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4/22/09 - Weighed in @ 339.1 lb

4/14/09 - Weighed in @ 341.8 lb

4/7/09 - Weighed in @ 343.2 lb

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Weighed In @ 348.3 lbs on 3/31/09

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Summary: About Me

Jeff Paul Rowe Jan 20th, 1973. Aquarius

Born on Great Lakes Naval Base, North Chicago, Illinois.

Graduated from Mundelein High School Class of 1991.

3 tattoo's and 6 piercings with plans for more. Maybe, someday?

Worked as a Cashier, Cook, Bill Collector, Computer Repair Tech, Computer Phone Support, Waiter, Rental Equipment Servicer, and Roofing Grub.

Currently working on my 5th year @Medline Ind. as a Computer Tech.

A+ Certified Technician

Working towards Linux, Network+, Cisco, & MCSE Certifications.

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All About me. The Revised Version.

Well, my last attempt at this was too much detail and would have take forever. So I am starting again.

I was Born to Paul and Denise Rowe, at the Great Lakes Naval Base in North Chicago, Illinois. My father was a reservist marine there. I grew up all over Illinois but spent my early school years in the Northbrook Area. I attended the New Horizons Preschool-Kindergarten when it was in Northbrook and also when it moved to Highland park. I then went to Grove Elementary school with my 5 & 6th grades at Shabonnie, eventually going to Wood Oaks Jr High, all in Northbrook, Illinois. Most of this time I moved around, always spending alot of time at my grandmothers in Northbrook so I could keep a steady school history. I went to the North Shore YMCA Day camp at Potowatamie forest preserve for years, and even did a year as a Junior Counselor. I had alot of good friends, and some interesting enemies too... With home and school being seperate areas, things were wierd. I lived in Highland Park, Willamette, Northbrook, Melrose Park, and near the end of my 8th Grade we moved again... this time to Mundelein, Illinois...

Well, I spent my 1st year of Mundelein in the library, and also trying to meet people. Wrestling Camp, Football Camp, I ran for Class President, Tried theater (I loved being a techie). I soon had alot of friends, and was a devout Computer Geek. I met my first girlfriend, lived out some of my worst moments, and made friends I still cant get rid of (Hi Joe and Bill!) I was known as a geek, as the guy who drove a White 68 Cutlass 'S', The Overcoat Guy (My Marine issue Pea Green Overcoat), had a mohawk for a year, and also drove a Metallic Red 75' El Camino. My 10 year reunion is coming up, this august in fact. Im going, cause I'd love to see what the hell happened to some of these people. Though I already know Kids/Marriage are the answer to expect from most of them...

After Highschool I did my catching up, drinking, sex, and drugs... some more than others. I got a couple Tattoo's, and spent too much time at Denny's while mentally incapacitated. I spent almost every weekend at Medusa's in Chicago. The original Medusa's on School and Sheffield. We were usually drunk as hell, and hanging out with Damien, Ginger, Kim, Tom Boston, And Uncle Steve. I spent alot of time dancing and yacking. Over all we got our money's worth while we were there. We closed the place on its final night, and that was the end of an era.

Years later, Ive gone through dozens of friends, and all kinds of stuff. I cross paths with some of the people now and then. The true friends, hang on: Joe, Rob, Dave, Mark, Ken and Allison... too many to mention in all. Check out my gallery area to see them, most of them anyways... its taking me forever to get some of them scanned in.

Well, Now I keep my hair short, sometimes shaved. I wear glasses cause despite years of protest, Im dangerous without them (bite me!) I wear a goatee as I look too young without it. I have 3 tattoo's, an Ankh on my Left upper arm/shoulder , and an Eye of Horus on my Right upper arm/shoulder surrounded by a curved Egyptian Wingset. They are black only for now, but someday might be colored in.

Piercing wise, I have 6 piercings. I have my Left Earlobe, which was a standard gun piercing streached to fit a permanent piercing 10 gauge ring w/ hemetite bead. I have my dagus/tragus(?) done, Ie: the little cartiledge flaps at the front of your ears, again with with little rings w/ hemetite beads. I also have the same ring type in my right nipple, and an open ring with a hemetite capture (8 gauge) for My Prince Albert (genital piercing). And Last I have My tongue pierced, a standard barbell type.

This website is my diary, diatribe, sounding post, and Public forum for airing my troubles, feelings, and opinons. Im sure It will get me in trouble with friends, family and girlfriends. Its nice to think that maybe someone can come here... if they can find it, and read my words, hear my thoughts, and maybe they can help me or I can help them.

This is my Life, this is my manifesto... be entertained... be very entertained.

Jeff Rowe

This site Copyright of Jeff Rowe 2001
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10 Best Geeky Last Words - By Katharine Gammon

  1. Now it is nothing but torture. —Sigmund Freud
  2. Go away. I'm all right. —H. G. Wells
  3. KHAQQ to Itasca. We are on the line 157 337. Will repeat message. We will repeat this on 6210 kilocycles. Wait. We are running on a north and south line. —Amelia Earhart
  4. May I not seem to have lived in vain. —Tycho Brahe
  5. How were the circus receipts today at Madison Square Garden? —P. T. Barnum
  6. I'd hate to die twice. It's so boring. —Richard Feynman
  7. Try LSD, 100 mm intramuscular. —Aldous Huxley (in a note to his wife)
  8. It is very beautiful over there. —Thomas Edison
  9. A dying man can do nothing easy. —Benjamin Franklin
  10. 01010100 01110010 01101001 01110101 01101101 01110000 01101000 <3>(translation: Triumph) —Mars Phoenix lander

posted Monday, April 06, 2009

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