Monday, April 2nd, 2001

"O' Brother, Where art thou?" and how my St. Patties Day Weekend went.

Well, Like Most things your weekend is only as good as what you do and who you do with with. This weekend was better than most. I spent my early friday night dodging idiots who seem to forget how to drive in the snow everytime we get more than 1 week without any, but it was worth it. My plan was to go on a sort of blind date. We had seen each others pictures/websites (GEEKs!) and had been emailing alot, plus we had even talked voice a few times... so far so good. I did manage to make us wind up late for the movie, so we had dinner at Big Bowl and then went to the late show. The movie was incredible, it had some amazing scenes and was visually very intriguing. The begining of the movie mentioned that it is based on Homers "The Oddessy" which for a movie based in 1920's Alabama seemed very odd. I do review the movie in my review section...

Anyways, like I said, The movie was good, but the company made the night. She was beautiful, funny, extremely intelligent, and we had a great time.

Now my St. Patties Day was slow and quiet compared to friday, I hung out with my buddies Mark and Rob. We all went with the girls to meet at Half Day. We drank some and then we were supposed to hit Chicago... but I wasnt in the mood and it was already after 1am. A few drinks at The Annex and it was tiem for home. Rob on the other hand spent most on the night with his head in his hands... he had some wierd martini's - like 3 in 2 hours... they did the trick and he puked of coarse
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Monday, April 9th, 2001

Special Request - "How my Weekend w/Sandra Went."
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Well, Lets see. Where to begin? Oh, How about I try to start where my last Rant left off? It seems that my recent semi-blind date was as much a success from her viewpoint as it was from mine. We wound up emailing alot and really getting to know one another. For this last weekend we decided to try a 2nd date. Originally I thought a simple date, maybe rent a movie or go see one. I even thought me might go meet up with my friends so I could introduce her. Well, She went to the "Guided by Voices" show in Milwaukee on last thursday and wound up running on little sleep and wasnt up for bars, dancing, or a movie. She did decide to come over anyways, after a nap, and we would watch a movie or something. My roommate Rob, and his girlfriend Debbi were staying in to play board games (geeks?) and since we would be there I'd at least get to introduce them to this incredible girl I'd met.

Well, after work, I decided to keep myself busy, to avoid worrying about my date. So I proceded to work on the outlets in my spareroom, as the light switch that controls one of them doesnt anymore. Well, after several zaps (Cant turn off the power, I need it to test the wires) I decide to give up. This is when we get a surge, the breakers blow, and I somehow fry Rob's PC Power supply and Alarm Clock. Nice job right? I then spend the next 30 minutes having them hold a lighter so i can reconnect all the outlets completely to find the short. I took another dozen shocks in the process, finally located the short, and got things back to normal (My tivo was recording The lone gunmen... damnit!) 5 minutes later Sandra shows up, looking incedibly beautiful, and here I am, sweaty, singed fingers, my hearts racing, and I'm somewhere between irritated and retarded. I run upstairs to cleanup as much as I can... and then back to the 'date'.

Well, the rest of the night was good, we sat and chatted. Played Simpsons Trivia (got and extra couple days? Try it out!) where I learned that I am not a Simpsons Guru and that Debbi needs serious help with her simpsons addiction. We never watched the movie but we all had a good time. Hours later I even remembered to give her the 5 cent tour of my place. We wound up sitting together and talking all night, getting to know each other. I think thats when I realized how much I really wanted to be with her. We had an incredible time, and despite the fact it was the next morning we each needed sleep so she went home.

The fun however wasnt over, She had some things to do in Dekalb where she goes to school. Her roommate had an artshow she promised to goto, and "Happy Jack" [Local 'Who' Cover Band] was playing too. She invited me along, and of I agreed (I would have agreed to anything as long as I got to be with her) We headed out at 4 once we both got a little sleep. The ride out was normal, lots of Corn, a little traffic, and she didn't like 90% of my Cd collection.

We got there, She showed me her apartment. We hit the Art show, her roomate wasnt too bad of an artist. I only saw once piece I really liked, but we didnt stick around too long. We then got some food, and waited at her place for the show to start. Our buddy Joe called, and was on his way back to DeKalb and was gonna meet up with us later. The show turned out to be halfway interesting, turns out I know mor e Who songs than I realized, Joe even sang along. (He is gonna be pissed I told that) I even got to meet his elusive new girlfriend. Aside from her looking incredibly young (12!) she was very nice and seemed sweet (READ: Better than Joe deserves) By the near end of the show we both ready to passout so we heading back to her place.

Well, like Forest Gump... "Thats all I got to say about that." I truely have found someone incredible, and I hope I can manage to keep her. It feels liek I've known her forever, or like we missed some 'destined' meeting with each other... and now have to try and catchup.

I do know she reads my page, and checks my grammar and spelling. So this is devoted to her... its been spelling checked... hows my grammar?
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Update o Jeff's Life
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Well, Things are very good here in the personal life of Jeff Rowe. Lets see if I can bring you up to speed, as I have been slacking on my webpage updates lately...

Sandra and I are doing well. I think we are an incredible couple. I dont feel self consious around her and enjoy simply being near her. I haved learned more about her... for instance she absolutely hates Mancow and anything related to him. In a brainstorm we went to the Vernon Hills Zanies to see Bobby Slayton "The Bulldog of Comedy" who has an interesting brand of comedy that can cross over into 'racism' on occasion... he is funny, but not everyone thinks so. Needless to say it wasnt the best night out it could have been... but overall it wasnt too bad. That was Friday night, saturday night Sandra came over and cooked Rob and myself dinner. It was very good, a slightly thai style stirfry w/ chicken and tofu. She's messy but a good cook Sunday was Easter and My relatives were all comign to my parents house. I suckered sandra into coming over for it, which she did despite it being a 'christian/jesus' thing... The good news is she is still dating me, my wacky relatives didnt chase her off. She actually liked my parents, and they liked her. Oh, and as a vegetarian we actually managed to feed her too quite a feat! I think I will keep her... she is making my life bright and happy...

Casa De Rowe has taken on a temporary guest. My Buddy Leroy has been availing himself of the Guest Bedroom as he is currently between Pad's. He is planning a trip to Spain to be in a horror movie, and due to delays in the shooting and his not wanting to pay a months rent for a place he won't be here to enjoy makes it easier to just hang with friends. Its really good to have him aroudn though... he's a good guy and manages to keep rob and myself company as his schedule overlaps ours giving us both someone who is home and awake while we are

Another Note on Casa De Rowe is that our Drug Dealing, Loud music playing, obnoxious neighbors have moved out. The Owner is redoing the place and lookign for new renters. Lets just hope its someone cool, like a house of gorgeous nudist redheads who of coarse like shaved heads and goatee's
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Thurday, April 26th, 2001

Jeff's Life

Well, Things are *STILL* very good here in the personal life of Jeff Rowe. Im still slacking, but people are still visiting my page... all 5 of you Ive gotten a few suggestions for things to do with my page... im workign on a redesign that will alow for soem of what you all want to see... so be patient.

April 28th is "KISS YOUR MATE DAY" so remeber to give your special someone a Kiss they wont forget when they least expect it. Ive never heard of this holiday till today wither... check and see, there are a dozen sites mentioning it.. Hi Honey Im giving you your kiss early!

Sandra is going on a family vacation, to visit relatives in Toronto. So this will be the first week where I only get to see her for a little bit thursday before she heads out. The she gets back and has Finals which means I'm not allowed to distract her. then she's going to Florida... Looks like it's gonna be Cold Turkey for me... so if you see me shaking and having cold sweats... thats why

Sometime in May Casa De Rowe might be having another guest. My friend Molly might be visiting from Kentucky. She is a semi-local girl from Lake Forest, whom I met at Denny's back in my Day's of Debauchery and Destruction. So if anyone knows where we can find any of the Old Gang (Ie: The Lake County Tumbleweeds) let me know. Odd's are most of them are in Jail or MIA.

Casa De Rowe has lost its temporary tenant. Leroy has moved to another friends place for a while. He is still welcome, and we miss him but he figured he'd divy up his time so as to not annoy anyone too much.
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