a clue how, but I will get it working...

This weekend is already forming itself. Friday night I have a work get together at Hooters by Woodfield, a kind of goign away party for my old Boss, Tim Volpe.
and Saturday is Dave Kagan's Graduation Get-Together at the Cubby Bear North. Some of you might have forgotten about that right?

Thats all for now... more when i have it.
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Monday Morning is here... too much coffee in my system, and a ton of work to do but no urge to actually do any of it. This new Update setup I have with Blogger is much much better. I can now update my the world on my weekend in no time flat. Anyway... here is my weekend.

Friday night: First I used some freetime to toss this new layout on the web. Its not Done, and is far from perfect, but it works and is a bit nicer to look at... Then I met up with Rob and Debbie at the Annex, where they were hanging out with Sarah and some of Deb's work Friends. Turns out she works with some pretty cool people... and with an incredible looking redhead. Anyway, I hung out there for a while, then headed home. After some shopping and such, Rob, Deb, Rebecca, and myself sat down to watch a movie... its was 'pay it forward'. Not a bad movie... a bit Chick Flicky but not bad...

Saturday: Rob, Leroy, and myself got up around noon and watched TV. Deb finally got her but over, and we all went for breakfast at like 3pm The rest of the day was dull, We picked up some oldstyle chairs from Robs Grandmother's and wound up at Charlies BBQ... which wasn't really a BBQ, seeing as there was no Grill, no food, and Charlie was drunk when we got there. We met his buddies and heard some cool music... and left about 30 minutes after Charlie passed out. Sorry Charlie! Rob&Deb, Kate, and myself went back to Casa de Rowe and watched movies... which seems to be the new pastime for me

Sunday: I finally got up around 11:30am and made my way to the P's house. My dad helped me change my Drivers side window motor, which now goes up and down so fast you'd think the other window motor was on downers... Anyway, I don't feel so bad about my AC not working now that my drivers side window goes up and down then I helped with some yardwork and we put together my Mothers new Oak Log Yard swing. It was an Early Bday gift as she might be visiting the relatives in Tennessee around her b-day. Then it was home to grill some food, and sit with Rob&Deb while watching "Shadow of the Vampire"... I'm still not sure I get the point of that movie...

Well... that's my weekend. Check back here soon as I am going to be making changed to this place that should be nice. I am thinking of opening up a few feedback areas where I can post stuff and get responses from you guys on what I say or you want to talk about... I have some interesting ideas I'm juggling...
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Friday, June 22, 2001 - 1 comment

Well, well, well... Another Friday is underway. This weekend is going to be less than interesting, by plan of coarse. With my roommate engaged, and my temporary guest soon heading for his own place in Chicago, I need to prepare myself for having my place to myself. Now Rob isn't moving out anytime soon, but I still need to get monetarily set for living completely on my own... build myself a buffer and such. I have been thinking of getting another roommate, but the only prospect I have is my buddy Mark, and he is unsure. Man, to think about it, who would I actually want to live with? I don't know many people I would actually consider living with, makes the world seem odd. Maybe I need to get a girlfriend... hehehe, Startup my own modern 3's company?

Anyway, My weekend plans are no more complicated than maybe a BBQ/picnic I heard about, Maybe go see 'The Fast and the Furious' (Vin Diesel Rocks!), and staying home and changing my Drivers side Window motor so my electric windows work. Oh, yeah, I do need to fix the O-Ring on my trucks AC and Recharge the AC with coolant. Fun Fun Fun... stand back people... I'm Dangerous

You also might realize that I went and broke my site... the menu's up top are not displaying properly... they work, but the pictures don't show.

NOTE: I have fixed a few pages... but its not a great fix... I have to figure out why Dreamweaver isn't making this easier... so some pages work and some don't

I was playing with asset management in Dreamweaver and I do not have a clue how I broke it... but I am working on a complete redesign of the site rather than fix the old one. This one will be cooler and better, and will include the use of BLOGGER and PHP to make the site more dynamic and easier for me to update and expand. Plus I want to rework the damn Photo gallery... I don't care for the way it works...

Now I have had some people who liked my last updates quote, and a few who said I was getting sappy or lovesick again. I admit it, I was all of those things... it happens. My life isn't perfect but I have been happier lately... I think about my last girlfriend a lot, where I am going in life, what my plans are. I really wish I had a plan... or could say I had an Idea of what changes to make. I see my parents like 1-2 days a week but I feel like I've abandoned them. My friends are back around a lot but they have their own lives to live. I need to stop going out to the bars so damn much, to much spending and drinking without a purpose. Anyway... emotionally I am well, but there is that part of my life that feels empty... it fells good to have someone, but having someone who you love makes it pale in comparison. The saying is true 'Tis better to have Loved and Lost, than never to have loved at all'... I just cannot imagine replacing that kind of thing anytime soon... and getting back what I had doesn't look possible either. My relationships before that were very casual, and Pale in the shadow of my last experience. Hehehe... this is going to get me more 'mushy loser' emails I bet

**NOTE: Anybody know how to get this site on the search engines as anything other than a direct search for I cannot seem to get it listed at all... I'd like to increase my traffic, etc... The BLOGGER will help but I don't know how much.
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