Unknown Date. Approx March of 20001
Recent Personal Issues - Some Other Things that Piss Me Off.
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Okay, Here is something I have long held as an issue effecting me constantly as a modern 'Male'. The issue of relationships and women. I am 28 years old and have only recently moved into my own place, I have a good job, and I am an easy guy to get along with. I guess the major thing is that I cannot imagine being married or having kids right now. I want to get married, Idefinatley want to have kids... but i just cant see it happening right now. A week, a month, a year, 2 years... who knows... but in my mind It hard for me to see it right now.

I've had girlfriends where I could picture us being together forever, beign married, havign kids, etc... but that was long ago, almost another life. The last 3 girlfriends I've had never elicited even a glimmer of this... I couldnt imagine us ever being much more than what we were, a couple of people who were seeing each other. Now this mindset could be attributed to the fact that these realtionships were not very deep, or that maybe we werent meant for each other, and that could be true. However, in this process, women seem to look at me as if there is something wrong with me. And with the Numbers of my friends who are getting married and such.. sometimes i wonder if there isnt.

I think that the time and place is the most important thing... i spent years with the bizarre moral thinking that you save yourself for the right one. And after years of being lonely, and never really finding someone i realized that I should be having fun, and living my life. Doing this isnt going to ruin the fact that someday i will find whomever it will be that I will love enough to marry and live with. In fact its going to make me appreciate it more... as i will have experienced the world... and for those women reading this and shaking thier heads, it isnt just a Sex thing... I've never cheated on a girlfriend, and dont even plan on doing it. Even in the most casual of relationships i was faithful, emotionally and physically.

And thats my point... why is it women who tell us this is the reason we think and act the way we do? I am a man, but my penis doesnt control me... Its no more a fact in my decisions than PMS (or PMDD or PM'Fill in the Blank") is in your being a bitch one week a month. I might use it as an excuse but its just that... an excuse

-Jeff "Cant wait to get the flamemail from this!" Rowe
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Unknown Date. Approx May of 20001

The Grammy's, The News Media, Parental Outrage, and other things that Piss me Off (2001)
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Ok... I watched the grammys... just so i could see the damn Duet with Eminem and Elton John. And I knew it had to be 'Stan' as thats the only song Eminem does that Elton John could possible have a part in. As usual, it wasnt spectacular, i liked the backdrop with parts of the video playing on it but other than that it wasnt anything overly exciting. What was exciting was the News after the grammy with 2 stories that almost made me dies laughing.

First the took a tour of Halsted (Boys Town) Bars in Chicago to see what various gays might think of the whole thing. The whoel time the kept referring to Eminem as a gay bashing rapper or as a gay hater. I listen to his music and when he does say things of that type it is only to incite anger or emotion. I have heard lyrics mention racism, and ive heard lyrics promote racism and i can tell the difference. The same goes for Eminem, he isnt promoting anything, he's not promoting gay bashing... the references in his lyrics are no more than slang references that are being interpreted to literally... he even make fun of it more on the new album... which only seems to elicite more controversy. If you dont want to hear it dont listen... if you dont want your kids to hear it then be parents and enforce parental control. The TV and MUSIC industries are not in business to raise your kids... you do your job and this type of argument wouldnt be needed.

The second story was how the PORN industry was attempting to get at your kids through thier Music... Heheheh... i had to watch this. It turns out that because Britney Spears dresses provacatively and because Kid Rock likes porn stars and strippers and regularly puts them in his videos, this is how the Porn industry is gettign to your kids. They even mention that the Porn industry has no morals... which i foudn funny as the actual definition of the word would argue thier point against them. Satan has morals, but they just arent your morals... everyone has soem type of morals.. and thats what they are... they just might not coincide with your morals. And as for the porn industry, they are in it for the money... just like the musicians... why woudl they turn down a job in a video or what not? They arent after your kids.. they are after fame and moeny like most everyone else... and liek above... if you do you job as a parent then this would be a null point. They sell to who buys it... let your kids listen or buy it and its yoru fault not thiers...

-Jeff Rowe-
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